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Minnesota Fringe Festival

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Show reviews by Liz Floyd

Best Little Crackhouse in Philly (...or Crackwhore: The Musical!)
Very Entertaining! by Liz Floyd
Rating: 5 kitties
I read the reviews before going. I actually appreciate what the 0 kitties had to say so that I was prepared. With those warnings in mind I enjoyed it all.

The Comedy Hypnosis Show
Amazing and Funny by Liz Floyd
Rating: 5 kitties
I am glad that I did not get hypnotized, but I would have been curious to ask those that did get hypnotized how much they remembered. I really enjoyed this show and laughed hard. Maybe some day I will give it a try myself.

Squawk by Liz Floyd
Rating: 5 kitties
All the way to my next show I was squaking and laughing. This is a delightful show!!

2 Sugars, Room for Cream
Excellent!! by Liz Floyd
Rating: 5 kitties
I am still smiling from this show and it's 4 hours later. I am so glad someone clued me in on this show.

Tragedy of You
Thumbs up for Joel too by Liz Floyd
Rating: 5 kitties
Joel Zumach was a brave volunteer that had his tradgedy improved the night I went. As Joseph was gathering details about Joel you could see him salivating on how juicy the details were going to fit in. That was funny and great to see.

Thrower of Light
Wonderful!! by Liz Floyd
Rating: 5 kitties
I did not know what to expect and it was great! Great pirate ending!

casebolt and smith: Speaking Out!
I love learning. by Liz Floyd
Rating: 5 kitties
I hope they come back next year. I saw the closing show so this review is not going to help draw more attendance for this year, but possibly encourage them to come back next year!! There was a lot to learn in what they were teaching and I loved it all while laughing the entire time.

June of Arc
Sucking the Life out of Everyone by Liz Floyd
Rating: 5 kitties
I’m really glad at the end of this show that the guy next to me asked: Was she sucking the life out of them? I’m like no. Like she said once in the performance she was living the only life that it seemed she could at the time. That life was sucking the life out of them all. I was transfixed this entire show and not really understanding what was going on. Some people were laughing and I was thinking what’s so funny? This is not funny. From reading the other reviews I guess I probably got the same things they did too. It’s an amazing production even 10 minutes before it started. All of the actors really showed a lot of stuff. How they changed clothes and persona’s so fast was neat to see how much was going on just in that 1 hour show. A little snippet into the fact that there is a lot that even goes into the production of ½ of leave it to Beaver way back when. This was a great show because it really made me think. I was confused and transfixed and really glad that guy asked me his question at the end of the show. I think some people behind me were glad too. I think I heard some ohs….

Bard Fiction
I love this by Liz Floyd
Rating: 5 kitties
almost as much as I loved Shakespere and the Land of the Dead last year. I went to all sorts of Shakespear after that show. This show could do the same for others not exposed to the spins and yarns of Shakespear yet.

Blue Ribbon Burlesque
Great by Liz Floyd
Rating: 4 kitties
I was in complete awe last year. It is still a great high quality, funny, very creative and very entertaining show. It seemed short this year. She did not deflower the young guy up front, that I met in line, that was eager to admit that he was a virgin to the show. He would have been a great one to have something funny happen to. A missed opportunity I think. I look forward to what they come up with next year!

The Traveling Musicians
10 Kitties! by Liz Floyd
Rating: 4 kitties
The encore that I think they had to improv was great too!!!

Mansion of Dust
Great Dusters by Liz Floyd
Rating: 4 kitties
These 2 work great together, just as they did last year. I saw Mansion right after Speaking Out, incredibly strong dancers, so in Mansion I was disappointed by the dance. I had also been so amazed by Joseph in Tragedy of You on a previous evening that to not see him loud and so animated like he was in that and even in the Fairies last year I was left wishing for more. So how to solve that remedy? See them all again next year again and decide later I think. The quality for all of them is outstanding!! An added benefit of this show. I found myself using a duster to get rid of too many spider webs in my basement the next day.

Stalled: An Elevator Story
First time out? Wow! by Liz Floyd
Rating: 4 kitties
I have actually been stuck in an elevator and this show did not have that panic in it that I was very surprised happened to me at the time. This show was original and very good.

Needs, Wants, Desires!
Great by Liz Floyd
Rating: 4 kitties
It starts out hot and then there is possibly some lull time. Overall I thought it was great.

The Return of LICK!
Bravo by Liz Floyd
Rating: 4 kitties
I loved it!

Stray Pieces
I loved most of it! by Liz Floyd
Rating: 4 kitties
Time was up and I could have watched more.

Holding Patterns
Very Good by Liz Floyd
Rating: 4 kitties
Last year they were my favorite.

I liked this show by Liz Floyd
Rating: 3 kitties
but 5 kitties? Sorry, not from me. Probably a 3.4

Seasons in the Sun
Somber by Liz Floyd
Rating: 2 kitties
If you are going through a divorce as I am, this may not be good show for you. It is a very good production but I found the sadness in it to bring me down.