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Show reviews by Robyn Hendrix

CSI: Ben McGinley
mesmerizing by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 5 kitties
excellent, high-quality performing from Ben McGinley, who weaves together acting, dance, and multimedia to tell a story of searching for/making up his own version of the story of his birth mother, and after nine years, quitting smoking (which he felt was one of his only connections to her). It is also really funny. and has mario brothers and cops and robbers. I hope more people get a chance to see this beautifully done show.

Thinkingaview / CorresponDance
va va voom by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 5 kitties
awesome. i'm not feeling very wordy tonight but this was great. I certainly got my fill of watching people dancing in their underwear after seeing this and O(h) back to back!

Underneath the Lintel
the one by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 5 kitties
every year at fringe I long to find the one show that has a perfect balance of funny, moving, philosophical, inspiring, and downright amazing. Since I am house managing full time the rest of fringe, this was my last time slot to actually see a show, and I found my "one" show that I had been looking for this year. Glad I saw it last so that I can let it stew in my mind for a while without distraction. absolutely phenomenal performance. the audience interaction is done really well and doesn't break the theatrical illusion the way addressing the audience sometimes can. If there's ever a remount I want to see it again! it's a nice big theater so go fill it up, people!

Aardvark Fandango
a show that might lower your cholesterol by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 5 kitties
kept me intrigued and interested despite it being the 10:00 show after I had a long day at work and saw two shows before it. John Munger is very inspirational. You can sense the wisdom and depth of his dance experience and history in each precise movement. nice mix of some serious pieces and some more comical ones. somehow manages to express both the fragility and frustration of aging and the joy of letting loose the inner child. And he bookends it with a great intro at the beginning, and a hilarious tray dance at the end! Lightens the heart.

Do Not Kill Me, Killer Robots!
awarded best use of cardboard by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 5 kitties
VERY funny, great pop culture references/jokes, absurd stuff...ben did great work playing multiple characters in some of the stories (with the help of his awesome cardboard caricatures)...and you get to pretend to be a killer robot while watching. I highly recommend seeing this. wish i could come up with more to say but the first day of fringe really wore me out :)

sci fi laughs by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 4 kitties
light hearted, fun, lots of nerd jokes and even when I didn't understand a few of them (being not a nerd myself, *ahem*) they were still amusing. lots of laughs.

Taiko BAM!
great energy by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 4 kitties
this was a great cure for the heat-induced crankiness of this week. pounded the bad mood right out of me!

boom shakalakalaka boom! by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 4 kitties
very fun and funny. you know what this reminds me of? those literal music videos that have been popular lately on youtube where they take an old song and change the words so that they are describing the ridiculous things going on in the music video. parts of this were like that, except describing modern dance. and there is superman undies.

Happy Sauce
goofy :) by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 4 kitties
YAYYYYYY! That's the first thing that comes to mind. I was skeptical for the first third, not sure why, but ended up really liking it by the end.

the bat cabaret by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 4 kitties
very fun. the kind of ridiculous absurdity which is perfect at Fringe. excellent characters all around, the angry suicidal musician who is tied up, gagged, and forced to play the accompaniment was my favorite part. or maybe it was the part when batmama tries to seduce the innocent and very nerdy bat-expert-scientist who accidentally excites her with an eggbeater.

Ballad of the Pale Fisherman
lovely by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 4 kitties
very beautiful show, lots of excellent physical theater. The actors who switched characters between people in the bar, gossiping old women of the town, and seals did a fantastic job. Would give 4.5 kitties if i could.

St. Christopher of Financial Aid
great temp job/customer service humor by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 4 kitties
lots of laughs. Anyone who has worked phone banks or with a temp agency, or customer service in general, would really appreciate this show. I knew he'd be great from seeing Monster last year and the acting lived up to my expectations.

charming vulnerability by Robyn Hendrix
Rating: 4 kitties
hilarious storyline, funny antics, this one is a keeper. I am left wondering what they used to make the bed-squeeking sound. Think they could have done a bit more to utilize the in the round theater.

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