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Show reviews by Madeline Marshall

Zombie High School
Songs and Hilarity by Madeline Marshall
Rating: 5 kitties
Who would have guessed that zombies have such catchy songs? This is the fun and hilarious show that you have to see at the Fringe! It has a plot that is sweet and appropriately cheesy at times, and tops it off by "bringing to life" the realities of a high school for zombies. Late Night Menu presents a cappella that is both witty and vocally strong, and there's no doubt that solely the voice can sustain a musical theatre production. You'll laugh as these zombie teenagers struggle with humanity as a dead/undead dichotomy, and you'll cheer as they fiercely sing about the end of the world. These young performers have created a vocally stupendous show with an entertaining plot about zombies to top it off, and I loved it!

Everybody Dance!
You'll want to dance! by Madeline Marshall
Rating: 5 kitties
Eloquence and playfulness, intensity and spirit ... these brought this collection of energetic and beautiful dances together. The multicultural, multigenerational, multitalented dancers of Everybody Dance! were engaging to watch as they danced with true heart and masterfully transitioned between styles. Each piece offered a different take on this movement we call dance, and with true elegance, Sharon Varosh compiled a selection of her choreography that was cohesive yet utterly diverse. Highlights of the collage performance include the visually entrancing Full Circle, Room for One More, and the thought-provoking trio of Watchers dances. The performance is to be enjoyed by everybody, and it offers a lovely glimpse into the diverse world of dance. This is most definitely a Fringe show to see!

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