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Show reviews by Carolyn Elerding

Fan Girl! by Carolyn Elerding
Rating: 5 kitties
My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed this unusual mixture of powerful writing, strange and dark comedy, and strong performance. There was even a tasteful frisson of Fringey kookiness. I am looking forward to reading Mr. Callahan's book, and I want Jonah to join my band.

A Sad Carousel
Wonderfully Nasty by Carolyn Elerding
Rating: 4 kitties
I had fun watching this. Cool writing that made me laugh at things I would normally never find funny. Very interesting and versatile comic actors. Great theater and fringe jokes. I especially enjoyed the use of the space and of sound design.

Opera Bob Presents: Riders to the Sea-A One Act Opera
Well-Done on All Counts by Carolyn Elerding
Rating: 4 kitties
What a treat to hear a relatively esoteric opera performed by such an excellent cast under such talented direction. April Hanson's contralto voice is a rare treasure. I have nothing but compliments for everyone involved, including the sensitive accompanist. Way to go, Opera Bob! My only criticisms of the production as a whole are that the Christian symbolism (the remaining son as a Christ figure) seemed misplaced, even trite, given that little attempt was made to situate the production's realism historically--that is, politically or economically. When an expensive art-form is used to explore the subject of poverty (and when that much talent is used to hold me spell-bound), I need to know why: out of voyeurism, empathy, or a general or particular desire for social justice? I couldn't tell, but perhaps I missed something. I can't wait to see what Opera Bob does next!

Captivating by Carolyn Elerding
Rating: 4 kitties
Irish is an artist of many gifts! One of the finest aspects of this production is that the supple diversity of the writing is supported and enhanced by the playwright's own directing--a great way to work. I really enjoyed it. This play would work well outside of the context of the Fringe Festival. Nice job!

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