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Show reviews by Waverley Street

Underneath the Lintel
A must-see by Waverley Street
Rating: 5 kitties
This is the Fringe at its finest: Simple staging with a wonderful performance of unusual material. Well-paced and hypnotic at times, this is one man's journey to both prove a miracle and mourn his own 'under the lintel' moment.

Story Time Time Bomb
My 7-year-old son loved it! by Waverley Street
Rating: 4 kitties
A new story book is improv-ed with lots of slapstick and linguistic humor. It's both kid and adult friendly. It's fast-paced with lots of audience and kid interaction, but at times can get too constant in its yelling. The two actors do a wonderful job incorporating the audience suggestions, keeping the ball rolling, and changing characters. It's a great intro to improv for kids. It has elements they recognize from reading: characters, settings, conflicts - and the wild unpredictability of improv.

The Little Prince
Sit in front by Waverley Street
Rating: 3 kitties
I thought that the space was too big for some of the smaller voices. As a result, there were a few scenes I couldn't hear. My child hadn't read the book and had a hard time following the story. However, there are many very sweet moments such as the scenes with the Rose and between the Little Prince and the Star-Counter. The live music enhanced the mood well. Also, kudos for the excellent program with lots of great information and even some puzzles for the kids!

Fartosaurus Rex!
Disapointing by Waverley Street
Rating: 1 kitty
I really wanted to like this show. Unfortunately, neither I or my 7-year-old son did. It's overly didactic, has sloppy puppetry, and isn't funny.

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