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Show reviews by David Woolley

Underneath the Lintel
Absolutely brilliant by David Woolley
Rating: 5 kitties
One of the best things I have seen on stage. Ever. The script and the performance are incredible. Funny as hell, but leaves you thinking.

Original and refreshing by David Woolley
Rating: 5 kitties
Two extraordinarily talented dancers who "clearly" (to quote them) do not take themselves too seriously. This show is hilarious and a joy to watch. And by the way, Liz Casebolt turns out to be a dynamite singer.

The Damn Audition
Hints of real depth by David Woolley
Rating: 5 kitties
The last Scrimshaw show I saw was "Love in the Time of Rinderpest." Although that was a few years ago, I can't remember laughing so much at any show I've seen since. Whereas "Rinderpest" was pure absurdist hilarity, "Damn Audition" is more complex. Very funny, yes. But although the characters start out seeming like cartoonish stereotypes, during the course of the play they each reveal some actual humanity.

Fun by David Woolley
Rating: 4 kitties
Callahan's geeky, science-fictiony stories are well crafted and a lot of fun. I wished he had known his material better - he read most of it and there were a few stumbles, and he tends to read everything at an unvaried fast pace, so he's not the most masterful storyTELLER I've seen at the Fringe. But the show was enjoyable.

QUAKE: A Closet Love Story
The earth didn't move for me by David Woolley
Rating: 3 kitties
The acting was excellent, and the singing was quite good, too. There was some good humor and realistic portrayals of love, rage, boredom, terror, and resignation. But the three aspects of this piece (recitation of scientific earthquake facts, a capella songs, and straight-ahead acting out of the situation) somehow didn't hang together into a coherent whole for me. By the end I was really really ready for them to get out of that closet.

The Helen is Generous Show
Mildly amusing by David Woolley
Rating: 2 kitties
Had a few good moments but mostly it somehow missed the mark.

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