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Abbiebug Entertainment

The Helen is Generous Show

Location + schedule

Jungle Theater
2951 S Lyndale Av

DateTimeMy FringeAccess
Saturday 8/72:30 p.m.  
Sunday 8/85:30 p.m.  
Wednesday 8/117:00 p.m.  
Friday 8/134:00 p.m.  
Sunday 8/155:30 p.m.  
About the show

For ages 12+
Comedy, Satire,

Created by Abbie Foster

Overall rating

It's "Ellen" with a twist of lime and splash of grenadine. Interviews, dance, singing and of course commercials spike this spunky comedy. No horseplay in the theater (okay, just a little).

I can't say enough about the cast and crew that put this show together. WIth 10 actors and 6 dancers, it is quite a colorful show of characters! It is a talk show, but more of a FUN variety show. We have a great "Helen" and so many funny guests on the show to entertain you. Donna Mae from Minnesoooootah and Hagus Bemusaid from the beatnik world, along with caberet dancing scenes, and dating and coffee commercials. This show is fast paced and keeps you entertained! You will not be dissapointed. A true comedy and a must see!!

Abbie Foster
Role: Writer and Director
Abbie used to be an orphan in New Mexco and grew up eating green chili's and refried beans. Her passions are going to open houses, being bossy, and squeezing fat babies. She hopes you find humor in this show as she is often seen on the floor from laughing so hard and peeing her pants at rehearsals!! Kukoolaka!

Franklin Heller
Role: Stage Manager/Asst. Director
Franklin is thrilled to have this opportunity to be part of this fun production just days before he hits the 1/2-century mark. Franklin has performed in various theatres throughout the Twin Cities and Chicago and has also done some directing and producing. Having volunteered as usher and box officer and performed at the Fringe for several years (ever since he learned it wasn’t the “French Festival”), he is now adding assistant director / stage manager to the list. This means that producing/directing/writing a fringe must be coming down the road... For now, Franklin really enjoys nagging and taunting talented chili and bean-filled former New Mexican orphans and watching them pee their pants while laughing on the floor at their own writing.

Meredith Seaborn
Role: Stage Manager/Asst. Director

Kris Lightheart
Role: Helen
Kris Lightheart is giddy with excitement to be playing the role of Helen in the Helen is Generous Show. Kris' training has been largely in Method Acting, which focuses on truly being present in the moment. Kris just completed a 48-hour film project entitled "PICA" in which she had a starring role as a maniacal chef catering a dinner party. Her past theatrical productions have included "And Then There Were None" at the Bloomington Theatre and "The Cold Dark Matter at Hand," a Fringe Festival production. She is so excited to be in another Fringe production. She was quoted as stating "Abbie Foster and the crew are top notch! This show will make your cheeks hurt and your stomach ache... from laughing (not from the bad pizza)..."

Lawrence Levesque
Role: Art Vandalay, Customer 2, Edwardo, Rob, Hagus Bemused

Ana Luca
Role: Beebe, Tsss, dancer, Customer 3, Jennifer, Girl of the week, Leah

Karen Hall-Dayle
Role: Shane, Kent, Dad

Laura Hall
Role: Narrator 1, hair model, Desmonda, girl of the week, Dr. Love, Red

Kelly Gilpatrick
Role: dancer, Sarah, Girl of the week, Narrator 2, Sam

Lizzy Egbert
Role: Debbie Downer

Kjersten Johnson
Role: Dancer, hair model, Donna Mae E'Claire, Cynthia, Char

Rachel Swendiman
Role: dancer, Natasha, girl of the week, Lilly, Care

Jena Sandell
Role: Choreographer/Dance troupe USA

Jenna Anderson
Role: Dance troupe USA

Shayna Seitz
Role: Dance troupe USA
Shayna hails from a small mountain village, where they are known for their belly dancing skills. You may have heard of them, belly dancers of the mountains or BDOTM. In her free time she talks to herself, washes her hair and goes snail hunting. She loves being dramatic and is happy that her long years of belly dancing will be useful in this show. she would like to thank her long time friends, Kiki and Lars for their support and also this doctor person that she knows.

Maria Eterno
Role: Dance troupe USA

Courtney Glaz
Role: Dance troupe USA

Hannah Morrissey
Role: Phoebe, Beat, customer 1, Cora
Some shows Hannah has been in are The Snowy Day and Shadow Thieves @ Stages Theatre, Broadway Extravaganza @ EPHS and The Wise Men of Chelm @ JCC. Hannah enjoys blowing bubbles, singing random show tunes throughout the day and hug tackling her friends. Hannah is going to be a junior in high school in the fall. I would like to thank my Grandma Marilyn Morrissey for always believing in me. (RIP)

Juliana Johnson
Role: Dance Troupe USA

User reviews

Must see!
by Amanda Rustong Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show was so fun to watch. Great cast and so funny. Great writing and directing by Abbie and excellent dancing throughout.

Ellen and Helen
by Marvin Joel Rubin Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
How can you satirize "The Ellen Show," when Ellen herself is satire?

By nature a variety show, will have parts you love, hate and are neutral towards.

Anybody who was offended; lighten up. The show was meant to be over the top. It wasn't written to offend.

The Debbie Downer character was so good, you don't notice she is elegant.

Hopefully next year the dancers will put on their own show. You don't often see jazz dance at the Fringe.

The Ellen character worked.

The state song skit was great.

So So
by Bob Radecki Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Maybe you have to be a big Ellen fan to really enjoy this show, but it missed the mark for me. There were some funny moments but overall it was a bit rough. I also think the fact that the cast has about 25 people helps the number of 5 kitty reviews the show has received from friends and family...

Upbeat way to end the work week
by Charley Ringweld Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Friends told me I would enjoy this show and they were spot on! After a frantic work week it was time for a laugh and "Helen" did the trick. Enjoyed the commercials the most, and got a real giggle with Debbie Downer. Was surprised how great the dance numbers were as I assumed that would be a spoof - very talented dancers and choreography. I have a smile on my face as I begin the weekend. Thanks!

by Rochelle Johnson Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
What a great way to spend an evening! Talent, comedy, truly a funny show. Commericals were a kick.

Light and funny!
by Samone Ekholm Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This play was light and funny...exactly what I wanted to see! Well written....loved the commercials!

Great Job!
by vicki mackey Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Loved the commercials like the dating and cariBOO! You show great creative writing talent Abbie! And your actors were good too. Dance scene could be shorter but still nicely done. Can't wait for the next one!

Cute and funny
by Jaime Hammer Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Kris Lightheart did a great job playing Helen - she gave me the laughs I needed after a hot, tiring day. She definitely reminded me of Ellen Desgeneres. The commercials were hilarious. They touched on a lot of social issues we run into every day. The dancers did a really good job too.

Go in with a good attitude and you will enjoy the show!

What A HUGE disappointment
by Maggie Anderson Follow this reviewer
Rating 0 kitties
I was so excited to see this show - being a fan of the Ellen show for years. I had no idea what a trainwreck of a show I'd be in for. First off, the show wasn't funny. At all. Secondly, the pace of the show was slow and each "sketch" was severely overacted. At times, I was borderline offended - specifically with the sketch "if my son is into theatre does this mean he's gay?" This show is a definite miss.

Timing was off - Wed Night
by lisa stitzenfeld Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Gotta hand it to the show. It was trying hard, but the overall energy didn't seem very high and the timing was off. The show has a cute premise. Loved the dancers, but didn't think they worked in with the show. It would have been better if they were the show's dancers and were used to transition to the commercial breaks.
That said, the main male actor and the "sssss" skat girl did a great job throughout. Nice shout out to Il Vostro Boutique, albeit a little awkward.

Go for the Commercials
by Bill McTeer Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Helen has promise but doesn't seem to quite be into it and her "guests" are shallow caricatures. However, that's OK because most of the energy and time goes to the "commercials", which are good to great. They make this show. The dance numbers are also surprisingly worth watching.

This put a smile on my face
by Donna Kazanowski Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I relaxed and justed smiled and laughed thru this show. I thought it was fast moving and fun. Loved the girl with the black and white stringy hair.
Great job!

Feeling verklempt
by Poe Oh Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Overall - hard work was apparent. Opening monologue held promise. "Audience participation" segment was bland/trite - but I guess than was the idea. OK - done my pennance - lets laugh now? Ballet commercial was trite. Shampoo commercial was at least entertaining. I laughed hard at "coffee" commercial. Rock on. The "girl with black and white stringy hair" saved the "eharmony" commercial - that "yard stick" bit was funny. Sorry - the "baking" segment was boring. The "beatnik" segment was spot made me laugh. I might not be savy enough to separate satire of comedy from actual comedy - but the singing of the "50 states in order" tickled my funny bone to no end. So there is hope for me.

Mildly amusing
by David Woolley Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
Had a few good moments but mostly it somehow missed the mark.

by Mike Walter Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
What a delight to discover a first-time writer / director who is genuinely funny. I've been to $50 million "comedy" movies where I laughed twice. With "Helen" we laughed about our many favorite scenes all the way home. Great job everyone!

Incredible FUN!!!
by Phineas James Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show is fantastic ... It kept me laughing throughout and smiling for hours after. I liked the pace of the show and each "sketch." I especially liked the "commercial" and Donna Mae Eclair sketch. And, Debbie Downer was great!! Oh, and I almost forgot the dancers. Helen really packs a lot into an hour and is soo worth the time. Highly recommend it to all!!! I'm going back again.

by Gary Keilor Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Loved the show. Could do with a little editing, but overall a very impressive display of satire and acting. Helen looked remarkably like "Ellen" and liked that fact that a lot of her jokes fell flat just like the real "Ellen"...very clever. The show moved along at a nice brisk pace, and was impressed with the quick costume changes. Well done everyone!

Generous laughs
by Ed R Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
A well produced performance with strong directing, production and acting.

Like with any comedic production (e.g. even Saturday Night Live) some of the sketches will resonate - and some will fall flat. This was the case here. The "Debbie Downer" character played by Lizzy Egbert was a comedic-gold thread running through the show - and should have been utilized/exploited to get more laughs (e.g. Debbie had zero lines in the birth control sketch - huh???). I don't watch chat shows - so not sure what purpose the dance troupe served here. While the dancers were talented and wonderful to watch - if was a bit odd/off-putting to have this serious bit slow the comedy-train to a halt. Color me confused. I must add - I thought Ana Luca's performance was solid throughout.

Clever Satire
by Dennis Polanski Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Saw the show this afternoon. Thought it was great! Very clever idea of spoofing Ellen Degeneres. Thought the cast was wonderful. Loved the satirical commercials. Would highly recommend it!

Laugh with Helen!
by Lucy Morrissey Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Whether you are a fan of talk shows or avoid them like the plague, "The Helen is Generous Show" may reconfirm or shift your attitude. Egotistical, over-the-top celebrity guests, the likeable host and her ever-present sidekicks, goofy commercials for the essentials of life (coffee and anti-depressants, to name just two....), some tap-dancing, awkward pauses, and fun surprises throughout make this show entertaining from beginning to end.