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Big Blue Head

Fartosaurus Rex!

Location + schedule

Jungle Theater
2951 S Lyndale Av

DateTimeMy FringeAccess
Saturday 8/74:00 p.m.  
Sunday 8/81:00 p.m.  
Tuesday 8/105:30 p.m.  
Saturday 8/145:30 p.m.  
Sunday 8/154:00 p.m.  
About the show

For ages 2+
Puppetry, Comedy, Relationships, Kids

Created by Richard Chin & Karen Crandall

Overall rating

"Fartosaurus Rex!" is the saga of what happens when the king of carnivores decides to take up a vegetarian diet of legumes, broccoli and cabbage. His cholesterol levels go way down and he finds friendship with fellow prehistoric creatures now that they no longer worry about getting their heads bitten off. But there's also an unfortunate change to his digestive system. Fartosaurus Rex's former prey used to flee his fangs. Now they fear his flatulence. Will the dinosaur lose his new buddies? Will climate change ensue because of this new source of methane? A puppet show about flatulence, friendship and food politics, starring a giant green dinosaur who sings, dances and cuts the cheese. A special cameo appearance by Wobbles, the Minnesota Fringe Festival kitty mascot. And audience members will have a chance to win a whoopee cushion!

"Rex" Rocks!
Fartosauris Rex is making them laugh and cry according to audience reviews:

"...My 3-year-old liked it so much he cried because he didn't want it to end..."

"My 7 year old grand daughter erupted with laughs and giggles each time Fartosaurus 'erupted.' She and I were spell bound by the fun hand puppets and impressed by costume design. A very enjoyable event!"

In the words of our star and leader, Fartosaurus Rex, "We're doing this for the children. It's our mission to bring joy and laughter to the hearts of our littlest fans, especially if they're accompanied by adults who bought full-price tickets. In other words, art-schmart, we're here for the farts."

The buzz is building for "Fartosaurus Rex!"

"Fartosaurus Rex!" was picked by the Mpls.StPaul Magazine Foodie File blog as one of Fringe shows good for the culinary set. "It's all about food, friends and flatulence. What's not to love?"
"Fartosaurus Rex!" is a top-ten pick for family-friendly Fringing according to Twin Cities Daily Planet.
The Star Tribune gives "Fartosaurus Rex!" some visual ink! puts "Fartosaurus Rex!" on its picks list and calls it "this year's highest-profile kids' show."
"I can only imagine the guffaws and giggles that might erupt from a theater full of 9-year-olds as this visitor from the Cretaceous period lets one fly," says Kristoffer Knutson, owner of the ROBOTlove design store who made "Fartosaurus Rex!" one of his Fringe Tracks picks.
"Unexpectedly charming" says Matthew A. Everett, "Single White Fringe Geek" TC Daily Planet, of Fartosaurus Rex's Fringe-For-All preview. "This Fringe show's title and concept have been inducing giggles in the Fringe community since it was first announced to the world during the Fringe lottery in February....clearly these people have a twisted, though still family friendly, sense of humor."
And Minnesota Monthly says "Fartosaurus Rex!" sounds tres intriguing: "Dinosaurs and flatulence—what more needs to be said?"

Professor Schwanstucker revealed a controversial new theory about dinosaur behavior.

Fartosaurus Rex
Role: Star. Eating. Singing. Farting.

Fartosaurus Rex (as himself) is very excited to be making his Fringe Festival debut. Credits include Jurassic Park on Ice (National Tour), Law & Order: Hell Creek Formation, Medora Musical and All My Children. Proud graduate of Michigan State University. Thanks to Mom, Dad, God and my intern/assistant Katie for remembering only a quarter packet of sugar in my latte.

Role: Straight man. Dinosaur fodder

Buddy (as himself) got his start in show biz with his family's vaudeville act, The Aristocrats. Credits include A Streetcar Named Desire (Stanley Kowalski) at Randolph Junior High School, West Wing and commercials for Heinekin and American Express. Northwestern graduate.

Herbie Barrymore III
Role: The Reporter

Herbie Barrymore III (The Reporter) feels incredibly blessed to be a part of this great show. His credits include Rachel Henderson's 4th birthday party and the Morrison Insurance Brokerage company picnic.

Mason Throckburton
Role: Professor Schwanstucker

Mason Throckburton (Professor Schwanstucker) has spent the last two years lecturing and performing magic on cruise ships.

Role: Fringe Festival mascot

Wobbles (As himself).

Roberto Capriotti
Role: Puppeteer (The Butte, the reporter)

Roberto Capriotti (Puppeteer: the Butte, the Reporter) is really excited to be playing the Butte. He is a 19-year-old rising sophomore at Macalester College and is studying Theater and English. Roberto has been in The Front Page, 42nd Street, Les Miserables, and Tartuffe.. He can't wait to take on this funny play!

Daisy Donohue
Role: Puppeteer (Buddy, Professor Schwanstucker)
Daisy Donohue (Puppeteer: Buddy, Professor Schwanstucker) is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota. She is
thrilled to be making her debut with the MN Fringe Festival (or at least,
her hands are making their debut, and she is thrilled to assist the puppets
make their debut, too)!

Richard Chin
Role: Stage manager, dramaturd
Richard Chin (stage manager, dramaturd) has created toy theater productions of A Christmas Carol and Dracula. He's looking forward to bigger things with Fartosaurus Rex!: sock puppets instead of thumb-sized paper figures and the Jungle Theater stage instead of his living room. But he'll try to remember that in puppet theater, there are no small parts, only small actors.

User reviews

Sloppy and short, but charming and funny
by Gabriel Heller Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
It's hard to imagine a show that relies so heavily on fart jokes could be charming, but they compensated excellently by keeping the rest of the humor clean and clever. There were a few sloppy puppetry moments, but the script was solid and also inventive and the audience of kids loved it, with the exception of one 4-year old who was traumatized when the T-Rex disemboweled the fringe kitty and had to be escorted out. It was only 30 minutes long, so perhaps not worth the ticket for most non-ultra-pass adults without kids, but on the other hand there's plenty of time afterward to eat before the next show, if you don't end up at the Falafel King when it's being managed by a 15-year old on a power trip. Lesson learned: when trying to see a show in every time slot, and pausing to eat, always go to your destination first, and eat there.

A good effort
by Mike Lewis Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Okay, so I knew going into a show with a title like "Fartosaurus Rex" what I was going to get. Hey, it's not Shakespeare. But I like the story and the puppets and how it was all put together. (I finally understand what killed off the dinosaurs!)

My only real criticism was that the show wasn't done as well as it could have been. The puppets voices didn't match their mouths moving. The voice overs were clunky, and often times the puppeteers seemed to be confused as to where the props were.

But the show was enjoyable, and my wife and I had a great time with our 6 year old son at the Fringe, and that's what this is really all about. He loved it and laughed and giggled.

Alex's Review (Age 6 and a half):
It was really funny. The dinosaurs farted a lot. The other puppets farted. I didn't know it was a puppet show, but I liked it anyway, especially Fartosaurus Rex. I really liked it when he ate the Fringe kitty.

Good Fun for the Little Ones
by Robin Chin Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
A charming play--perfect for children 5 and under. Though not quite ready for Broadway, the puppets are cute and the giant farting t-rex is superb. I noticed many kids in the audience imitating Fartosaurus Rex and growling back at the stage. Bring your kids and maybe your own farting machine!

Laughs and Fun
by Mike Carlson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
My 7 year old grand daughter erupted with laughs and giggles each time Fartosaurus "erupted". She and I were spell bound by the fun hand puppets and impressed by costume design. A very enjoyable event!

Fart noises do not make it a good show
by Tim Wick Follow this reviewer
Rating 1 kitty
My five year old giggled every time a fart noise was played so well played in one sense.

In another sense, the puppetry is awful, the story makes no sense and if I wanted to make my five year old laugh at fart noises, I can make them myself. My ten year old was bored and so was I.

Making kids giggle with fart noises is easy and I guess that was the goal of the show. I think kids deserve a little better.

Two Jew Review's Jude Dude says 5 farts!
by TwoJewReview Sadovsky Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
(In lieu of our annual Latke rating system (best show = Five Latkes!) The Two-Jew Review introduces the Poe rating system (as in Poe from the Teletubbies) to honor the newest member of our review team. With Elle out of town, Goy David and I proudly introduce 3.5 year- old Jude William, of the Jude Dude Review.) Officially the youngest gold pass carrying Fringe- goer of all time, Jude gives Fartosauras 5 Poes! See full review at

The Jude Dude Review has been talking about the big green dinosaur farting for the past two days. When this show ended, he said, "where are they going?" and implored them to come back. I had to tell him Dino Farto went night night, but he still wants more dino and still wants to know "why he fartin' so much?" I was fairly bored, but watching Jude love it so much while bouncing around the fun Jungle bouncy chairs was worth every minute. I was just grateful he sat through it and watched it, being a kid who usually can't sit still without ending up doing headstands on who or whatever gets in the way.

Not Appropriate for Children
by Chuck Beeson Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
I came to this play with a bit of hesitancy, and now I know why. This should have been billed as “A Kid’s Play for Adults”. Much in the way “Looney Tunes” cartoons were invented to not talk down to children and to engage and entertain parents as well, I thought “Fartosaurus Rex” might do the same. Instead, the play started with a couple of puppets speaking way above children’s heads, and I used the squirming of children in the audience as my gauge that the play had already lost the audience. Not until our main green dinosaur character wandered out on to stage and started eating things (even our beloved Fringe mascot) did I start to pay attention. And I would have preferred if the digested remains stayed inside the dinosaur rather than thrown over the puppet backdrop. The farting bit was cute, but really, you can’t keep going back to it for laughs.

I think the creators of this play ought to consider rebilling this for adults or take some of the “crap” and “peanuts in turds” stuff out of the play. My girlfriends kid’s don’t get to say “crap” whenever they want and I don’t think it’s a good message anyway, as funny as it may have seemed to the author. Three kitties for a great dinosaur costume and cute characters, nice puppetry.

for 5-year-olds of all ages
by Dan Pinkerton Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
A farting dinosaur, dismembered puppets, and possibly the best prop in the Fringe. It ain't Hamlet, but it beats Othello.

good for very young kids
by Tim Silverthorn Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
My 3-year-old liked it so much he cried because he didn't want it to end. The two 6-year-olds we brought thought it was so-so. Adults may well roll their eyes. I wasn't too bothered by the vegetarian subtext, but just so you know. Great show for under 4 or 5. Six and over maybe not so much.

Silly, silly fun
by Mark Long Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
You get puppets and a dinosaur that farts. That is enough for me and apparently all of the children in the audience. Silly, enjoyable fun.

by Waverley Street Follow this reviewer
Rating 1 kitty
I really wanted to like this show. Unfortunately, neither I or my 7-year-old son did. It's overly didactic, has sloppy puppetry, and isn't funny.