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Minnesota Fringe Festival

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Show reviews by Anna Esposito

Thrower of Light
Completely Captivating! by Anna Esposito
Rating: 5 kitties
I am a frequent fringe go-er and I go to see quite a lot of shows and I usually choose what I'm seeing on the go. I also happen to be a dancer. When I saw Cathy Wright's name and recognized it as a teacher at zenon who I had randomly dropped in and taken a class from once, (I REALLY had liked that class) I thought "WHY not?" and loved. it. As an actor as well as dancer, I enjoy (not literally of course..) being able to imagine a story with music and dance. This show def did both for me. Cathy's choreography had such a dynamic; it kept me engaged, as well as the group of actors i was with, who, I'm not going to lie..weren't too thrilled at the prospect of going to see a dance show but left incredibly impressed! I will definitely continue to follow her work after seeing this phenomenal display. The dancers were all incredibly talented, as well as being incredible PERFORMERS. Which isn't always true for all dance shows. And the whole show just flowed so well. I could talk forever, but I won't. GO SEE IT. seriously.