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Walking Shadow Theatre Company

See You Next Tuesday

Location + schedule

Mixed Blood Theatre
1501 S 4th St.

DateTimeMy FringeAccess
Saturday 8/74:00 p.m. AD
Sunday 8/810:00 p.m.  
Tuesday 8/107:00 p.m.  
Wednesday 8/118:30 p.m.  
Saturday 8/145:30 p.m.  
About the show

Contains Adult language
For ages 16+

Written by Steve Moulds

Overall rating

Everyone's excited about See You Next Tuesday!

City Pages puts us on their list of "intriguing options."

Lavender Magazine's John Townsend previews us in his picks for the Fringe.

And then there's Bill Stiteler, who wants to destroy Walking Shadow.

Also, listen to playwright Steve Moulds and artistic director John Heimbuch discuss the show at Twin Cities Theater Connection!

Walking Shadow Theatre Company presents
A world premiere production
written by Steve Moulds
directed by Brian Balcom

He thinks he's an enlightened guy, but she's a radical in the making.
He's in way over his head, yet there's something about her…
In a romance destined to fail spectacularly, language can be a bitch.

From the writer of Buyer's Remorse and Killer Smile
and the director of Some Girl(s) and Mr. Marmalade.


For more information visit Walking Shadow at:


Steve Moulds
Role: Playwright
Steve Moulds is the author of last year’s Fringe hit Buyer’s Remorse, as well as the 2007 Fringe premiere Killer Smile. His plays have also been produced at the Illusion Theater (Von Rollo) and Actors Theatre of Louisville, and his play Compound / Complex will appear in the Brouhaha Comedy Festival this January at the Southern Theater. Last summer, Steve directed Walking Shadow’s production of Robots vs. Fake Robots. He is currently a Michener Center fellow in playwriting at the University of Texas at Austin, where his comedy Emergency Prom will premiere this December.

Brian Balcom
Role: Director
Brian Balcom previously directed Some Girl(s) and Mr. Marmalade for Walking Shadow. He grew up in Minneapolis and has assisted on several shows at The Guthrie, The Jungle, and The Old Globe Theaters, and has directed with Gremlin Theatre, Mu Performing Arts, New Theatre Group, Pillsbury House's Chicago Avenue Project, Illusion Theater's Lighthouse Group, and Actors Theatre of Louisville. Brian has a BFA in directing from the Carnegie-Mellon School of Drama.

Shad Cooper
Role: Actor: Collins
This is Shad's fourth show with Walking Shadow, after appearing in their acclaimed production of Fat Pig in 2007, the 2008 Fringe Festival hit William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead, and in 2009's Caligula. Other recent credits include Andre Gessonex in Hardcover Theatre's Wormwood, Bobby in American Buffalo at Mixed Blood, and Whit in Park Square Theatre's Of Mice and Men. He has also worked with Theatre de la Jeune Lune, The Jungle Theater, Teatro del Pueblo, Theatre Unbound, Cromulent Shakespeare Company and Theatre in the Round.

Leigha Horton
Role: Actor: Sara
Leigha Horton’s theater credits include Ms. Ina Shaw in Tale of a West Texas Marsupial Girl (Children’s Theatre Company), Nurse Evelyn Marsden in Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition (SMM), Ralphie’s mom in A Christmas Story (St. Croix Festival Theatre), Feste in Twelfth Night (TRP), and nearly everything in the Ministry of Cultural Warfare’s producing history. Leigha can also be heard regularly on radio and TV pimping for Microsoft, Target, Nexxus, Caribou Coffee, Marketplace Events with Ty Pennington, Centex Homes, Home Depot, General Mills, and Kona Grill, amongst others. For musings on Leigha's performance shenanigans, visit The Greenroom at

Sid Solomon
Role: Actor: Stuart
Previously for Walking Shadow, Sid has appeared in The Transdimensional Couriers Union and Caligula. Other theater credits include productions with the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab in New York, Florida Stage in Palm Beach, Georgia Shakespeare in Atlanta, and Children’s Theatre Company, Mixed Blood Theatre, Park Square Theatre and many others in the Twin Cities. He can be seen next in Romeo and Juliet and The Comedy of Errors, co-produced by The Acting Company and the Guthrie Theater. Sid is a graduate of the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program and New York’s High School of Performing Arts.

Christine Weber
Role: Actor: Casey
Previously for Walking Shadow, Christine appeared in Amazons and Their Men and assistant directed 36 Views. Other credits include Romeo and Juliet (The Acting Company/Guthrie Theater), When We Are Married, The Merchant of Venice (Guthrie Theater), and the world premieres of Dominic Orlando's The Sense of What Should Be (Workhaus Collective), and Deborah Stein's When I Was a Ghost... (University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater) and Chaplin... (Theater Or). She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater B.F.A. Actor Training Program, and a proud member of Actor's Equity Association.

Andrea Gonzales
Role: Assistant Director
This is Andrea Gonzales’ first Walking Shadow production. Andrea will be embarking upon her junior year at the University of Minnesota come fall. She is currently a member of the Guthrie BFA Actor’s Training Program class of 2012. Recent productions include Measure for Measure and Shadow Box.

Andrea M Gross
Role: Costume Design
Andrea M Gross is thrilled to return to the Twin Cities full time with this Walking Shadow production. As a freelance costume designer, her work has been seen with nimbus (Propaganda for the Converted, Agamemnon/Orestes, Death and the Maiden), Theatre Pro Rata (Slag Heap), Theatre Unbound (A Piece of My Heart), Walking Shadow (Robots vs Fake Robots), and Theatre L'Homme Dieu (2004-2008 seasons), among others. Upcoming projects include Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Arabian Nights with Normandale Community College.

Sarah Holmberg
Role: Stage Manager
Sarah loves stage managing for Walking Shadow so much that this is her seventh time doing it. Previously she has stage managed The Transdimensional Couriers Union, Mojo, Robots vs. Fake Robots, Caligula, Amazons and Their Men, and The American Pilot. She also works as a props designer for places like Walking Shadow, Penumbra Theatre, New Theatre Group and Park Square Theatre. Sarah has a BFA in Technical Theatre Direction and Design from the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

David Pisa
Role: Producer, Crew
David is a founding member and the Executive Director of Walking Shadow Theatre Company. He developed original puzzles for Walking Shadow's 1926 Pleasant and has served as technical director for all of Walking Shadow productions. David works as a spotlight operator and backstage technician at the Children's Theatre Company. In his free time, he creates large-scale puzzle hunts.

John Heimbuch
Role: Producer
John is a Twin Cities native and a founding member of Walking Shadow Theatre Company. His plays have been staged by Walking Shadow, Hardcover Theater, Jon Ferguson Theater, Civic Stage, The Southern Theatre, Cleveland Shakespeare Festival (OH), Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival (NY), Plays and Players Theatre (PA), Young Mirror Rep (NY), and the Midtown International Theatre Festival (NY). John currently serves as the Twin Cities Regional Rep for the Dramatists Guild. He is also a songwriter and principal vocalist for the retro-futurist band Bad September. He can be found online at

Amy Rummenie
Role: Producer
Amy has directed numerous production for Walking Shadow. Amy has worked for the Children's Theatre Company, Theatre de la Jeune Lune, The Playwrights' Center, Shakespeare in the Park, and Open Eye Figure Theatre. She received her education from Minnesota State University Mankato, is an alumnus of the Lincoln Center Theatre Director's Lab, and served a 6-month internship in the Guthrie Theater's literary department. She recently directed Story Time Time Bomb! at the Rarig Arena.

User reviews

Well done
by Sharon Kahn Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
A well-written, well-acted play about people that are a little bit hard to care about. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it quite a bit, probably because it was more of a dark comedy than a drama. It's easier to laugh at people that you don't like very much than to care deeply about their personal tragedies.

Too jaded?
by amihan huesmann Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Okay, I recognize that the script is well written, and the actors had good timing and stuff, but it just didn't have anything interesting or surprising in it. It was entertaining enough, but that's about it.

Maybe I spent too long in academia, but what's-her-name just wasn't believable. Also, she was a ...

Great Directing
by David Trudeau Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
made this one act love comedy click. Not a dull moment with brilliantly directed acting and character development, flow, scene changes and continuity. The script is nice and the actors are all strong but could have easily fallen flat.

by Tristine Miller Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Since I’m feeling a lot more confident in my pick of shows this year, I’m also feeling more curious to see if I will be able to rate any performance this year with a 5 Kitties. What I found in See You Next Tuesday was something I had only come close to seeing in one previous performance and I was glad for my time spent this afternoon.

I suppose that I did venture into a more dramatic feature with this pick of the week and it varied from my whole “Comedy Rules!!!!” rule just slightly, but I thought that the balance between the seriousness of the story and the comedic values entwined were well done. I don’t know why I am drawn to the more technical aspects of theater, but I do find myself liking performances that can flawlessly work set transitions into their work, especially when they have more bulk than other shows, as this one did.

While the tone of the characters of this piece is a bit rawer than what I’ve seen, I did find the actor portrayals to be very professional. It’s too bad that the writer, while brilliant with his jokes, wrote many of them in such a way that the audience laughed through them before their full delivery.

I appreciated how they transitioned each of the flashback portions of the show…bloody brilliant! I think it may have been a better defined finale had the whole story not ended in a flashback. While this show didn’t merit 5 kitties from my perspective, it was a really well-rounded show and I look forward to seeing more Walking Shadow productions.

by Laurel Hansen Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
My co-Fringers called it "excellent". Relationship humor that is almost uncomfortably close to reality kept the audience laughing.

Well performed, classy comedy
by John Skelley Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This script is dense, remarkably so for an hour long fringe show.
It is funny, and full of heart and very well performed by the four actors here.
Christine Weber and Sid Solomon make for a wonderfully unlikeable couple, a tricky balancing act as they are the main characters. They are like those two friends you have that should have broken up years ago, but darn it if they aren't still together. Individually they seem to be good people, but why on earth would they ever be in a relationship?

Very special kudos to Weber who is clearly the least likeable character, but never sinks to anything less than a true human portrayal.

Uncomfortable, hard to watch, and hilarious.

pleasantly surprised
by Jess Pants Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
This show was nothing like what I was expecting from reading the description. I was pleasantly surprised by the story, the script, and the ACTING. The actors were totally believable and did a marvy job. The audience was in the mood to be entertained, and the cast did not disappoint. If you can get in, go see this show! :)

One of my top 5 this year!
by Bradley Johnson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This is a fringe show that no one should miss. There is only one performance left, Saturday at 5:30. See it. You will not regret it!

Well done!
by Kristi Lawless Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This was clever and funny--I'm glad I had the chance to see it. I did get the feeling that I missed something at the end. It seemed to be over rather suddenly.

Not John Landis
by David Rust Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This play has nothing to do with John Landis movies. Rather, it is about relationships and tells a brilliant story reminiscent of "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" insofar as the sub-theme of liberal values being tested. This analogy may be a bit of a reach but I honestly found myself comparing that element of the two productions as I watched it. Where, in the famous Poitier production, the liberal parents are tested by their daughter behaving liberally, "See You Next Tuesday" shows the strength of liberal conviction in two people and how their personalities inflame their beliefs.

But that's subtext.

In the foreground is the stellar dialogue showing the differences between people, their need for love, and how it can all begin, thrive, falter, and end. It is a story that grows out of what I saw as an abusive relationship with each participant unwilling to budge or accommodate the other's concerns to varying degrees. Certainly the girlfriend is shown as being the most inflexible but both are pretty set in their ways.

I really enjoyed this play. It was commissioned by "Walking Shadow Theatre Company" (although I'm not sure what that means for who did what or had what influences) and any play brought forth by that troupe is always fantastic. The acting is top-notch, the story unpredictable, and the dialogue, stellar.

SMART and funny.
by Emily Smith Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show was funny and very smart. I loved the politics. I wasn't crazy about the female lead (the girlfriend) but the other actors more than made up for her.

It's a touching story and you'll laugh from beginning to end.

by mamie isner Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
not impressed. period. christine really serves the play; sid is a gem. what happened in this play? i think it was a poorly written script within a strong acting company. sorry, but i like the direction too, so really... what the heck happened in this script.

Talented Cast Lifts Predictable Script
by zander lee Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
First of all, all the actors in this are excellent. Its their performances that make this show. Direction is solid as well.
The night I went, people just were laughing at lines that seemed like throwaway jokes simply based on the popularity of the show. Not because they were particularly good. Also, it sort of played to the crowd with the local jokes. Wow, its happening here in Minneapolis, so I really like it now. Thats the feeling I was getting from the crowd.
The ideas in the script are meant to stimulate conversation and debate, and they do, but its not like they are revolutionary ideas. The whole plot can be boiled down to--There will always be someone more extreme than you are and if you're in a romantic relationship with that person-expect friction. The guys a typical liberal and the woman is a more militant feminist liberal and they disagree about certain gender political issues. Wow. I'm shocked. Wouldn't it have been more interesting if the nice, witty, attractive guy was a conservative? How often do we see characters like that? Not very often.
Again, some jokes were good,(NOT great) and the cast did them well, but the script is not that big a deal. The ideas expressed in it are just atypical.

Great script, cast, and yet....
by Arnie Roos Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
There's obviously a lot to like about this show--the chorus of 5K reviews are certainly witness to that--and I enjoyed the play's fluid chronological structure, and in particular the performances of Shad Cooper and Leigha Horton.
And yet....
I grow weary of shows about caustic, dysfunctional 20 and 30-somethings. Maybe it's a symptom of my age (I'm closing in on my mid-50s), but I just can't get too excited about the directionless lives of self-obsessed navel-gazers, no matter how attractive or hyperarticulate they may be.
Wow, that came out kind of harsh... Nonetheless, you have to give it to Walking Shadow, who have clearly arrived and who have a lock on this kind of material. I just can't join in on the headlong rush to the bandwagon this time around.

by Swizzy Wizzlecheeks Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I loved, loved, loved this show.

Too often, Fringe shows try to take the easy route. Cheap laughs, cloying melodrama, skating by on charm alone.

See You Next Tuesday really shows you how great theater can be when you have talented actors and a fantastic script. Must see.

This is why they call it a "play"
by David McMenomy Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
This is the most fun I've had at a fringe show. Entertaining from beginning to end... I kept thinking "this is what TV sitcoms SHOULD be like." It's that type of humor, done really, really well, and with considerably more depth. The script is well-served by the actors, all of whom have solid natural instincts for both comic timing and for playing honestly with one another. Extra credit to Christine Weber for making a potential stereotype very sympathetic and engaging. Excellent acting across the board, completely fun. If the final show is not sold out already, you probably want to make reservations.

A gem
by Ashley Schweitzer Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Another gem from Walking Shadow! Discovering what See You Next Tuesday really means is just the beginning in this often hilarious, but also an honest examination of what makes relationships, and people, tick. A clever and verbal play smartly directed and well acted. The actors were all fabulous, but especially Christine Weber who did a wonderful job with a challenging role. I also appreciated the costume choices, which enhanced all of the characters. Not to be missed.

Fantastic acting
by Scott Pakudaitis Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
I found the structure and direction of this play to be quite good - the use of flashback was effective and the transitions between the present and past were smooth. The acting was sublime, especially Leigha Horton and Shad Cooper. What prevents me from giving this show a higher rating is that the characters of Stuart and Casey were one-dimensional (whereas the characters of Collins and Sarah showed unexpected depth.) I didn't care that the former two are unlikeable; I wanted them to develop and grow. Maybe that was the point - they stood in contrast to Collins and Sarah who did indeed develop within their relationship. If that was the intent, then that should have been clearer.

A very dry red wine
by Windy Bowlsby Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Fantastic cast and direction, but it was the writing that left me slackjawed in admiration. My husband and I laughed our way through a show that is at heart a drama, with hilarious lines that leave you gasping at the horrid truths they expose.

It's like a very big, very dry red wine that makes you suck in your breath after every taste but still gets you roaring drunk.

Absolutely fantastic. One of Walking Shadow's best (and that's saying alot! "Mr. Marmalade" and "50 Scenes of Halloween" are some of my favorite shows EVER) and therefore one of the best in the Fringe.

They are out there
by Larry Retzlaff Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I believe there are Caseys out there; pretty, smart, and self righteous as hell.

So the acting was good, it made me dislike Casey alot while I believe in real life Christine Weber is not a "unspoken word"

The best show that I've seen
by Edwin Strout Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Solid writing, Solid Acting, Solid Directing.

I know that this show was commissioned for the Walking Shadow to do at Fringe with certain actors in mind, but that does not always mean a success. But this is an absolute success.

This show is endlessly funny, yet the lines are written and delivered as if they are every day conversation, and as an actor, I know how hard that is to pull off.

This is the best work that I have seen all four of these actors do. And kudos to Christine Weber, you reminded me of an amalgamation of so many different bad girlfriends that I have had, and so I hated you, yet empathized with you at the same time. This is not to say that she is the villain of the piece. Far from it! Every single character has their flaws, yet you empathize with them.


wonderful script, excellent acting
by mark browning milner Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
i'd been hearing lots of buzz about this one, and am glad i finally got in to see it. i was struck but the well-defined humanity of the characters, all of whom are alternately attractive and annoying (just like you and me and everyone we know). all four actors were terrific, with special kudos to the female lead (daughter of the great karen weber - some genetics at play there) who walked the tightrope of a difficult role (honesty can be a bitch) with great aplomb. try to catch this one in the time remaining.

Great, Great Show!
by Patrick Pfundstein Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This play is incredibly well built as to dialogue and structure, and the script has a lot to say about the nature of relationships. The cast is uniformly outstanding in turning the words into three-dimensional people, and in less than an hour you care about these people, and how they got where they are. The show has funny moments, but rather than a comedy, I'd call this the most comprehensively effective drama I've seen at the Fringe in quite a while!

It left me thinking
by Liz Floyd Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I love Walking Shadow Theatre Company and being a season ticket holder. I would love to see this show again during the normal season because I would like to see it again.

Good Ideas, Little Emotion
by Sarah A Fringe Newcomer Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
This play discusses some cool ideas, but it feels mechanical, never really connecting emotionally. I hoped for more heart. What I got was a bunch of unlikable, good-looking characters whining and judging and whining some more. I get enough of that hanging out in Dinky Town coffee shops. Still, some cool ideas and a few scenes in the second half had some painfully social awkward moments I found entertaining.

Loved it!
by Claire Avitabile Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
The more Fringe shows I see - good and bad - I start to lose my ability to articulate my thoughts, as my brain is just overflowing with stories and actors and music and running into friends around town, etc. Therefore, I apologize for the lack of details on WHY - but I LOVED this show, and wasn't surprised in the least.

Walking Shadow is pretty much the only company I regularly patronize in the Twin Cities that produces *consistently* wonderful work. They choose (or commission) great scripts, hire really strong directors (Brian rocks), and cast incredible actors again and again. They are just all-around awesome, and make me hope someday I can work with them.

Steve Moulds' script is REAL - with conversations, stiuations, and arguments that I've either experienced myself or witnessed in daily life (some hilariously funny and others dramatic or difficult). THAT is my kind of theatre - when the story is human, and real, and when the strings aren't necessarily tied up all pretty in the end.

Great show, guys. Bravo!

Worth it just for the supporting cast
by Kevin Drew Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I think the lead actors definitely got the most they could out of a witty script (that suffered a bit for the unlikeability of the lead characters), but the in-laws absolutely steal the show. A really good show all-around by a great company, but Shad Cooper and Leigha Horton killed me.

Walking Shadow always does a good show
by Pat Lindgren Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
It was a pleasure to watch a polished theater company do a compact and realistic story in their hour. I have to say I didn't much like the script for the female lead, but she did a great job with the material on relationships she was given. Also, didn't care much for the beginning being the ending. But this was great theater for an hour. You will enjoy it.

Well Performed
by Matthew Glover Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
this show has a nice collection of talent. all four performers are more than watchable. i'm gonna single out shad cooper for this, since i think he has really settled in to a good groove as a fine actor.
i've now seen 2 shows scripted by moulds; neither has a female lead with any depth. frustrating when you have lindsay marcy (2009), one of the best in the biz, and a young talent in weber.
i wish i could give two ratings. one for performance, one for text. i'll have to split the difference.

well done
by Jayson Mills Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I really enjoyed this; I thought even if you didn't enjoy an aspect of it, the overall production was of such high quality that it could not be denied.

Start an argument
by Elizabeth Boyle Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
My (grown) son took the side of the guy, but I was all for the woman. I love how this piece sparked that type of argument.

I've seen three great performances--this was the best of the three. The quality of acting was consistently high across the four actors. Body language and facial expressions were key in carrying out a difficult but interesting script. Each character was flawed but appealing. Excellent show.

See You NEXT Tuesday..
by Carole Vandal Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I found myself thoroughly enjoying this Walking Shadow Production written by Steve Moulds. Steve has treated each character equally by making certain that every character is flawed. Despite their individual flaws I found myself liking each one of them despite their flaws or possibly because of their flaws.
This play is guaranteed to keep you captivated and laughing from the moment the lights come up until the curtain is dropped. There is lots of drama, humor, and exceptional acting that makes this show outstanding!
Reserve your tickets because the rest of the shows will pack the house.
A Shockwave Radio Theater Review.

Unhappy On Our Own Terms
by Dave Romm Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Usually, plays about dysfunctional relationships turn me off, but all the characters in See You Next Tuesday have redeeming qualities. The threads of two relationships intertwine and unravel in a masterful and funny script. The actors rise to the challenge. Special credit to David Pisa for rearranging a futon onstage in the dark. A Shockwave Radio Theater Review.

Longer reviews with pictures at Baron Dave's LiveJournal and snarky comments on Facebook.

It has it all...
by Chase McCants Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
It goes without saying that the acting was was the writing. But I really loved the direction of the each scene kind of melted into the next. Funny show. Great, great characters. It's that good...seriously.

Wow, That Was Good
by Mark Long Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
What all the other good reviews said, plus, Leigha steals the show which is nearly impossible given how good everyone else was.

yes, it really is that good. no foolin'.
by Sarah Martin Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Expectations are high for Walking Shadow, from their audiences and especially their peers. They have shattered every one. Again.

Unlike some, I found all the characters likable but flawed, ample testimony to the strongest writing at the fringe this year.

Just go see it. Unless you are utterly incapable at laughing at yourself, in which case you might want to save your blood pressure.

Thought-Provoking Relationship Drama
by Mark Mikula Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
The ever-thoughtful Walking Shadow Theatre Company probes the complications of politics, gender-roles, and language in the compelling See You Next Tuesday. With its mix of unsettling comedy and riveting drama, the show presents a very engaging storyline that seamlessly connects the past and the present as it follows its lead characters through the arc of a relationship. All four of the characters who share the stage offer insight into how different worldviews coexist and create connection and distance among us. A smart contemporary drama that doesn't shy away from a mature exploration of modern relationships.

Hilarious and Wince-inducing!
by Murray WithTheFringeOnTop Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
What a GREAT show! Clever writing, great acting, and fascinating characters and social situations that make one wince more and more as the scenes progress -- having been in many social circles populated by the "Caseys" of the world who are determined to create strife, judgement and combativeness wherever they go, even when it's so clearly not appropriate, I related immensely, and found myself shaking my head, muttering, " no no!" Just a riot, and a really interesting demonstration of a piece of theatre crafted around highly UNlikeable people!

by evelyn blum Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This was a full received rich script, acted perfectly, directly wonderfully.

If you want to get a full traditional play feel in half the time this is for you.

Once again, this shows that Walking Shadow is the Production company to beat in this town. They are unique and traditional, they are serious and are hilarious. I just can't get enough of them!

This show was the nail in the coffin for me for this company, I am now going to be a season ticket holder.

So if you get knocked out of seeing this one because of sell outs, Take the moment to go their website and find out what they are doing this year!

Perfectly balanced
by Gabriel Heller Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
There are several ways to make a great show. This one does it by achieving a perfect balance. The four characters are equally fleshed-out, distinctly themselves, and equally sympathetic. While the rest of the play is excellent, the one scene with all four of them is dynamite. In addition several more perfect balances were achieved, notably between comedy and drama. At several points the audience made noises I'd never heard before in a theater. You try laughing and gasping at the same time and see what you sound like. Also the writing, acting, directing, set and lighting were perfectly balanced. Nothing stole the stage from anything else except the whole play in its entirety. The actor playing the lead was perhaps slightly less strong than the rest, but not so's you'd notice. Conclusion: you should see this show next Tuesday.

by Bree Nolastnamesontheinternet Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I loved everything about this show. Walking Shadow never fails. Truly one of the best of this Fringe so far!

by Pat Borchert Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Fabulous! Funny! This should be required viewing for every person in a relationship, or who has been in a relationship, or who wants to be in a relationship, or is glad they aren't in a relationship. I guess that's everyone!!!!

by Justin Alexander Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Two hours after seeing See You Next Tuesday, we were still talking about it.

The script is nuanced and complex. It refuses to hold your hand or package up a preconceived message. It defies simplistic analysis.

Which makes it infinitely rewarding.

Each character is a completely realized and fully-rounded human being. It means that you can't just tag them as "The Nice Guy" or "The Bad Girl". And there's no one you can point to and say, "That's the guy I'm supposed to like!" (Particularly since the two main characters are locked in a completely caustic and dysfunctional relationship.)

The ridiculously talented cast latches onto this rich dramatic fodder and turns it into a theatrical feast.

Funny. Provocative. Thoughtful. Clever. Painful. Entertaining. Meaningful. Deep.

Like a fine wine upon the tongue, See You Next Today will linger in your mind.

by Scott Linke Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Extremely well done. Absolutely one of the best offerings at the Fringe this year. Stand out performances from everybody in the cast. Thought provoking and poignant. I will remember this show for years to come.

An absolute must see.

Words Matter
by Reid Gagle Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
A funny, clever, insightful play – easily the best of Fringe so far, after having seen 16 shows. They say that comedy is hard, but based on this play, it is relationships which are really hard. This play would be an interesting double bill with Mamet’s “Sexual Perversity in Chicago”, since they cover similar ground. And in my opinion, this play would hold its own in that august company.

Fringe at it's best!!!
by John Prince Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
What a completely unexpected pleasure to witness. Probably one of the best theatre events of the Fringe Festival that I've seen. I recommend everyone see this play. Amazing!!!

Go see it!
by Christopher Bauleke Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Ok, you can see the other reviews so I'll refrain from repeating them. Go see this show, it was amazing. Get there early because even at the Death Slot there was a huge line.

See it
by Carla Mantel Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Top-notch directing, acting and writing. The characters are all decidedly imperfect people, some of whom I didn't like -- though I always got why other characters liked them. A funny play full of gray areas, with no tidy sitcom endings.

Fresh, Contemporary, Theatre at its Best
by Lisa Landreman Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I have seen 3 Walking Shadow productions and they have hit it out of the park 3 for 3. The show was timely, funny, poignant, and just well done. The acting was brilliant, I found myself despising and identifying with each character...that is deep! I loved the dialogue--witty, fresh and wonderfully performed. I wondered if the writer and actors had been listening in on some of my conversations with family and friends! I think this show touches on some real and difficult terrain, how to be true to your values and maintain authentic deep connections with people you care about who may be different from you. If left wanting more...wish this was a 2 hour show.

Great Relationship Drama
by Bill McTeer Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
These are well-conceived characters and situations superlatively acted. Totally believable and a little tragic. Go see it for that.

However, in the Fringe I want something more unique than a less-intense "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe". I wish I could give four and a half kitties.

My Favorite So Far
by Rachel Teagle Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
And this will be hard to top. A nuanced, volatile, and hilarious script, top-notch acting, overall just a solid, solid, solid show. While relationships between men and women are a common topic, this is not your typical dump story. You will gasp, squirm, and laugh, likely simultaneously. Steve Moulds' Buyer's Remorse knocked my socks off last year, and this blew me out of the water. Yup. That was freaking good.

super script, better cast
by Jennifer Walker Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Casting and performance integrity are amazing in this show. Brian gets yet another incredible set of performances from his talented cast (as he always does). More than worth the wait.

Short story, short play, bingo
by Kent Bergh Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Very effective acting, sketching the characters, hitting the timing, filling the box, emptying the box of the situation: two imperfect people both contribute to building then blowing a relationship, but survive, though not much the wiser. What if there'd been a scene with her parents? The show works. You'll like it.

Oh Yes.
by m. freiert Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
A man gets dumped, and tries to heal in his brother's basement while reliving the relationship.

Great acting, script, direction, lighting... All around wonderful.... Except that I really really dislike several of the characters as horrible human beings.

This show is so good that you will end up hating it, for characters in it. It's one of the best pieces of dramatic theatre that I've ever seen at the Fringe.

This is a must see, but probably not the last thing you want to see in the evening.

See This TODAY.
by Grant Sorenson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I always have Walking Shadow at the top of my Fringe list, and I'm never disappointed. Their production of "See You Next Tuesday" is a fantastically modern comedy that kept the (packed) audience laughing and thinking. The cast was superb; each scene was enthralling -- in a festival where many shows are only interesting for about 50% of the hour, it was so refreshing to see a show that kept every audience member rapt. Even the most awkward of scenes, a dinner party of epically uncomfortable proportions, draws you in and leaves you cringing, but in a car-crash sort of way (its so horrible and yet so hard to look away from.) "See You Next Tuesday" is NOT to be missed!!

Very well done
by Paul Mattes Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This is material that is so easy to get wrong -- wooden dialogue or only one three-dimensional character, for example -- so it was refreshing to see it done well. The characters were believable, the dialogue was clever without being overdone, and the story was moving without any of the usual devices. Bravo.

by Eun Jin Song Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Loved the show!! An amazingly talented cast, witty script and great direction! Way to deliver, Walking Shadow!

Top tier show
by Mr. BananaGrabber Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This script is incredibly strong and provocative, as well as intelligent without becoming preachy. The show primarily explores the effects of gender theory in making or breaking a relationship.

The acting is spot on. I can tell the direction was great, as was the chemistry between the leads.

See this show if you have the chance. It was worth the $4 I paid for my button (I had a rush pass) and would pay the extra $12 to see it again.

As good as everyone's saying it is.
by Max Wojtanowicz Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Funny script, solid acting, great direction. Everyone on this show believes in it and loves it, and you can tell. Well done, friends!

High Fidelity
by Marcus Downs Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I've had to explain this show as High Fidelity to friends. It's got a similar subject matter but I felt similar as well. Both are well acted, well written, well directed without being extraordinary or interesting. But if this is the most prosaic thing we'll see from Walking Shadow, I think that still qualifies as a hot streak.

by Brian Alm Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
why waste alot of words when just 1 will do: Great!

see it soon
by Maura Clement Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show made me laugh, made me think, and made me talk about it at the bar afterward. What more can you ask for?

Also, the ladies behind me had lots of opinions about it, which they shared during the show--- so you know it's good.

i liked this show about a guy and a lady
by Benjamin Egerman Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
this show is really good. it's about this guy and this lady who are dating and it's really funny but then they break up and it's sad but also funny. people are mean to each other but I guess people are mean to each other sometimes five kitties the end.

Do not miss!
by Careswen ferch Madoc Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Dialogue that's clever, intelligent, hilarious, and challenging in all the right ways. Excellent performances from the cast. Chewy topic inspired a great post-play discussion in my group.

A thorough pleasure
by Jenna Papke Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Walking Shadow always provides solid and elegant shows and this is no exception. The performances are marvelous and the script walks that perfect line of meaningful and funny.

See it, if you can get in...

by Ben Thietje Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Show was rad. Moulds is like a smiley, skinnier LaBute.

Walking Shadow delivers a great show
by Abi Kritzer Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Great acting and great production all around. If I encountered the two lead characters in real life, I'm not sure I'd like either of them - but I'm not sure you were meant to. In spite of that, they were developed well enough that I could relate to both of them and was drawn into the story from the opening scene until the end.

by Publius McGee Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I have nothing bad to say about this show - it was amazing all around. The acting, the writing, the directing, the staging - just plain terrific. Walking Shadow has done it again!

Best show of the 20 I've seen so far
by Florence Brammer Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Wow -- great script, great staging, great direction, great performances, great everything. This script and production could hold its own at any stage in the country as part of a regular season. I love Neil LaBute, and this had that edgy, provocative feel of some of his work -- though less mean-spirited. This is the kind of play that could easily fuel a lengthy and animated post-play discussion.

Walking Shadow Tour de Force
by Beverly Bajus Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
A good script, insightful direction and convincing performances from this talent laden cast create another triumph for Walking Shadow Theatre Company. Bravo!

Very well written and performed
by Dave Larson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Walking Shadow is know for very high quality performances, and this show stays true to form. Great writing and acting and direction. Recommended.

Wonderful Acting
by Tim Voss Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Let me heap praise on the cast. Their work was faultless and they did their very best with a messy script. Not one character was likable and all of them were cliches devoid of any development beyond irritation. And so, five kitties for the cast and one kitty for the script. Divide by two and it's a pretty average show.

Solid script, great cast
by Nick Lewandowski Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
No doubt, this is quality. The performance I saw wasn't perfect -- i.e, the female lead seemed a little too amused at times -- but I left fully satisfied. I was particularly impressed by the authentic tone -- big laughs (even the few cheap ones were honest) and some emotional punch. What could have come across as self-important was presented and accepted by me as quite genuine. Thanks much.

To bad this is a non-juried festival...
by Lillian Tillson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
...because this show would definitely win first prize. Brilliant writing, spot on comedic timing, and well-developed characters. There was not a weak actor in this cast, each member really brought their a-game to this is play, and it shows.

This is a MUST NOT MISS Show.