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Show reviews by Robin Chin

Fartosaurus Rex!
Good Fun for the Little Ones by Robin Chin
Rating: 5 kitties
A charming play--perfect for children 5 and under. Though not quite ready for Broadway, the puppets are cute and the giant farting t-rex is superb. I noticed many kids in the audience imitating Fartosaurus Rex and growling back at the stage. Bring your kids and maybe your own farting machine!

Definitely not a comedy by Robin Chin
Rating: 3 kitties
#Ringtone sports absolutely excellent acting, in an interesting space and manner. It was fun to watch the actors and actresses interact with the space, and force the audience to move around with them. However, the play itself is disjointed and confusing. Maybe the play was intended to be more art than entertainment, but it just comes off as non-sensical and a bit pretentious. A lot of it reminded me of interpretive dance, especially a long sequence in the middle where the actors go into a robotic trance. You spend half the play trying to figure out what's going on, and the rest trying not to roll your eyes as the actors pretend to vomit or run through doors shrieking. Worth going to just to watch the actors and for the neat staging, but be prepared-this play is definitely not served on a silver platter.

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