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Minnesota Fringe Festival

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Same Planet Different World Dance Theatre (SPDW) , one of Chicago's premiere modern dance ensembles, is proud to announce that 2009 will be their first year participating in the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Throughout the 11-day festival, SPDW will present five shows, each including the work of three visionary choreographers from across the country: SPDW Artistic Director and Chicago-based artist Joanna Rosenthal, New York-based guest artist Faye Driscoll, and Minneapolis-based guest artist Daniel Stark. The Minnesota Fringe Festival takes place Thursday, July 30 through Sunday, August 9, 2009. SPDW shows will take place July 30-August 4, 2009 at the University of Minnesota Rarig Center Proscenium, 330 21st Avenue South, Minneapolis.

"We are incredibly excited to be a part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival for the first time," says Rosenthal. "This festival is an amazing showcase of talent from across the country. It's a wonderful opportunity for us to share SPDW's exciting and bold dances with other Midwest audiences who perhaps haven't yet had a chance to see all the inventive and vivacious work that we have been presenting in Chicago."

About Same Planet Different World's Program

As part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival, SPDW will present two Minneapolis premieres by Artistic Director Joanna Rosenthal, Sextet and Watch Me Harder. Sextet, a work for six dancers (appropriately), concentrates on the sense of touch as a means of connection. Tension is built when physical contact is denied, then when contact is allowed again that tension becomes realized, transformed and possibly released. The sensuality of touch, both wanted touch and unwanted, underscores not only libidinal urges but also fundamental power dynamics. Music for Sextet is by Studio Group and Juke Baritone.

Watch Me Harder, a solo piece set to the music of GoGoo, explores feminine sexuality, both the perception of it and the experience of it, and how those two different aspects can be at odds, psychologically and socially.

Also on the program is the Minneapolis premiere of Hearts on Fire. A rocking tribute to love and all its precariousness, Hearts on Fire was choreographed by Faye Driscoll in 2006 as part of SPDW's Guest Artists' Project. Set to music by The Beatles, The Knife and John Lennon, four dancers jump, fall, catch and stumble through the explosive terrain of burgeoning relationships.

For the Fringe Festival, SPDW is proud to present the works of guest artist Daniel Stark, as of yet and Ripple. The wrenching anticipation of unrealized love is at the heart of as of yet, Stark's unadorned duet of a couple suspended in the ecstasy of expectation. With the moment of desire laid bare, the would-be lovers languish in their naked yearning for what may be.

Stark's quartet Ripple shows the instability we face when stirred by the turbulent forces that impact our lives. In one moment these external influences bring us together, and in the next, rip us apart. This work is inspired by photos collected by Steve Hawk in his book 'Waves'. Taken by photographers as they traveled around the globe, the pictures capture the power, serenity, violence and persistence of our oceans as they interact with the obstinate shore.

The cast

Joanna Rosenthal
Role: Artistic Director/Choreographer/Dancer
Joanna Rosenthal, choreographer, dancer, teacher and Artistic Director for Same Planet Different World Dance Theatre, has been performing professionally and teaching dance since 1996. She received her B.F.A. in dance from the University of Iowa and just completed her M.F.A. in dance as an Iowa Arts Fellow at the University of Iowa. In addition to overseeing the technique and development of SPDW's company members, Rosenthal has been on faculty at the Dance Center of Columbia College, the Chicago Academy for the Arts, and has taught at Lou Conte Dance Studio and other metro area dance studios. Rosenthal has performed extensively in Chicago, dancing for 7 years with Mordine & Company Dance Theater and for 5 years with Lucky Plush Productions, as well as appearing as a guest artist with the Chicago Moving Company, Hedwig Dances and Kayle and Company.

Daniel Stark
Role: Guest Choreographer, Minneapolis
Daniel Stark's choreography was recently featured in Earth: Healing the Rift, a performance in Kenya involving collaborations between visual and performing artists from Africa, Russia, Italy, India, Greece, New Zealand, U.K., and the U.S. He has also set dances on the Beijing Dance Academy in China, Quad Cities Ballet in Illinois, the Aha! Dance Theatre in Kansas City, 940 Dance Company in Kansas, Vandance Inc. in Pennsylvania, and Duarte Dance Works in Iowa City. As a dancer, he has performed works by Alfonso Cata, Beth Corning, David Dorfman, Louis Falco, Francoise Martinet, Lonne Moretton, Charles Moulton, David Parsons and Shapiro & Smith. Daniel holds a B.S. in Psychology and an M.F.A. in Dance from the University of Iowa, and currently is an Assistant Professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Faye Driscoll
Role: Guest Choreographer
Faye Driscoll, Choreographer, Hearts on Fire is originally from Los Angeles but now resides in Brooklyn. Her choreography has been presented at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, the University of Maryland, State University of New York at Purchase, New York University's Tisch School for the Arts, The Kitchen, Danspace, The W.O.W. Café, PS122, Galapagos, Dixon Place, Ur, Dancenow/NYC '99-'05, and in San Francisco at ODC and The Marsh Theater. As a member of Doug Varone and Dancers '00-'03 Faye toured to Russia, Switzerland and all over the US. She also gained much inspiration performing with David Neumann '97 "'00 and Yasmeen Godder ’95 "’99. Faye was a recipient of the Union StreetDance Space Grant in Brooklyn and is currently Artist in Residence at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange. She teaches dance at BAX to teens and is a Guest Artist Teacher at Dance New Amsterdam. Driscoll holds a BFA in dance from NYU's Tisch School for the Arts.

Elizabeth Bergman
Role: Dancer, Chicago
Elizabeth June Bergman recently graduated with an MFA in dance performance from the University of Iowa as an Iowa Arts Fellow. She received her BA in dance from DeSales University in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth began her training in Omaha, Nebraska where she later founded, directed, and choreographed for Arcanum Contemporary Dance. She’s delighted to be relocating to the Twin Cities and would like to thank Joanna and SPDW for the well-timed opportunity to perform in the Fringe; it has been a pleasure and honor to dance with them.

Aaron Brownlee
Role: Dancer, Minneapolis
Aaron Brownlee recently completed a performance series with Kansas City Contemporary Dance in Kansas City, MO. Aside from dancing he is also a Graduate Student, working on an MA in Clinical Psychology at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He has been dancing for about five years, since he declared a minor in Dance while in college. His movement background includes eight years as a competitive cheerleader and tumbler. He spent four years coaching gymnastics at the Mankato Area Gymnastics School, and is in his second year of coaching all-star cheerleading with Southwest All-Stars in Chanhassen. Aaron is continuing his exploration of the human psyche, emotion, and resilience both through dance and psychological research, as he works on a thesis and an additional project that evaluates the effectiveness of utilizing movement to teach youth life skills.

Nicole Curry
Role: Dancer, Minneapolis
Nicole Curry is an artist, dancer, reader and consumer. She moved to Minneapolis in January after graduating from the dance program at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Recently she has added to her performance experience by working with choreographers and companies including Erin Drummond, Sarah Jacobs, Labor Force Dances and Wicked Sister Dance Company. She is looking forward to tomorrow when more things will continue to happen.

Charlie Cutler
Role: Dancer, Chicago
Charlie Cutler co-founded the Chicago Dance Crash in 2002. Since leaving the Crash, he has danced for Mordine and Company, The Seldoms, Estradanza, and Lucky Plush Productions. With SPDW he has performed the works of Ashleigh Leite, Faye Driscoll, Liz Burrit, Shapiro and Smith, Molly Shanahan, Jan Erkert to name a few. He is a certified GYROTONIC, Gyrokinesis, and pilates instructor as well as the owner and operator of Jackknife Pilates and GYROTONIC. He would like to thank his parents for their years of unflinching support.

Mary Davies
Role: Dancer, Minneapolis
Mary Davies is a versatile dancer with strong training in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern. She is fortunate to have had the opportunity to perform works choreographed by local and national artists including Deanna Carter, Joe Chvala, George de la Pena, David Dorfman, Armando Duarte, Wynn Fricke, Mathew Janzcewski, Gabriel Masson, Daniel Stark, and Vanessa Voskuil. Her company credits include ARENA Dances (Minneapolis), Dancers in Company, Jennifer Kayle and Co., and Duarte Dance Works (Iowa City). Mary holds a BA in Dance and Political Science from St. Olaf College and an MFA in Dance from the University of Iowa.

Adam Gauzza
Role: Dancer, Chicago
Adam Gauzza recently graduated cum laude from Northwestern University with B.A. in dance and gender studies. He was the first dance major to receive the Mercy Simerall Parkhill award. He has performed works by Jeff Hancock, Jan Bartoszek, Joel Valentin-Martinez, and Renata Sheppard, among others, and has danced in workshops with Mark Morris and Joe Goode. Adam is thrilled to be dancing in his second season with the wonderful people of SPDW.

David Gerber
Role: Dancer, Chicago
David Gerber is originally from Minneapolis, MN where he started dancing at age six. Gerber recently received his B.A. in Dance at Columbia College Chicago in the spring of 2009. While at Columbia Gerber performed in works by Paige Cunningham, Lisa Gonzales, Kirby Reed, Matthew Hollis, Twyla Tharp, as well as many student works. Gerber has performed as a guest with The Seldoms in Convergence and is a founding member of the GET DOWN/PICK UP Company. This fall Gerber will join Mordine & Company Dance Theatre as a company member. He thanks everyone in Same Planet Different World for an amazing experience while working with them this past year.

Liz Jenkins
Role: Dancer, Chicago
Liz Jenkins attended The Chicago Academy for the Arts, received her BA from Point Park University, and since graduating has had the honor of dancing with Mordine & Co for the past four years. Currently she is a member of Same Planet Different World (SPDW) and is thrilled to be starting her fifth season with them. She has worked at The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, and is now an employee at AthletiCo Physical Therapy. She is looking forward to performing more and more in the lovely city of Chicago.

Carrie Nicastro
Role: Dancer, Chicago
Carrie Nicastro, a Chicago native, graduated from the University of Iowa in May 2008 with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in both Dance and Psychology. While at the University, she was privileged to perform the choreography of Deanna Carter, David Dorfman, Armando Duarte, Jennifer Kayle and Toni Pimble. As a member of Duarte Dance Works Contemporary Dance Company and Kayle + Company, she had the opportunity to travel and perform the repertory of her professors, including a season at Joyce SoHo in New York City. Upon graduation, Carrie accepted a full scholarship to study at the Lou Conte Dance Studio, home of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. In addition to joining Same Planet Different World, she has performed with Hedwig Dances and in Thodos Dance Chicago’s New Dances series. Carrie is looking forward to beginning her second season with SPDW!

Santo Scavuzzu III
Role: Dancer, Chicago
Santo Scavuzzo III, of Western Springs, Il., earned his BF in Dance and French from Illinois State University under the direction of Laurie Merriman; and his MFA in Dance Performance from the University of Iowa. Santo has had the honor of performing in works by such renowned artists as Lucas Crandall, Louis Falco, Joe Goode, Larry Keigwin, Jon Lehrer, and Paul Taylor. He would like to thank his family for their unconditional love and support, and Miss Rosenthal for the chance to perform the vivacious SEXTET once again.

Travis Shafer
Role: Dancer, Minneapolis
Travis Shafer graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato with a degree in theatre and a minor in dance. He has been involved in such plays as Footloose, Grease, Guys and Dolls, Cats as well and countless others. He has been dancing for 6 years with a major emphasis on modern and musical theatre style dance. His favorite dance style is tap. This is Travis' first year performing at the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

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Same Planet Different World Dance Theatre

You /Provoke /Me

Thu., Jul. 30 @ 5:30 p.m.
Fri., Jul. 31 @ 8:30 p.m.
Sat., Aug. 1 @ 4:00 p.m.
Mon., Aug. 3 @ 7:00 p.m.
Tue., Aug. 4 @ 8:30 p.m.

Warning! Adult language

Venue U of M Rarig Center Proscenium
For ages 16+
Choreographed by Joanna Rosenthal, Daniel Stark
From Chicago, IL
Web site
genres Dance
subjects Relationships, Political
features Regional premiere (Minneapolis-St. Paul), Original script/choreography, First-time Minnesota Fringe Festival producer

Overall rating

User reviews

Outstanding physical storytelling
by Sarah Wash Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
OK, so I know practically nothing about dance. But I do love it--great physical dexterity and great art wrapped into one. And having seen lots of ballet and being irked by its attempt to defy the natural limits of the human body, I absolutely loved this production, which threw itself, literally, into the realm of human limitation--embracing awkwardness, physical comedy, ironic clumsiness (dancers falling on top of one another, a move that surely looks dangerous, then getting up and performing challenging lifts and beautiful poses). I'd better stop writing now, as I am sure my ignorant prattling is irritating the seasoned dancers in the bunch. But you can't deny the power of a standing ovation...and this was the first Fringe show I've ever seen that got one.

Provocative and Diverse!
by Cody Stewart Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
8-4-07 @ 8:30pm
Rarig Proscenium

This dance piece was aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking. Very sexy and spunky, this group really kept me excited for what was to come in the following hour. There wasn't really a dull moment and each piece was diverse enough that there was something for everyone. A great piece for dance enthusiasts. 4 out of 5.

Maybe it's me
by Kristi Lawless Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
I don't know much about dance, so that skews my thoughts on this show. Obviously, they have a lot of energy and are talented, but I didn't understand what most of it meant.

Great Dance
by je jo Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Really good, interesting choreography. Felt very fresh. Lines were good, some dancers were a bit more accomplished than others, but overall a very solid company. Highly enjoyable performance.

Well done, but...
by Laura McClanahan Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
I am a little difficult to please, so bear with me....
I was expecting this group to be more creative, at least more 'out there', and not just in using profane language, although that was my favorite piece.
Very accomplished dancers, very well danced. It just felt a little flat. I was left wanting more.

A little disappointed...
by Anna Thor Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
I went to this dance after hearing good reviews, but was not as impressed as I wanted to be. I felt more moved by the music than the actual dancing. Great energy by the cast, wonderful music and lighting, but the timing seemed a little off on the synchronized parts. Overall, a nice show.

accessible to modern dance-newbies
by Erika Klein Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Like most reviewers, I had no knowledge or insight into modern dance going into YPM, but came out incredibly impressed and moved by what I saw. Though I can't explain the dances I saw, I do know it was beautiful to watch the dances move and interact. If anything, YPM also led me to looking up "modern dance" on Wikipedia after I saw it.

by Jessica Bertucci Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I may not have understood all of the dances, but they kept my attention as I tried to figure out their message. My favorites of the evening were Hearts on Fire and Sextet.

Very nice!
by Julie Stone Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Engaging addition to the Fringe. I hope they come back often. Sextet was my favorite piece. They were all enjoyable to watch.

Quality Dance Company
by Richard Shields Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I enjoyed this dance group very much. There seemed great chemistry among the artists. Also, some of the artists seemed to have a special ability to feed off the audience's energy and you felt their performances was aimed directly at you. The last dance number was a powerful piece that used sensual movement to create a piece that flowed with a raw sexual passion.

by Sarah Bauer Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I don't ever see dance productions and wanted to catch one during Fringe this year. This group's work for the most part was thoroughly engaging and moving. Two of the numbers were a bit difficult for my dance-newbie self to appreciate, but the other 3 dances were so accessible it didn't matter. I would definitely catch a show by them again.

My Intro to Modern Dance
by Julie S. Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I'm thinking I would give this 4 1/2 *s. For the price and the low time commitment, everyone should see this and learn if Modern Dance moves them or not. There are 5 dances performed. #3, 4, and 5 I thoroughly enjoyed (and understood!). #1 I didn't really get but it was okay to watch. #2 I totally didn't get and didn't enjoy it. That's not to say it will be that way for you. Art is all to one's personal taste and experience and what better place to have fun and experience it all then the Fringe! Overall, I'm so glad SPDW came and performed at the Fringe.

Only an hour?
by Elizabeth Behnke Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
What a fantastic show.
I was amazed the show was over when the lights came up. I could have watched it all evening. Full of beauty and grace, but with it’s own special spunk and comedy. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys modern dance.

Great Dancing
by Ellen Jordano Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
All superb dancers. I loved the shot of humor.

by Emma/Rachel Poland/Lyman Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show is a must see!!!! The variety of the pieces, the commitment and the ability of the performers, as well as the well thought out choreography made this show phenomenal. As dancers, we thought this was the best show we have seen at the Fringe thus far. Come out and support this fabulous group!

Great energy
by Eric Meininger Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I'm not a big fan of modern dance, but I enjoyed this group. I found myself drifting a little bit on the second (solo) number, but the rest had great energy and were quite engaging, sensual, and fun. If you enjoy dance - or even physical theater you'll like this one.

Strong Work With Clear Ideas
by John Munger Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show has strong dancing, with elegant women, dynamic men, serious training and tones varying from lyric to contentious to humorous. Four dancers, each wrapped in his/her own enigmatic world, become two duets, ultimately a quartet, and it’s a crescendo. A solo woman moves through different flavors of dynamic tones as she moves from pool of light to pool of light. A playful mixed-gender quartet flirts, fights, plays and has some clever little sight gags. A couple in pale tights works through yearnings and proximities, all without ever actually touching. A large ensemble blows the roof off the dump with a spoofy and energetic send-up of relations between the sexes and among young people in general, including lip-synching to a barbershop quartet. Each piece had an idea, or premise. What did bother me is that in several of the pieces the premise was clearly stated, then merely re-stated and re-stated for the duration of the work. I have a personal preference for seeing how something has changed as a result of the work that has occurred. For more detail and discussion see my Fringe dance blog at

Dance Heaven
by Marvin Joel Rubin Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
The future of modern dance is bright, with companies like this around.

The company has something for everyone. They employ solid dance technique, with being good entertainers.

They are going back to modern dance, how it's supposed to be done, with subversion.

Excellent and joyous dancing
by Hazen Markoe Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
This Chicago group provide a wonderful and riveting hour of dance in this delightful production that examines relationships and how we connect with each other. With equal dollops of humor and sensuality, these talented performers commanded the stage. Definitely worth your time!!!

Modern Dance isn't just for Dance Snobs
by Minrod Mier Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Hey, this a great time. Beautiful dancers lead us through several fun stories that are sensual and beautiful. See them before they have to go back home!!

Inspired, though lacking...
by Christopher Kidder Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
All of the dances in this show were well choreographed. Some were quite inspired. Execution wasn't always what it could've been.

More in-depth thoughts: Fringe By Numbers

First & Fifth
by Chris Kopka Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
The first and fifth pieces in particular are particularly moving. The first for its lyricism. The fifth for the sheer magnetism from the piece.

You Provoke Me
by Danielle Siver Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Really talented, strong, controlled dance with an excellent sense of humor. Great show!

They really CAN dance!
by Joshua Abell Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I enjoyed the dancing, but I wasn't able to really connect with about half of it. Maybe those educated in dance would enjoy those bits more.

I did enjoy the interplay of light and shadow in the first two acts, and the Hearts on Fire show was really fun.

I was also entertained by the way gender roles were treated in the Sextet.

solid and entertaining
by Cynthia Hornbeck Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
while nothing was weak, the third and final pieces were particularly strong. The dancers were technically capable but above all emotionally expressive and committed. Made me want to take dance classes again.

Dance is Fun
by Sheila Smith Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I really hate quirky modern dance, where people just twitch and roll around and forget there are people watching. This, thank god, was not that. It was engaging, fun, and took us along with really great music. It loses only one kitty for the second dance, a solo that was really boring. One boring dance out of five is forgivable.

Really Great
by Kassie Church Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Technically it was awesome and very strong. The pieces were beautiful and truly lovely. The dances were sexy and dramatic. This is the best piece I have seen at the Fringe this year and highly recommend it to everyone.

you provoke me
by steve cobian Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
fun, energizing, creative and sexy. I came out of it feeling happy

totally worth it!
by brenda atkins Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
i spontaneously found myself sitting in the audience of this one. i set out to see another show and decided to go to this one instead because it was so interesting. you could just feel emotion radiating from the stage. i had to keep myself still as i wanted to up and joing them!

nice, but not strongly compelling
by kelly C. Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I tend to like dance shows the most at the fringe. This one was technically strong and professional, but the meaning of the first couple pieces escaped me. The second part of the show was strong and clever. So I give it four kitties for failing to engage me through its entirety.

fans of dance should see it
by matthew vaky Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
I like dance, but not a "fan" so I feel a little "unqualified" to review it. I really admired the physicality of the dancers and loved the final number. But I was baffled by several of the pieces, as if I was missing the point of the piece. Nonetheless, worth your 12 dollars!

beautiful, elegant and rough
by Ben Chadwick Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I will be the first to say, I don't see much dance at the Fringe or otherwise. I picked this show at random because and it's not something I wouldn't normally go see. I was very pleased with my choice. The pieces are eclectic and strong. I was engaged and a little overwhelmed visually from the opening moments of "Ripple." Dynamic movements and delightful, if not sometimes disturbing interplay, create an atmosphere of uncertainty and struggle, coupled with the beauty and elegance of precise movement. There's at least one exhilirating moment that caught me offguard and had me saying how did she do that. The music is very stilmulating as well. Visual and Aural delight. Thank you to Her Majesty and Yoko as well.

beauty, brains & wit
by Florence Brammer Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
It seems like the Fringe dance offerings just get stronger and stronger every year. This is a gorgeous show: the choreography is witty, moving and substantive; the dancers are gorgeous and engaging; the costumes are beautiful and serve the choreography perfectly; and the lighting and sound are great. A really high-quality, classy, satisfying program of five diverse pieces.

Terrific performers
by Stef B. Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I was very impressed by the simultaneous physicality and grace of the dancers in this show. I am certainly not a dance aficionado, but I clearly saw the ocean in “Ripple”; I was hit by the tension of the two dancers in “as of yet” [and impressed that such strong emotions were conveyed without them ever physically touching]… my attention was held throughout the entire performance. Thank you cast and crew of You / Provoke / Me for making my first Fringe show of this year a terrific one!

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