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Green with Envy Productions

that's how it started, this is how it ends...

Location + schedule

Gremlin Theatre
2400 University Av W

DateTimeMy FringeAccess
Friday 8/68:30 p.m.  
Sunday 8/81:00 p.m.  
Tuesday 8/105:30 p.m.  
Saturday 8/141:00 p.m.  
Sunday 8/157:00 p.m.  
About the show

Contains Adult language
For ages 18+
Comedy, Drama, Relationships

Written by Kelly Aija Zemnickis
From Toronto, Ontario

Overall rating

When it comes to relationships, the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Stranded in an airport terminal, Ava and Noah are forced to spend the night together as their flights have been canceled. It's a little bit sad, a little bit funny... and as the night goes on, they look at love, loss and mistakes made.

"that's how it started, this is how it ends..." stars Amy Myers ("The State of NY v Peter Pan"), Craig Lauzon (Cdn Comedy Award nominee, "Royal Canadian Air Farce"- CBC TV) and Gene Abella (Cdn Comedy award winner, member of Asianspoiltation). It is directed by Herbie Barnes ("Tales of an Urban Indian"- The Public Theatre, NYC) and stage managed by Danielle-Ariel Caddell-Malenfant ("Pathos, Punchlines and Painkillers"- '09 MN Fringe).

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Pioneer Press

Brought to you by Kelly Aija Zemnickis, the writer/producer of the 2008/2009 Fringe hit "How Does A Drug Deal Become a Decent 3rd Date?" (Top 10 of the 2009 Montreal Fringe- as chosen by the Montreal Gazette).

Praise for "How Does a Drug Deal Become a Decent 3rd Date?":
"Zemnickis [gets at] larger themes such as what we're willing to put up with in the people we love, why we're willing to put up with such behavior and, ultimately, what these things teach us about our fundamental selves." - Robert Weinstein,

Amy Myers
Role: "Ava"
Amy is thrilled to be playing AVA in that's how it started, this is how it ends... She is a graduate of the University of Windsor's BFA acting programme. She recently returned from a two-month tour with Magnus Theatre performing Jumping Mouse (COMPANION MOUSE) and Seesaw (PAIGE/PUPPETEER) where she had the opportunity to travel to many small Northern Ontario communities and perform. It was a life-changing experience. Amy was also very excited to be a part of the Hamilton Fringe Festival this summer playing PETER PAN in The State of New York vs. Peter Pan. Other selected credits include: JENNA from Weighless (Alumnae Theatre), MINDY from Canadian Christmas at the Cottage (Theatre Blarney), SOPHIE in The Mark Within (New Noise Productions) and WOMAN in Teapots Without Lids (Triple L Theatre) - a one-person show she created based on several interviews with a waitress in Windsor Ontario. For more information or to contact Amy please visit her website at:

Craig Lauzon
Role: "Noah"
Craig is elated to be making his Minnesota Fringe debut with this exciting production of THAT’S HOW IT STARTED, THIS HOW IT ENDS… He is a member of TONTO'S NEPHEWS, a troupe that has performed in communities all over North America. Other theatre credits include, THUNDERSTICK (Persephone/Theatre Network) IN PROPER MEASURE (CanStage), THE SECOND CITY (Toronto Tour Co.), THE HOT HOUSE (The Lab) and THE DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES (Bushwack). An accomplished writer, Craig has been nominated for several Gemini’s (the Canadian equivalent to an Emmy) and Canadian Comedy Awards.

Gene Abella
Role: "Jack"
Gene is a Canadian Comedy Award winning improviser and actor. He has appeared in the award winning play, Plan 'Live' From Outer Space and last year's Toronto Fringe Festival Patron's Pick, Just East of Broadway. He currently performs sketch with the troupe Asiansploitation and improv with the Bad Dog theatre in Toronto.

User reviews

Catch This If You Can!
by Scott Gilbert Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I can not believe this had such a small house. It was one of the best shows of the fringe this year - Great Acting/Great Writing. Would love to comment about the direction, but how much can be done with an airport terminal. It is a tight show so that speaks volumes!

An Honest Effort
by Judith Martin Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Having spent much time in airports over the past two decades, there was something about the easy familiarity of the two leads that didn't ring quite true for me...most road warriors are too busy talking to machines to talk to fellow passengers. Still the script here was decent, and the actors gave it their best. Worth a detour to Gremlin if in the mood for a drama.

Good stuff...
by Chase McCants Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Good writing, great directions...loved the acting. One thing I hate is theater acting. When you can tell that there are actors on stage instead of being so enveloped by the show that it feels real. The cast of this show felt real. The friendships and relationships felt organic. This was definitely an actor's script. It would have been so easy for this show to be mediocre, but thanks to some great talent, the show was almost flawless.

Very Moving
by Larry Ripp Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Here is a show that knows what it is and what it wants to do and does so in the smartest possible way. Crisp, clean direction, acting by the entire cast is spot on and a Very Moving character study. What impressed me about this play is that nothing is wasted and every word and action means something and informs the audience about the characters. There is a sadness that haunts the piece but it comes from an honest place and you will leave caring about What Happens Next to the 2 leads. This is theater that looks at the human condition and it's relationships and gives one hope in the face of sadness. I loved this show for it's honesty and HUMANITY! You will too...

by brenda atkins Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show was great! It was so well written and well performed. A fringe show that has several different sub themes woven throughout is hard to come by. This show does that without getting cheesy or trying force vampires or zombies into it. Great Job for the Canadians, ay!!! :)

tight script and fine acting
by vickijoan keck Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This gem from Canada had me both laughing and crying. Nice premise about a chance meeting in an airport that might or might not change their lives, but they leave better off than when they started. Interesting characters and fine acting make this a play worth going out of your way for. If you liked See You Next Tuesday (Walking Shadows play) you will like this.