Show reviews by Joe Fuemmeler

Shakespeare's Land of the Dead

Wickedly smart and damned funny
by Joe Fuemmeler
Rating: 5 kitties
Walking Shadow has a real hit for those who love Shakespeare, the undead, or both.

John Heimbuch's writing (and performance as Shakespeare) were top notch. He has an amazing talent with working with the words and history of the Bard to make a show that is engaging and funny for a contemporary audience.

The director and the cast of Shakespeare's Land of the Dead deliver--not only a clever and funny Fringe show, but also a well paced and high-caliber performance.

elephant shoes, & olive juice; (mis) communication in a modern world

Clever and fun--See this Show!
by Joe Fuemmeler
Rating: 5 kitties
"Elephant Shoes" is what the Fringe is all about--creative and inventive play that makes you laugh.

The cast put together some great skits and interludes, all exploring the rich field of comedic miscommunication. Actor Katie Kaufmann's "journey to the center of the Internet" was hilarious!

Hats off to the talented cast for a wonderful show!