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Show reviews by Helene Phelps

Ballad of the Pale Fisherman
Immersion by Helene Phelps
Rating: 5 kitties
One does not expect a 45 minute production to embrace a lifetime, but Ballad of the Pale Fisherman does just that. Immersion is the best word... into the characters, the sense of community and sense of place, and most of all into the simple and intimate story of love and loss. The mix of characters brought every emotion to the shore with waves of humor rolling in on occasion. The balance was perfect. Every minute of this rich production rolled into the next and we were all enthralled, delighted, sad, transported to a beautiful and very real mythology. Each cast member brought something unique and very special to the whole. A coagulation of chemistry and team work. Magical and magnificent. It certainly gets my Seal of approval! Helene Phelps

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