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Show reviews by james fredericks

Layered by james fredericks
Rating: 5 kitties
Seems everyone agrees the acting is excellent; I thought it very natural and believable. A few said it was confusing or pretentious ... I think the play is done on a few plateaus, different art forms, time periods, persons, ... connecting them is part of the fun. I found this very stimulating and the perfect Fringe poster-child. Highly recommended!

Underneath the Lintel
Wow~ by james fredericks
Rating: 5 kitties
Powerful theater! Great acting and poignant vignettes! I sort of felt redeemed with the librarian at end.

Can Michael Come Out and Play?
Fresh by james fredericks
Rating: 4 kitties
Like others, I came in thinking I knew where this show would go ... wrong. Oh yea, and that's what the shows about. Great story telling with no pretension and good punch.

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