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Minnesota Fringe Festival

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Show reviews by Kathy Douglass

2 Sugars, Room for Cream
More I want More by Kathy Douglass
Rating: 5 kitties
This was so fantastic. I swear to God, I had a little tear in my eye, so honored to witness this talent. (And I was not the only one) But, please - don't tease me with only one song. More singing, I want more singing! Five kitties if you sing at lesat one, if not two more songs.

The Actor's Nightmare
An Audience's Dream by Kathy Douglass
Rating: 5 kitties
Yes, yes, yes. Great script, fantastic actors, 40 minutes long. What's not to like?

Tragedy of You
Tragedy + Scrimshaw = Comedy by Kathy Douglass
Rating: 4 kitties
I am a little suspect of the audience plant, but who cares if it was staged, it worked. Supposedly each show will be different with a different set of circumstances being set up by a radomly drawn audience member. I am anxious to talk to others who went to a different performance than I to see how this works. If it was truly random, then this was even more impressive that I think it was. Joe stages a complete 5 act Shakespearesque tragedy, based on the life of said audience member, done in 50 minutes. Very original, very clever, very well done. If audience members had been able to shout out the situations and thus proved they were truly random, I would have given it 5 kitties.

This Show Will Change Your Life!
Corporate Word Salad by Kathy Douglass
Rating: 4 kitties
For those of you who have not been subjected to coprporate motivational presentations (and since you are fringers, that could be a lot of you) you should really go to this as it is eerily realistic. I was actually thinking my CEO husband should book these guys for a seminar...and then he lost a dollar. Don't sit in the front row. I definitely recommend this polished, professional show. I would have given it 5 kitties, but it was not the most original of concepts.

Love Me Or Die!
Die Trying by Kathy Douglass
Rating: 3 kitties
One kitty for trying something so ambitious, one kitty for assembling such a large cast. It's not easy getting this many people to participate in the demands of the fringe show. One kitty for the script. But zero kitties for the dreadful overacting from much of the cast and the amaturish perfomances.

June of Arc
Liked it, didn't get it by Kathy Douglass
Rating: 3 kitties
I am not even going to pretend I understood this, but the acting was so exqusite it's worth the befuddlement. I would listen to this cast read the phone book. Such lovely voices. One of those projects where the acting talent far outweighed the writing and directing.

Loved Them Hated It by Kathy Douglass
Rating: 3 kitties
The actors were terrific. Engaging and realistic. Unfortunately, the script made them unlikeable, each and everyone. As Joy Behar would say "So what? Who cares?" Icky people in an icky script...but very well done.

Tech Support: The musical
On Life Support by Kathy Douglass
Rating: 2 kitties
I give it 1 kitty for the orchestra and 1 kitty for the decication of such a large cast. They tried, they were sincere, they were prepared. They just really don't have enough talent to cut it in the big city.