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Minnesota Fringe Festival

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Show reviews by Tom Bird

Blue Ribbon Burlesque
A Burlesque Vigin comes away happy by Tom Bird
Rating: 5 kitties
This is the first time I've seen this show so I can not comment on how it compares to last years. Howver, I found it funny, and even a bit sexy. Sort of like a Los Vegas review MN style. I'd give it 4.5 kitties, if I could.

Tech Support: The musical
Great Fun by Tom Bird
Rating: 4 kitties
AS stated by others the plt was a bit far fetched and it was more related to customer service but...this details aside it was a great production with a strong cast. I'd give it 4.5 kitties if I could.

Less than hoped for. by Tom Bird
Rating: 3 kitties
There were some very good skits, particularly the 15 year old kids, but a few of the skits were just OK.