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Minnesota Fringe Festival

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Show reviews by Sean Cackoski

Stalled: An Elevator Story
One Funny Show! by Sean Cackoski
Rating: 5 kitties
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing "Stalled" at the Gremlin Theatre. From the very beginning, the actors brought tons of energy to the stage and created numerous hilarious moments. A personal favorite was Tony Milder's Howie ranting for what seemed like 3 minutes at high speed before collapsing to the ground. Although there were a few moments when the action got a little bit dull, it didn't take long to pick up again, and it accentuated the especially funny parts of the show. If you want a whole hour laughter and fun, "Stalled" is the show for you.

Thrower of Light
A Must See Performance! by Sean Cackoski
Rating: 5 kitties
Cathy Wright brilliantly constructs a show full of captivating dancers peforming extremely well choreographed pieces. From thought provoking to sentimental to downright zany, this show is filled with energy and wonderful performance quality. In particular, "The Demon Familiar" was quite fabulous. The dancers, Cathy, Rachel, and Sharon, performed a piece in which you could practically feel their emotions bleeding off of the stage. Each piece in the show had this same wonderful feeling. This is one performance you DON'T want to miss.