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Show reviews by Matlisa Semrad

Story Time Time Bomb
Creative and interesting by Matlisa Semrad
Rating: 4 kitties
It was fun. The artist did a really good drawing.

Well timed by Matlisa Semrad
Rating: 4 kitties
Well executed and written, we have not seen the Twilight movies but enjoyed this show anyway with it's live music, video backdrop and talented cast.

Deviates from the Master Plan / Apprentice & Sorcerer Trip on the Light Fantastick
A thinker's plays by Matlisa Semrad
Rating: 4 kitties
You can't really choose a rating for this, it all depends on your view of theater. Unpredictable and interesting, the viewer creates the play in his mind because there is no context unless you speak latin.

Good singing too by Matlisa Semrad
Rating: 4 kitties
Funny and they dance.

The Quest
Good dialogue by Matlisa Semrad
Rating: 3 kitties
A bit slow at times, would like more interaction among all the cast.

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