Show reviews by Ronald Corradin

Shakespeare's Land of the Dead

Hail fellows and well met!
by Ronald Corradin
Rating: 5 kitties
This is John Heimbuch's best work to date, and that's saying a lot for Walking Shadow Theater Company. The play is well staged, with great costumes and a clear use of Elizabethan language that avoids anachronisms and references that only a Shakespeare expert would understand. The out-of-context quotes from other Shakespeare plays are very funny.

Yes, there are similarities to "Shakespeare in Love," but the story is taken even more from Heimbuch's own experience in writing plays while trying to run a theater company. Plus, there are zombies, whose condition is less out of place when you realize how little the Elizabethans knew about disease and how it spreads.

The Rarig Center Thrust Stage was almost full for the performance I attended, and rightly so. See this play.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being American

Sharp political wit
by Ronald Corradin
Rating: 4.5 kitties
This is the best political satire I have seen in years. But then, there's so much material to work with. Leigha Horton's insightful comedy is always on the mark, whether it involves a confused college student, a revved up real estate agent, or a Department of Homeland Security "interview." Media/technical support is first rate. The venue is comfortable, with good sight lines, and was full on opening night. Highly recommended.