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Minnesota Fringe Festival

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From the creators of AUDISH comes an all new comedy...

Secrets, Sexuality, and the Pinewood Derby. Deep within the darkness of the Chessapeake Hills, a troop's misadventure to scatter the ashes of a fellow scout takes a dangerous turn for the worst when they become entangled with "Thin Mint dealers".

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"Want to see the wonkiest, craziest, silliest, most ridiculous show at the 2008 MN Fringe?...Playwrights Dylan Frederick and Anders Nerheim serve up a giant helping of absurdism...Audish proves that there is, indeed, a next generation of creative theatre minds."
-fringefamous (

"This show is something more than a straight comedy; it is theater of the absurd. It has slapstick, and it is bawdy, and it is dark...these performers are incredibly savvy about comedy. They've studied it."
-Geoff Herbach (Theatre Arts journalist from MN Artists)

"Dylan Frederick wearing the girly shorts, was highly unnecessary and completely inappropriate. I almost felt offended."
-Cassidy Julius (Audience review)

"I have seen now eleven shows at the Fringe and this is the only one that deserves fives kitties."
-Chuck Beeson (Audience review)

So go ahead, take a little boy scout bite of "Thin Mint" .

The cast

Nathan Barlow
Role: Goody Strong
Nathan is thrilled to be performing in the Minnesota Fringe Festival with the wonderful and very talented Bakery Boys! Having grown up in the village ghetto land of Minneapolis, he has never had any sort of relationship with the BSA. He is delighted to have his first moments of knot-tying, badge wearing, and camping be on stage with his friends! This fall, he will attend the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theatre B.F.A Actor Training Program.

Todd Bruse
Role: Counselor
Todd has long been a creative liar, played at being at least one miscreant and is a professional developer of simple untruths and reckless dramatic opportunities. Todd lives to laugh at the misfortune of others. Like a frenetic fool or a spastic Pan, you can find him dropping banana peels, removing manhole covers and choreographing elaborate food fights wherever he sees fit. Too poor to pay attention, he is independently hearty, having been blessed with "... good genes. Not great, but pretty good." -Grandma Doll

Dylan Frederick
Role: Sterling
Dylan Frederick managed to do some serious winning at the Pinewood Derby and the Raingutter Regatta during his time as a boy scout. He has been acting locally since he dropped the B.S.A gig including performances at Stages Theatre Company, Children's Theatre Company, Guthrie Theatre, History Theatre, Illusion Theatre, Red Eye, Chanhassen Dinner Theatre and Old Log Theatre. This fall, he’ll be creating a new piece (currently plotless and untitled) for the Children's Theatre Company’s Teen Director Lab. He won "Tastiest Car" at the 2001 Pinewood Derby for his famous, handcrafted sandwich car. It was a real hit.

Madde Gibba
Role: Mama
Madde Gibba was never a Girl Scout. However she did have an affinity for their cookies and the classic 1989 film "Troop Beverly Hills", starring the comedic genius of our time, Shelly Long. If the Girl Scouts gave out badges for theatre, Madde would have recently received a badge for Speech and Debate at Illusion Theatre, King Lear at Bedlam, perhaps two badges for Disney's High School Musical at The Children's Theater Company and a very special badge for being the most enthusiastic essential in The Guthrie's A Christmas Carol. She would also like Hugh Grant to mumble for her.

Matthew Grathwol
Role: Bartholomew
Matthew Grathwol performed in My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels! last year and is thrilled to be performing in the Minnesota Fringe Festival for the second time. Matthew has done multiple shows at Southwest High School’s Unhinged Theatre Company, as well been a part of their Dance Company. He has performed at the Walker, Children's Theatre Company (TAT), and trained with Youth Performance Company, Peggy O’Connell and Nathan Knoll. Matthew likes chilled produce, mashed potatoes, electrical storms and conspiracy theories.

Satchel McCall
Role: Chuck
Satchel McCall is returning again to the Minneapolis Fringe Festival for second time. He has recently performed in Urinetown at the Bryant Lake Bowl, and in Youth Performance Company's You're A Good Man Charlie Brown as Linus. Satchel has also been seen in a multitude of Southwest High School theater shows. He can fly. Fact.

Maeve Moynihan
Role: Chloe
Maeve Moynihan is thrilled to be a part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival for the first time. She has enjoyed working with this wonderful cast and creative team! She has appeared in numerous shows around the Twin Cities at The Guthrie, The Children’s Theatre Company, Youth Performance Company, The Minnesota Opera, Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, and her high school: Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists. As a brownie dropout and thin mint hoarder, she feels a special connection with her character. Keep your friends close and your thin mints closer.

Eric Weiman
Role: Ted
Eric Weiman has been acting since 6th grade, but is taking part in his first Fringe Festival production. He will be a senior at Edina high school where his favorite past roles include Doc in West Side Story, The Moon in Jon Ferguson’s You're My Favorite Kind of Pretty and working as one of the three stars of All In The Timing. He was never a Boy Scout.

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The Bakery Theatre Company

Thin Mint

Fri., Jul. 31 @ 10:00 p.m.
Sat., Aug. 1 @ 2:30 p.m.
Sun., Aug. 2 @ 7:00 p.m.
Wed., Aug. 5 @ 8:30 p.m.
Sat., Aug. 8 @ 10:00 p.m.

Venue Minneapolis Theatre Garage
For ages 13+
Created by Anders Nerheim-Dylan Frederick
Web site
genres Comedy
subjects Queer/GLBT, Teens
features World premiere, Regional premiere (Minneapolis-St. Paul), Original script/choreography

Overall rating

User reviews

by Olive Pasdoo Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
So this show came in second for me. Out of all the fringe shows I saw, I'm only reviewing the top three.

High points- Characters, Acting, Concept

Low points- Tech stuff, a tiny bit too bawdy

Congrats on getting 2nd place! I had lots and lots of fun

Sweet show
by Greg Wilson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Hey guys, this was a really good show. I went in with low expectations, as a couple of my friends had not particularly enjoyed it, but I laughed til I almost threw up- a new experience for me. Sure, some of the humor wasn't p.c., but the show was a parody. People took it waaay to seriously. So good job, and good luck next year!

So late!
by Phillida Medlicott Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
So I have to say, this was the best show I saw at the fringe! I was shocked it didn't get the encore. I actually showed up, assuming I'd be able to see it for a second time. I was really upset when I found out I was queuing for the wrong show.

While this review is late, better late than never! Congrats to the Bakery Boys for a great screwball comedy. I'm coming next year!

Fun...for a while
by Corrine Crane Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Fun show, at least for the first half. Great laughs, tons of energy and great acting, particularly by Nathan Barlow and Dylan Frederick. Nathan used the less is best technique and brilliantly walked the line between hilarious and real. Bought his character hook, line and sinker. Dylan's facial expressions were great and his character was irresitible. The other boy scouts and leader had their moments, with an occasional spurt of over acting mixed in as well. I was loving it until the Girl Scout element. I couldn't figure them out at all. Both over acted to the extent that I was uncomfortable for them. The plot completely fell apart and it felt like the writers couldn't figure out an ending or were rushed. After about 35 minutes, I wanted it to end. I respect that Mama and Chloe really committed to their roles, but I wasn't buying it. I enjoyed the show overall, am glad I saw it, and I can't wait to see next year's show!

A Healthy Serving of Carbohydrates
by The Introspector Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
This show was well named. Though not necessarily a full meal, it's sugary execution was a nice end to my day of Fringe-ing.

The story was original, the writing not quite as impressive, though moments of brilliance shined through.

To sum it all up, Thin Mint was fun, bubbly. Not the worst thing I've seen! I'll see this company's show next year. Hopefully it'll be a little more fulfilling. As Frederick and Nerheim mature, perhaps they'll graduate from refined carbs to meatloaf. I'm first in line to find out....

I got the last cookie...
by Fringe Fighter Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I finally made it to this show. You know, this show that everyone has been arguing about for the past week and a half. Yes, every male character in the show was gay. Did this bother me? Not particularly. Was it offensive? No. Was it a little annoying at times? Perhaps. And just to address the opinion that the whole thing "feels like an inside joke" - sure it does. It also felt like I was in on it.

So though this play will probably not win a Pulitzer, it was definitely worth my $12. Even if it was just for the tears of mirth smearing my program during the brilliant Sense and Sensibility monologue. Sheer genius!

by Hey Now Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
When I walked into this show, I was expecting something good. Instead I got something marvelous! I found myself enjoying every single moment of Thin Mint. The laughter was continuous, thanks to the creative and witty writing and great acting from a very talented cast.

Thin Mint definitely had some crazy twists and turns in its whirlwind of a plot, but I found it enjoyable, interesting, and entertaining the whole way through. I am so glad I went out and took the ride this show offered.

there is a lot going on here
by Loretta Frederick Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
So much going on that I was totally engaged throughout. Great themes explored well (considering the time constraints), especially the hypocrisy of chest-thumping masculinity which can disguise internalized homophobia. I loved Thin Mint and every one of the challenges it threw at the audience.

by Sonja Johnson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
i loved this show soooo much. the writing, acting, and costuming were all fantastic!!! i would see it again but i want everyone to get a chance to see it because it is so good.

great show
by Connor Thomas Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
This was an excellent show. It was very funny altough i got quite confused with the show due to the plot of the show jumped around very much, and there were many side plots.

Boy Scout Trip Gone Bad
by Chuck Beeson Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I had just finished performing in my own show and ran out to my car to see what was playing next...Thin Mint. When I got to the Mpls Theater Garage, the lines to get in were at capacity. I had to sit in an aisle: all seats were full. It didn't take long to figure out this was another Bakery Theater Production (last year's AUDISH) and the energy and insanity were infections. The boy scout leader was deliciously wacked, Dylan Frederick's character with the fake English accent and his crazy face at the beginning holding his Pinewood Derby corn cob was equally twisted. The audience was laughing a lot. The story was good until the beheadings began, then I lost the innocent connection with the boys and the "Thin Mint" dealings on the mountain with the girls. A must see show (good luck getting in, it fills up fast!)

Very Enjoyable
by CoCo Glass Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I went purposely with no expectations and loved the show! Amazing writing by Dylan and Anders and a wonderfully delivered script by talented teens. The comic timing and body language enhanced the delivery. Loved the outfits, especially Eric's white tights (unitard). Well deserved kudos to all of you!

Simply Delicious
by Caity Shea Violette Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
The Bakery Theatre Company takes Boy Scout mischief to a whole new level in this hilarious, madcap comedy. The absurd, quirky characters take the audience through a ridiculous (and somewhat dark) ride through the woods of the Chessapeake Hills with twists and turns up to the last minute. The fabulous young cast showcases this bizarre comedy-wonderland beautifully in Thin Mint.

by Ryan Howell Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
To think that a group of teens ( and one adult) put on this wonderful show by themselves is amazing. Wonderful Script. It pushed the limits successfully.

Very Funny
by Mitch Perry Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
It was a good show, the script was solid, and the characters were funny. I had fun watching and I think most people around me did as well.

Great Teen Actors, Poor Teen Writing
by Sid Solomon Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
Less a play than a series of unfortunate, rambling punchlines (mostly dealing with latent teen-boy homosexuality and priestly molestation), Thin Mint squanders the talents of a cast made up of some of the Twin Cities' most talented teen actors. When some semblance of a plot does begin to emerge with less than half an hour remaining in the play, it unravels into chaos and disorder.

Great Overall!
by Carrie Johansen Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I appreciate the disregard for political correctness and the over-exaggeration of stereotypes/prejudices. While there were moments that I believe a line may have been crossed, the show was overall quite witty and original. I laughed so hard that some of the "did they REALLY just say that" moments were completely forgiven.

No Sale
by Richard Shields Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
I pondered this show since seeing it. I love the energy and charm of this cast but the show failed to hold me - I wanted to leave at one point.

Talk of the town
by Howard Melzer Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I apologize for the late(ish) review, but this play is getting a truly astounding amount of debate about its merits. It's a funny show people. It's not Boban or of that ilk, but it's fun... Probably the most fun I've had at the Fringe this year, if you can loosen up and let the Bakery Boys take you down their twisted road.

Refreshing! Original!. Brilliant!
by Jean Harrison Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
We saw "Audish" last year and thought that the Bakery Boys would not be able to once again find an unchartered territory to pursue in their production this year. That is what attracts us each year to the Fringe. Gratefully, we were wrong. This certainly is terrific entertainment in every sense of the word. We were amazed at the the courage of this production to venture into subjects that may or may not be controversial in nature and were laughing at every unique twist and turn. It was highly recommended to us and we would classify it as MUST SEE
at this year's festival.

Not as addictive as "Audish"
by Grant Sorenson Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Going into "Thin Mint," I was familiar with the work of Bakery Theatre Company from last year's Fringe entry "Audish," which I highly enjoyed. While "Thin Mint" presented some great moments and a couple fantastic performances by cast members, all in all I was feeling a little let down by the time I walked out of the theatre. The playwrights did what they do best: poking fun at sects of adolescent society (theatre freaks last year, boy/girl scouts this year.) but I can't say that this year's observations were as well-developed, or nearly as funny as last years. It's clear that the writers were never part of boy scouts, since they only skim the surface of that stereotype.

The script was a bit hit or miss. I loved all the allusions to/actual lines taken from other plays/films (Mad props for the "Crucible" bit, which I loved.) The majority of the jokes, however, were in the same vein as Judd Apatow films, relying on racial and homophobic jokes. It felt like I was watching The Hangover Goes Camping.

The acting was also very hit or miss. Strong performances from Nathan Barlow and Dylan Frederick. The two stand-outs for me were Madde Gibba and Maeve Moynihan. It was enough to make me wish the entire play had followed THEIR trials and tribulations instead of the sort of dull Boy Scout troup. (Although, I did thoroughly enjoy seeing Todd Bruse in a nighty.)

Was it a complete waste of $10? No. It was a fun little one-hour jaunt. Did it have me laughing till tears ran down my cheeks like "Audish" did? No. If you have an hour to spare, this isn't the worst Fringe show to see, I'm sure.

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar
by Rick McAllister Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
A very enjoyable performance by Twin Cities youth. This show had lots, comedy, mystery, horror, and just plain weirdness. Oh, and it also had Thin Mints, yum. I totally recommend this show. Congrats to Ander's, Dylan and the Cast. Rock on.

A savory show dipped in a chocolate coat
by Michelle Hernick Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I was a huge fan of last year's 'Audish', so I was expecting a lot from the Bakery Boys this year. I must say, 'Thin Mint' is my new favorite.

The cast had an incredible energy, not only with one another but with the audience as well. The boy scouts had fantastic comedic timing and wonderfully genuine moments. Each of the boys (and of course their scout master, played by the talented Todd Bruce) were spot on in their performances, giving more than just stereotypes that are usually seen in teen Fringe shows.

Having gone with two friends who had never seen a Bakery Theatre show (or a Fringe show!), they laughed and cheered the performance and walked away very satisfied.

Yes, the show will likely be consider offensive to many (I definitely gasped at a few lines myself), but the overall effect was a hilarious and quirky piece of Fringe work that should not be missed.

quite excellent
by Gordon Stone Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show was bizarre and hilarious. It was different and extremely entertaining. From Eric Weiman's outstanding opening monologue to the gruesome acts of Mama played by Madde Gibba who stole the shows second act. I loved this show and encourage everyone to see it.

Brave work
by Peyton Ryan Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
These emerging playwrights take real chances with difficult material and, like all good comedy, offer some relevant social commentary in between the laughs. Excellent acting by a cast of young professionals. Kudos to Todd Bruse who steals the show as the wacky homophobe scout master. Check it out!

Crowd Pleaser
by D. Smart Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Want to get away from the pretension and over-wrought intellectualism of the usual Fringe fare? This show is for you. It's been getting quite the amount of buzz recently, which I'm glad to see. Along with Sideways Stories, my favorite show.

A must see!
by Kate Michaels Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I'm going to side with Jeremy Jones here and say that this is most definitely my favorite show of the '09 Fringe. Really really well acted, sharply written and well staged, this play deserves these 5 kitties. Really, I loved it. The fact that it's controversial like this should be praise alone, it's a fire-starter and I sincerely hope that this play gets the attention it truly deserves. Well done Bakery Boys, well done.

Successful sophomore debut @ the Fringe!
by Jeremy Jones Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
THIN MINT is dark, humorous and fresh. It's exactly what the Fringe Festival needs in its lineup. Clever writing and quality staging propel this play to the top of my all-time Fringe favorites. The musical number rivals that of some off-broadway shows that I have seen. This play is a must see if you want a sneak peek at the next generation of theater artists. Bravo!

Thin Mint
by Christian Lassiter Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
A couple of funny moments but mostly it just seemed like the actors were trying to hard for a laugh.

Let the hilarity ensue!
by Dave Haste Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
From the moment that the boy scout in angel wings and almost too-tight unitard walked onto the stage and introduced himself with a crude penis joke, I knew that Thin Mint would deliver only laughs and jokes aimed at nearly every offensive topic out there. Last night's performance of this dark boyscout tale had the audience roaring from start to finish, not only because of the clever - and sometimes cringe-worthy jokes - but the ability of the scouts and their den leader to deliver them with perfect comedic timing. Although a few of its punch lines were borderline inappropriate, Thin Mint is definitely a show well worth the twelve dollars. Oh, and that song about being gay - genius.

by Fringus Maximus Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I've been hustling all over town to soak in as much Fringe as humanly possible these last few days... I've seen good, and I've seen bad, but I've never seen a show quite like this one. Oh, it's dark, but as evidenced by the audience's reaction, it's the perfect late-night show. A really splendid show. Congrats fellas.

by Danielle Siver Follow this reviewer
Rating 1 kitty
I usually don't write a review for a Fringe show unless it's one I really enjoyed. I feel pretty strongly about stating my opinion on this one, though.

I felt embarrassed for everyone on stage. I knew it was a teen show going into it, so I wasn't expecting much in the way of sophisticated wit, but I'd heard great things last year about Audish, so I thought I'd take a chance.

Unfortunately, not only was the plot kind of a mess, but the humor was awful. It all seemed like a giant tangle of inside jokes. Most of all, though, it was incredibly offensive. Echoing another reviewer here, I'd say I tend to enjoy off-color humor, but it has to be framed cleverly. Sloppily throwing around insulting gay stereotypes including some lines about needle-sharing and AIDS? Embarrassing. There was scarcely a laugh in the audience and I even let out a groan of disgust at one point.

The performers were good all around, but the script needs a massive overhaul.

Fast Paced and Frantic
by Elijah Jameson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Nerheim and Frederick's THIN MINT touches upon almost every socially sensitive subject known to man, but they don't shy away from lampooning the hell out of these themes. The show kicks with a costume and young performer that really must be seen to be believed, however, the show stealer here is Todd Bruse who rips and roars his way through the material. Every performance was dead on and the script was well executed. The young talent in this show makes me just a little less nervous for the future of MLPS. theatre...

A Hearty Meal! of theatre
by Rebecca Hurd Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
The plot was fun and unique, every performer held their own, the script was witty and clever, this show kept me laughing from start to finish. It being the darkest comedy I've seen so far this year, go into it with an open mind and you'll love it.

Energetic but Erratic
by Joshua Humphrey Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
There's a lot of energy flying around in this production, so much so that the performers have difficulty containing and focusing that energy to drive the plot home. However, it was engaging, a little risque and a lot of fun if you're looking to see young performers testing their chops. It's very infectious--even when the show hits its rough patches--and entertaining because of the chaotic energy zigzagging across the stage.

Purely Delightful
by Joseph Rockwell IV Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show was absolutely fantastic. That is what was running through my head after leaving "Thin Mint." This production has a new, entertaining, and hilarious plot line and was performed by some of the most talented actors I have seen at Fringe. To be honest, I walked in expecting something much less than what was produced. By the end of the performance, I was craving more "Thin Mint." Each actor had their own unique story to tell and not a single one of them left me thinking of someone who could play the part better. These performers are incredibly gifted in comedy and I am quite excited to see this show again. Without a true set, the actors did an unbelievable job of making the audience feel as though they were actually in the Chessapeake Hills. I never was a Boy Scout, but I felt like I had belonged in this troop and had come along on this camping trip. Amazing job "Thin Mint" cast & crew, and congratulations to Anders Nerheim and Dylan Frederick for creating a truly wonderful masterpiece.

Irreverent and well-played
by Natasha Smith Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Excellent comic acting brings a farcical script to life in "Thin Mint." Yes, it's over-the-top, and that's why it's so much fun. It's unpredictable, charming, and absolutely hilarious. In my opinion, it was over too soon, and may be the best Fringe show I've seen yet.

Offensive for the Sake of Offensiveness
by Ryan Grimes Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
Don't get me wrong - I love offensive humor. I respect playwrights who step up to the line, and maybe even tap their toes a little bit over. For the most part, however, this show went way too far. There's a big difference between creating a character who says offensive things and - as playwrights - just trying to come up with the most offensive joke one can imagine. There are topics that teenagers find interesting, yet don't have the life experience to fully understand. Hopefully, in ten years, these playwrights will cringe at their "joke" about getting AIDS.

The script has some promise, but could use the objective eye of a dramaturg, and would have benfitted from an outside director. Performances by Todd Bruse, Madde Gibba, and Satchel McCall overcame a Look-How-Edgy-We-Are script.

thin mint
by B. K. Nelson Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Excellent acting and crisp direction kept me smiling, didn't allow me to reflect on the potential dreariness of pubescent, gay scout jokes.

Funny, but a little uneven.
by Erica Mauter Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
It started out strongly, but it felt like the writer was searching with the ending. Each of the boy scouts and the scout master were well-acted. A lot of the humor was borderline inappropriate, which made it hilarious IMO but I can see how some might not take it well coming from teenagers. This is the Fringe Festival, however. Once Mama and Courtney came in, I was done. I thought both those characters were poorly written and overacted.

The show is definitely worth it for the beginning; be patient with the ending.

Not sure
by Nanette Stearns Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
Some of it was funny but in general it felt like an inside joke. Maybe if I'd been a boy scout I would have gotten it! The acting was ok (though maybe that was part of the point).

A Tasty Treat
by Gershwin Schmidt Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
"Thin Mint" has been my most enjoyable experience at Fringe Festival yet. This creative and interesting piece was a well needed breath of fresh air and has boosted my Fringe Festival appreciation to an all time high. From Eric Weiman starting the show with a bang with fantastic comedic timing, to the dark and dramatic ending leaving the audience questioning the innocence of Boy Scouts, this show leaves the viewers wanting more from these group of talented young actors. "Thin Mint" proves that these performers have studied the craft of comedy and drama and were completely prepared to take on this highly enjoyable production. I was blown away by the amount of creativity, energy, and pure talent these actors have and want to see much more of them in the future. This is one show that you do NOT want to miss.

it didn't have to be this dull
by Crummy Reviewer Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
This show got SO tired SO quickly, but it didn't need to given what the show has going for it. The writing is rather strong and the premise effective (pulpy murderous gay sex farce with boy scouts). But it deserves a much better "treatment". They had all the right actors to pull off these roles. But for me, the show lacked the storytelling hooks and triggers to actually hold my attention (even in the first 15 minutes). A few surprises toward the end managed to help me keep my eyes open (Maddee Gibba's performance contributed greatly), but over all I found the show frustrating.

by Juliette Michaels Follow this reviewer
Rating 1 kitty
Wasn't a fan of their show "Audish" last year but went into this one open-minded. And it disappointed. Again. Shows seem to lose their humor when the cast appreciates their humor more than the audience does. And really, you can only go so far with the whole "naughty boy scout" routine. It feels like its been done before. There are some funny bits, mostly involving the leader, played by Todd Bruse. The playwrights have a lot of potential to do good work but much of this show seems like a vainglorious attempt to impress their fellow high school friends.

Funny, but hard to follow
by Eric Meininger Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Funny plot - and quite well done for a high school student. Shows a lot of promise for future festivals.

Overall the plot is fairly simplistic and the performance relies on a fair amount of juvenile humor and sexual innuendo. If you were in the Scouts as a kid, this will bring back memories...

But some of the acting was good
by J Emily Peabody Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
An interesting premise, but it was not clear what that was. Usually when people die there is a reason, isn't there? Costumes were good, some of the 'less-is-more' actors were fun to watch, but a lot of the rest of it was just too over the top, which is only ok if you have a solid concept of a story.

Tasty Treats
by Sylvie Brew Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I knew right from the opening monologue, presented by a boyscout angel dressed in wings and a skin tight leotard, that this was going to be a show in it's own genre. Frederick and Nerheim take audiences on a camping trip into a forest that far surpasses the craziness and deviancy anyone would expect! I laughed right along through as the talented cast spun a story full of twists and turns and some really big shocks. Though some of the jokes may come off as unconventional or politically incorrect - I don't think they were intended to insult or offend. Instead, I saw it as more of a Baron Cohen-esque brand of humor that plays upon the pure absurdity of the existence of stereotypes and generalizations. In other, less muddled words, 'Thin Mint' seems to belittle any power stereotypes hold by using them, instead, as a source for humor - not hate. I also fell in love with the real honesty of the actors. I didn't feel like any of the characters were those conventional 'teen' roles found in many shows presented by younger groups. I think my favorite part of the show was Sterling's speech of his favorite Austen movie and when he confronted his father about telling him when it was rented - it was so wonderfully bizarre! This was a fun, shocking, twisty play that both threw raunchy humor at me while still having some real poignancy. Thin Mint was a really delicious treat, just get ready for some shocks!

Not Another Disney Channel Knockoff
by Alexandra Peterson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
A pleasant surprise for someone who's seen a few too many adolescent comedies... With an original plot, and brilliant performances from the young cast, this tasty little production left me wanting more of the Bakery Boys!

A show with nothing to bring Sorry! for
by Andrew Lentz Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Another brilliant satirical comedy from the Bakery Boys. With a complete set of hilarious teens and young adults, there isn't a weak link in the bunch. This dark, and zany show will have your rapt attention from start to finish whether you're laughing, cringing, or wondering "what the hell?"

Is this show an inside joke?
by Mark Siska Follow this reviewer
Rating 1 kitty
After last years wonderful production of Audish, I was extremely let down and disappointed in Bakery Theatre Company's latest show, Thin Mint. The plot was not consistent throughout and loose ends seemed to be left in the plot, most likely after some major cutting. Lines seemed to be lost either in music that was too loud for the scene it was played in or when the cast was not speaking up, which was weird, because I was in the second row. The jokes in Thin Mint were too stereotypical, and seemed like they were consistent inside jokes between the performers. After looking at Bakery's previous work and this show, plots seem to be very similar. They always seem to be out to kill some kind of leader. On a blocking note, the stage was unbalanced most of the show, and just did not look good in that space. I do applaud the young ensemble and adult actors for giving this piece all that they had. I could have spent twelve dollars else where.

by Tony Matthes Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Crazy, absurd, an overall great experience with some talented performers.

Toss the cookies
by Fringivitis Vulgaris Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
Gay slurs, ethnic slurs, hypocrisy, murder, maiming, melodrama and allegations of bed-wetting make this the "Fringiest" show I've seen this year. Playing to weak stereotypes was the feeblest point for this play. Strong point was the ability to play convincing adolescents - not a stretch for the young cast.

Weird Beyond Their Years
by Ben Thietje Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
These kids are crazy-cool. It's not as good as Audish (maybe my favorite show from 2008), but it still had plenty of awesome crazy to keep me entertained. Bakery Theatre Company...don't you ever die.

Happy I saw it...
by Michael Sheeks Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I found myself marveling at the outrageousness of this creative script and the comic timing of this ensemble. I agree with earlier reviews that felt that sometimes is was insanity for insanity's sake, and felt like the Thin Mint narrative was sublimated by the need to explore a satirical bashing of homophobia, but in the end I was delighted to have seen this show.

And, of course, bravo to these very talented young performers.

Thin Mint
by M. McNeal Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
A favorite among the Fringe
Snappy dialogue
Fresh writing
Diabolical plot
Superb acting
What more is there to relish in one hour of entertainment????

Me Gusta Thin Mint!
by Eugene Finch Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Donned in a unitard, angel wings, and a very tight Boy Scout uniform, cast member Eric Weiman launched the show with a monologue stiff with innuendo, setting the tone for what would be the most raucous, ridiculous, and jovially vulgar play I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. I was baffled by the brilliance of the script, which was bursting with banter, ripe with riffs, packed with puns and overall amusingly out of hand. However, the script was outshined by the passion of the performers who depicted it. Rarely do I come across a cast with such consistent talent and incredible comedic timing. In fact, the only thing this show lacked was a weak link. Each and every person up on stage gave 1,976% to their performance and the energy was contagious (as well as admirable). My only criticism would be that a few of the bits seemed a little “weird for weirdness sake,” but they never detracted from the show as a whole. With a madman’s cocktail of a crazy script and a fearless cast, this show proved to be as untamed as the wilderness in which it was set (if not ten times more so) and worth every "pretty penny” you'll pay for the ticket.

Thin Mint is indeed thin
by Pat Lindgren Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
Sometimes less is more. There was way too much frenetic stuff happening in this play. Pick one idea and stay with it to the end.

Wild and Wacky
by Tommy Glass Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
After seeing the opening night performance of Thin Mint, I was most satisfied. The play, written by Anders Nerheim and Dylan Frederick, is a dark(ish) comedy that twists and turns and makes you chuckle almost constantly, and even gives a few belly laughs. There isn't a weak performer, everyone is on the same incredible caliber. Definitely a must see.

another sucsess from the bakery boys!
by Grace Kibira Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Thin Mint started off the 2009 fringe season for me with a bang. The halarious script and excellent cast really created the great show. If the other shows in the festival are half as great as Thin Mint, this fringe year is looking to be very sucessful!

This Obeyed the Law of the Pack!
by cody braudt Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Watching the growth of Bakery Theatre Company has been a real treat for me. I applaud Mr. Nerheim and Mr. Frederick for writing a very smart script for a very absurd piece. The young ensemble takes charge, with two very talented adult actors, making this an all star cast of the fringe. This reminded me of being a boy scout and all of the odd moments that occurred during that time. If you are looking for an hour of laughs, puns, knife licking children, and chocolaty desserts. THIN MINT is the show for you.

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