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Sweetfrog Productions


Location + schedule

U of M Rarig Center Arena
330 21st Av S, Second Floor

DateTimeMy FringeAccess
Saturday 8/72:30 p.m.  
Sunday 8/85:30 p.m.  
Wednesday 8/117:00 p.m.  
Friday 8/134:00 p.m.  
Saturday 8/145:30 p.m.  
About the show

For ages 2+
Comedy, Drama, Family, Kids

Created by Sweetfrog Productions

Overall rating

A rough-and-tough little girl and an overly sensitive little boy are two mismatched misfits trying to fit in. Join them as they team up to take on the science fair and football tryouts—and their friends and families. Through their misadventures, they learn the valuable lesson that you can only accept others when you accept yourself.

This interactive show will keep you on your toes; playing games,face painting, and even turning the audience into a science fair project!

A playful, fun-for-the-whole-family production, MisMatched questions what is “normal” and delights in our differences.

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MisMatched: The Game Show!


"Sweetfrog Leaps into the Arena" by Stephen Dandy of Behind the Fringe
Twin Cities Theater Connection's Joshua Humphry interviews the producer and cast of MisMatched
"Preview before you go" by Quinton Skinner of CityPages
Lavandar Magazine preview by John Townsend

Directions and Parking:

MisMatched on the Arena Stage at the U of M Rarig Center,
330 21st Av S, Minneapolis
Map it with Google

Nearest parking available at
the 21st Avenue Ramp,
the 19th Avenue Ramp,
and Lot 94 (Carpool only).

Sweetfrog Productions logo
Brought to you by Sweetfrog Productions.

Kalif Troy
Role: Boy
KalifKalif Troy hails from Philadelphia with a B.A. in Communications and Theater from Temple University. His noteworthy credits include: A Lesson Before Dying, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, and Medea. He recently worked with Pillsbury House Theatre on their Chicago Avenue Project, which is a collaborative effort to link kids in the community to the arts through acting and playwriting. He also works with GTC Dramatic Dialogues, a college based tour where he performs plays about substance abuse, sexual assault, and diversity for incoming college freshman. He is excited to be in the Minnesota Fringe Festival for the 1st time and to be working with Sweetfrog Productions!

Katie Knutson
Role: Girl
KatieAlthough she currently spends most of her days playing with her 2-year-old son, Katie Knutson has worked as a storyteller, actor, teaching artist, and improviser since graduating from the University of Wisconsin with her degree in Theater and Drama. Katie serves as the President of the local Northstar Storytelling League and Minnesota Representative of the regional Northlands Storytelling Network. She currently teaches theater classes with Homeward Bound Theater Company and presents workshops at numerous conferences for storytellers and teachers throughout North America. Notable storytelling performances include the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Spirit in the House Festival, Tellabration Evening Concert, Two Chairs Telling, Capital Fringe Festival, and several schools, churches, and libraries throughout the Twin Cities. Katie has been seen acting, storytelling, directing, playwriting, and producing 8 different fringe shows since 1994, and is happy that her 9th Minnesota Fringe Festival appearance is with Sweet Frog Productions. For more information about Rippling Stories and Katie Knutson as a storyteller (including upcoming performances at the State Fair and MIA, and upcoming workshops), visit

John Egan
Role: Various Roles
JohnJohn Egan comes from, funny enough, Eagan, MN. He is a Juilliard School Graduate and has worked both as an actor and educator for the last five years. He is in The Last Seder coming up this fall at Park Square Theater. John says he's pleased to be a part of Sweetfrog Productions and their original show MisMatched. Go Minnesota Fringe!

Alissa Blaeser
Role: Stage Manager/ Various roles
AlissaAlissa Blaeser is a local Stage Manager, Director, and Actor making her Minnesota Fringe Festival debut. Her Stage Management credits include work at The Children's Theatre, Theatre in the Round, Workhouse Theatre, Lyric Arts, and Hennepin Stages. She has directed for Heritage Theatre Company, Lyric Arts, as well as Assistant Directed at Park Square and Theatre in the Round. MisMatched will mark Alissa's return to performing onstage after a 3 year acting hiatus.

Kate Elise
Role: Writer/ Director
KateThis is Kate Elise's first show in the Minnesota Fringe Festival. She has been in the Twin Cities for almost 3 years and Directs, Stage Manages, and Designs Props. some of the theatres she has worked for include Theatre in the Round, Yellowtree Theatre, Torch, Starting Gate, Interact, Teatro del Pueblo, any many others. Please look for more of her work in upcoming Sweetfrog Productions shows this Fall!

Kelsye A. Gould
Role: Marketing and Communications Coordinator
KelsyeKelsye is a recent graduate of St. Catherine University with degrees in French and Theatre-Business. Since interning with the Minnesota Fringe last summer, she has worked with the Teatro del Pueblo and the West Side Theatre Project in West St. Paul. She dabbles in gardening, cooking, and graphic design. If you would like to see more of her work or contact her about possible upcoming work, visit

User reviews

Childs play
by Collin McAninch Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
This show is a romp with 2 children as they grow and advance through school well acted by
the 'Boy' & 'Girl' ably assisted by 2 every
man & women (1 each) to fill in as other kids or parents or teachers or coaches I say if you have a chance to see this one catch it.

by vickijoan keck Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
The cast does a nice job engaging the audience and helping kids (and adults) understand that's it's okay to be who you are. Kids can be awfully cruel sometimes, and this story of misfits who find each other and help each other through some of the tough stuff is both funny and tender. All the performers were excellent, but I especially enjoyed the guy who played the tough coach character - very funny and versatile actor! Bring the family to this one.

GREAT and EDUCATIONAL for the kids
by Sid Solomon Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
A perfect show for the younger kid set, with lots of good lessons about being different, being honest, and being brave.

While lacking the adult-pleasing edge of a production like PRINCESS JESSICA..., it absolutely succeeds in its goal of capably producing an informative evening of theater for young audiences.

Great Message! Engaging!
by Jenna Senger Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Had a great time on Sunday at the show! It was engaging for all and really fun to see the cast interaction with the audience, especially the kids! It sent a good message that hit home for all ages. The actors did an AWESOME job!

Great for the kids
by Jay Russell Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Took my niece and nephew(as well as my mom, sister and brother inl law) to the show this Sunday and they loved it!
Well done and great message. Fun audience participation(my niece LOVED this part) and just a good time had by all.

Fun AND Thought-Provoking
by gurayn sylte Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show was a lot of fun to experience. I enjoy shows that are an "experience" rather than simply something to watch, and this production was a delight. MisMatched includes audience participation (don't worry, nothing strenuous) and lots of laughter. The entire cast did an excellent job with their characters; the show was relatable to me as a twenty-something, and engaged the kids in the audience, too. Definitely a must-see for families!

by Don Hackett Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
The cast did a great job engaging the audience from the time that people entered the area.

I brought both kids and grandma to the show and all of us had fun time.

Fun Fringe for Families
by Matt Saxe Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I took my 6 year old daughter to see it, and while the show is for children a little older, she still enjoyed it. Fun atmosphere even before the show starts and throughout. Everyone in the cast goes all out and does good work.

by deb kammerer Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
We were three adults who liked this show. This takes place in an arena theatre. It was easy to see the faces of the kids across from us. They were engaged thru out.

Very cute.
by MaryLynn Mennicke Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Saw the show on Sunday afternoon and had a really fun time. Writer and director Kate Elise did a great job of creating a sweet, fun story that tells lots of different valuable lessons for children and adults alike, mixed in with some audience games and interaction.

The two lead actors do a wonderful job creating distinct and endearing characters, and the supporting actors are fun playing lots of roles. John Egan made me laugh several times, haha. Ultimately this is a show geared toward children, but there were many adults in the audience, and I think this very sweet story and the audience interaction brought out the kid in most of us. A fun show, and really, just adorable. Catch it if you can. :)

Mis matched should not be missed!
by Scott Gilbert Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Good show for helping children with accepting others for their differences. Th actors were engaging and did a great job pulling the audience into the production. My daughters especially loved Alyssa's Kindergarten Tea party scene and I really enjoyed John's diversity. While it is a children's theatre show I think something can be found for everyone. I look forward to future productions.

A Superb treat
by chaiya isenberg Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
The great acting brought me back to my own teen angst. The show is for children and adults alike. At first, wondered why I was there and later with tears in my eyes connecting to the characters I knew. Bought the tickets on a whim and was glad I did.