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Show reviews by feesh ette

Excellent! by feesh ette
Rating: 5 kitties
I was going to write a review describing the excellent music and the clever, witty, smart and nerd-cred loaded show that I saw. Then I ran into Rob Callahan after the show, and this might better describe the awesome-ness of this guy: "Are you going to review the show? They told me to ask people." "Well, I could, but I might have to wait a day or 2. Since we had this conversation, you might know that it was me." "I am on the fence about reading reviews of my own show - it's sort of a Schrodinger's conundrum - they might be good or bad, but until I read them, do they really exist?" Nerd!

Pardon My French
Standing Ovation! by feesh ette
Rating: 5 kitties
I don't speak French, I don't have kids, but I really loved this show! She is very personable, and received a Standing O at the end of her show. ANYONE who went to high school will be able to relate to this show. Ever wonder what your teachers thought when you wanted to turn something in late? Ever wonder if they noticed that the one loner kid in the back? (they do.) Parts of this show were hilarious, and parts were moving. She has a great delivery style. Other reviewers seemed to dislike her very personal approach to the topic of her career... but it's a one-woman non-fiction show ABOUT her career experiences. It isn't a woe-is-me show, nor is it preachy. It's just a VERY pleasant way to spend a Fringe hour!

Always Take Your Celebrity Guests to Walmart (and other adventures in dance)
Beautiful, but with mismatched cast by feesh ette
Rating: 3 kitties
I think all of the pieces had the audience laughing or clapping, and most of the dancers were stunning with talent. This show was entertaining, but there were more than a couple of times where I was distracted by the very obvious difference in skill sets of the performers in the same piece.

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