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Show reviews by Dave Berger

Thinkingaview / CorresponDance
These Kitties Know how to Sing and Dance by Dave Berger
Rating: 5 kitties
This is one of the best shows at Fringe this year! The energy and karma level of the cast is just amazing. The dancers danced; the singers sang; and the guitar guy played; Not one cast member was not brilliant! The lead singer was particularly delightful and magical but the entire cast made the show a wondrously entertaining experience. You will tap your toes, laugh, clap, and scream (in a good way). The group line-dance kiss fest was quite charming and endearing! Go to the show! PS Bring someone to kiss. It is encouraged.

Kill Will
Kill Will Kills! by Dave Berger
Rating: 5 kitties
This show sneaks up on you and makes you smile, chuckle, laugh, and then lose it! It is a funny show with great appeal for fans of Shakespeare, the theater, or acting. The two actors have wonderful energy, delivery, and wit. The director's use of audience participation was most excellent. You will be involved in this production! These two thespians deserve 10 kitties...5 kitties each! Go see this show for a laugh and thought or two!

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