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Show reviews by Abby Normal

Pop Goes the Cherry
Don't be a Prude! by Abby Normal
Rating: 5 kitties
Art is subjective and I know we all have our own opinions about the quality of any given piece. Having said that, I am amazed someone could see this show and think it deserved only 2 kitties. That Ms. Stimpson could engage her audience in what is obviously such a deeply personal issue without resorting to cheap, heavy handed tactics is a testament to her ability as a writer/performer and to the abilities of everyone who worked on this production. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in seeing a performer at the top of their game.

An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein
Ran out of superlatives by Abby Normal
Rating: 5 kitties
Unfortunately, there's nothing further I can say that hasn't already been said. It's just two supremely talented performers at the top of their game working with fantastic material, that's never wrong. The only downside is that this at the Xperimental and so not as many people will get to see this.

Amaretti Angels
Professional theater professionaly done by Abby Normal
Rating: 5 kitties
A wonderful script performed by obviously talented actors. This is not a show where the entire cast screams, "Look at us, we're making a joke!" That's a good thing. There are wonderful moments between the two leads that really stuck with me and helped drive the show forward. Sometimes first time directors tend to over-direct and get in the way of their own show. Mr. Schlosser avoids falling into that pitfall and has brought as a engaging piece.

In the Weeds
I could watch these guys all day. by Abby Normal
Rating: 4 kitties
Seriously, I could watch Sarah Broude, Ben Layne, Lacey Piotter, Ernest Briggs and Anissa Brazill sit on the stage and read out of the phone book, they're all that good. Fortunately they have better material to work with in this show than the White Pages so it's a win/win for this reviewer. Ms. Piotter's first offering as a playwright is at times inconsistent only because it is her first time as a playwright. I look forward to seeing more from her as she has a lot of promise.

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