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Show reviews by ADAM KING

Trouble in Tahiti
Give me a T...A...H...I...T...I... by ADAM KING
Rating: 5 kitties
A TA plus a HIT and I loved it! A talented cast takes the audience on a tour of Suburbia, and the time flew by. The Dead Composers Society follows up last year's winner with another Fringe hit! Congrats to all!

ROBO-homa! A Territory Tale with a Technological Twist
Rating: 4 kitties
I fell into going to the show when my time opened up. What a pleasant experience. This is what the Fringe is about. Forget the nit-picking...this show delivered. Great concept, and the presentation was fun. Special Kudos to Michael Lee, Charles Hubbell, and Jane Samsal. If you missed this one, hope for a remount.

Alexander at Delphi
" An Original Musical Drama " by ADAM KING
Rating: 4 kitties
" An Original Musical Drama " is the subheader statement on the shows program...and that it is. An ambitious undertaking...Greek tragedy in a musical...this is the stuff that the Fringe is known for. Shows that you would never see unless it's in the Fringe. Technical challenges with sound do not diminish the effort of fine performances...the Fates being my favorite. Show tunes? No. Worthy of including on your Fringe schedule? Yes.

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