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2009 show reviews

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90Bard Fiction
74The Harty Boys in The Case of the Limping Platypus
72The Return of LICK!
64Sideways Stories from Wayside School
60The Red Tureen
60Thin Mint
56Jurassic Dork
55The William Williams Effect
52Tragedy of You
42Best Little Crackhouse in Philly (...or Crackwhore: The Musical!)
41Animal Cracker Genocide
41The Frog Prince: A Splashy New Musical!
41Tales ... Of the Expected!
40casebolt and smith: Speaking Out!
40An Intimate Evening With Fotis Part III
3933 Dates
38Buyer's Remorse
37The Morning After the Summer of Love
36June of Arc
36Slow Jobs: Servicing America for $12 an Hour
35Untitled Duet with Houseplant
34You /Provoke /Me
332 Sugars, Room for Cream
33Something Witchy
32A Cynic Tells Love Stories
31Two Bowls of Cereal and Some Bacon
31Two Short Operas: Mr. Berman's Bath-Size Bar and There's a Mastodon In My Backyard
30Where Egos Dare: The Musical!
30Stalled: An Elevator Story
30The Actor's Nightmare
29The Traveling Musicians
27Silent Poetry 2
27Rumspringa the Musical
27Full Frontal: A Tale of Love & Lobotomies
26Secrets Revealed: Opera Bob Opens His Drawers
26The Rise of General Arthur
25Parry Hotter and the Half-Drunk Twins
25Comedy of Errors
25Tech Support: The musical
24Like a Virgin
24This Show Will Change Your Life!
23The Finkles' Theater Show
23Cherry Cherry Lemon
22Projectile Thinking
22Comedy Go!
22The Nightingale
21Every Pastie* Tells A Story
21Horace Greeley the Lesser: On the Isle of Misfit Toys
21The Curse of Yig
21Holding Patterns
21Mansion of Dust
21The Twisted Grin-Assorted Tales to Amuse and Alarm
20Joanie Luvs Chachi and So Do I-Redux
20The Most Massive Woman Wins
20I'd Kick Puppies for You
20Harold Pinter's The Dumb Waiter
20Burning Man and the Reverend Nuge
20Love Me Or Die!
20Blue Ribbon Burlesque
20Cigarettes for Jesus
19Alice Unwrapped
19Schrödinger's Cat Must Die!
19Needs, Wants, Desires!
18Thrower of Light
18Strange Weather
18Maria: A Contemporary Tragedy
17The Pizpor Show
17Stray Pieces
17Murder on the Mighty Mississippi
16Sarah, Your Ovaries Are Drying Up: The Musical
16The Gayer Show
16Bedroom Stories
16The Problem of the Body: Why is our society ashamed of bodily urges?
16Auntie Dorris' You May Not Wanna Know but I'm Gonna Tell You Anyway A-thon
15Goodnight, Andy!
15Pathos, Punchlines & Painkillers
15Concord, Virginia: A Southern Town in Stories
15Axed! (The Rockstars' Remix)
15Spermalot: The Musical
14Sure to Cure, Dr. Amelia's Medicine Show
14You're Naked, You're Crazy, And We're All Gonna Die
14Winnemucca (three days in the belly)
14The Flickering Wall
14WTF in the Garden of Eden
13Phi Alpha Gamma
13Food Shelf Follies
13Dream Time Down Under
13Your Lithopedion
13Seasons in the Sun
13Habitat: A Documentary Theater Project
13Applesauce Fiction
13Drinking Stories
13Best Friends, Starring Mike
12Aunt Dicey Channels Moms Mabley
12Death Camp Diaries
12The Comedy Hypnosis Show
12The Underachiever's Manifesto
12Made Up: Confessions of a Counter Girl
12Full Frontal Improv
12Sex, Lies and Social Security
12Storm Still
12The Mutant Squad!
11My Sinking Ship
11Moby Dick Tonight
11The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood
11Fearsome Critter
11Citation Needed
11The Tenth Muse
11Masha 3000
10In Another's Size
10Danny Is Going To Die
10Hogg and the Humors
10The Nightmare Man
9That Chair Was My Wife
8Paisley Poppies
8A People's History of Love
8Second Skin
7Was my brother in the battle? SONGS OF WAR
7Anansi, Brer Rabbit and Other Wily Characters
7The man who turned into a dog/Poet in New York
6A Dream Play
6Lost and Found
6Thank You and Have a Nice Day
6Screams in the Dark
5Mammal Stories
5Not Scenes From A Marriage
5My Body Made Me Do This
5CB and Sheave Take the Bus
5First Lady on Mars
5The Bee-Lievers
5The 'A' Train
5The Saga of Nick Drillbitz and Other Hometown Heroes: Stories from Up on Da Range
5The 4 Winds
4Stroke Is No Joke
4Keiko Kasza's A MOTHER for CHOCO (& other mother stories)
4The Three Bonnies
4Alliteral Selection: The True Tale of a Wayward Wallaby
4Visions of Johanna
3The Vegas Project (#1)
3The Sleuth Sisters
3The Only One Who Knows
3Like You Mean It
3Sodom, Gomorrah and Adam
2Men in Uniform