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Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre

Dancing Nude

Location + schedule

Ritz Theater Studio
345 13th Av NE

DateTimeMy FringeAccess
Saturday 8/72:30 p.m. ASL
Monday 8/95:30 p.m.  
Wednesday 8/118:30 p.m.  
Friday 8/135:30 p.m.  
Saturday 8/144:00 p.m.  
Sunday 8/158:30 p.m.  
About the show

Contains Nudity, Adult language
For ages 18+
Solo, Comedy,

Created by Tim Mooney
From Arlington Heights, IL

Overall rating

"And this is the point in which the teaching of sexual education in the Catholic Schools entirely failed me ... "

Take off your clothes and be free! A full-frontal assault! A coy look at life's most embarrassing, traumatic and triumphant moments amid jaw-droppingly personal sexual history! Dr. Seuss meets Dr. Ruth! Adults Only

Press and Audience Response

"Tim Mooney exposes more to the audience than his body in Dancing Nude. A fun and candid romp through Mooney’s sexual history, he has you laughing and nodding in agreement over certain moments that we can all relate to in one way or another. And he doesn’t hold back about his sexual naivety and awkward moments along the way. What helps is Mooney’s manic but fantastically timed performance, mixing up Suessian-like rhymes (yes, about sex) with engaging monologues. There is even some audience participation involved in whether the title should be carried out in the end. Of course 'Take it off,' was the reply from more than one person. And Mooney does take it all off. And proceeds to, well, dance nude. But by that point, he’s revealed so much of himself already it would have been strange if he hadn’t.
-- Kelly Fitzpatrick, Orlando Sentinel

"Mooney gets vulnerability and brashness, humor and sorrow comfortably in the same space. Impressive. Intimidating … but in an awesome way.'
-- Jayne Day, Artistic Director, California’s Rogue Performance Festival

"Tim Mooney's Dancing Nude is a giddy whirlwind tour through one man's unmentionables - a stripped down, real-life confession told with hilarious audacity and..well...humility. You'll love him - all of him."
-- Dawn Arnold, Artistic Director, Chicago’s Moving Dock Theatre

"If they gave awards for accurate show nomenclature, this one ought to win. Fringe veteran Tim Mooney (Moliere Than Thou, Criteria, Karaoke Nights) returns with a high energy meditation on male sexuality. Using first person horror stories and poetic monologs, the show is filled with innuendo and clever word play. Mooney describes his sexual growth from that first awkward prom date to agonizingly slow colligate level sexual discovery to the mandatory bad marriage. Clever poems like 'Things That Stick Out' with its Seussian meter to and 'Naked Beneath' ease Mooney out of his Chicago snow shoveling outfit, and he even gets a little kinky with the nicely back lit 'Fit To Be Tied'. He even delivers one of the most delicately worded descriptions of oral sex you’ll ever hear, using the word 'Circumnavigate' in a way even the OED doesn’t cover."
-- Carl F. Gauze,

Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre Website

Timothy Mooney
Role: Writer/Performer

User reviews

This show was great!
by Dave TallElf Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Fun, interesting and my favorite subject. I concur with all the positive reviews from earlier. The show's content applies to everyone, but especially those with a somewhat oppressed Catholic upbringing.

I wish I'd have brought an open-minded ladyfriend with to the show. ;-) I almost didn't get nude at the end, but I'm glad I did. I didn't realize a girl I knew was there until i was onstage dancing next to her! Oops. ;-) See it with someone you want to see nude and start a conversation.

A Great Show About Sexual Freedom!
by lizzie jones Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I saw the show at the MPLS Fringe Festival and I really enjoyed it. The show is filled with exciting erotic stories and erotic humor. Also, I had the opportunity to dance nude with others to express my sexual freedom of life and sexual desire of the people around me.

I've been dancing nude!
by Grenacia Green Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Note to potential audience members: Be prepared to take off some or all of your clothes at the end of the show IF you are comfortable doing so. My girlfriend and I had fun dancing nude with Tim. Others left their clothes on or removed token items and remained an audience, which is also fine. As Tim said, "Every exhibitionist needs a voyeur".

This is a story of a journey towards overcoming the sexual repression (and ignorance) so many of us are raised with. As you might expect, there are a lot of bumps along the way*. Though Tim is a man raised Catholic and I am a woman who was raised with no religion whatsoever, I can relate to a lot of it. We've all been there at some point.

It is intense and sometimes wonderfully hilarious. Most importantly it is written and performed by a professional actor who can pull this crazy stuff off.

* Though I don't intend to sprinkle this review with double entendres, a few seem inevitable and I'm just going to let them fall where they may.

Should have worn my clean underwear...
by The Letter M Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Tim's show was funny and well-delivered, as I've come to expect. I've yet to see any one-man show, especially a confessional autobiography, done with as much poise as Tim always seems to have.

Plus, anything convinces gets attractive female audience members to get naked onstage can't be that bad.

Brave, but awfully self-centered
by Bill McTeer Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
Was this show created on a dare? There is some good material here but, for me, it was too much information about one person's journey to sexual understanding, somewhat selected for shock value. Look at me! Mooney is very brave with this material and is a skilled and likable performer, but I hope he returns to more accessible themes.

by Laurel Hansen Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Strangely not uncomfortable. Definitely cathartic and thought-provoking. The perfect end to the Fringe.

Getting to know you
by Kristi Lawless Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
A fascinating look into another person's life. Not quite what I was expecting, but still very good.

Expository & therapeutic
by Fringivitis Vulgaris Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
It's more than just a show-and-tell, and it's better than a therapy session. Tim Mooney has body issues and he peels down his psychosexual history for everyone to ogle. At the end he's definitely dancing, he's happily dressed in just his own skin, and members of the audience might just get up and dance along with him!

by Lance Zarimba Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
What a fun show and so poetic. This was funny and sad, touching and challaging. Such a brave and bold man to reveal all in his life and his body...

wow. just wow.
by Jess Pants Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
So honest, so out there, so moving...this show really was amazing. I can't even find the words right now to accurately or fully describe what went on--for me--during the show this afternoon. I didn't get naked, but I did start the dancing at the end. :)

For anyone who missed it, you better hope there is an encore performance of this piece.

deeper than the skin
by daniel taradash Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
One thing I will say is that Dancing Nude made me uncomfortable in the most sincere way. The inner reflection goes well beyond Tim's eventually nude body. He makes you realize just about everything that is wrong in our conservitave/puritan culture. Even more so if you are Catholic (I am not). This show, more than any other, tests the audiences willingness to - literally - get immersed on a personal level. Those who are comfortable doing so are warmly invited to themselves get on stage sans clothing for the finale, forming a unique bond with that audience as a whole. Plus a good education for what screwed most of up as teenagers.

by Bree Nolastnamesontheinternet Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I've had a Fringe crush on Tim Mooney since seeing Moliere than Thou a few years ago, but didn't remember his name - until I got to the show. Oh boy! His style is entertaining and open, with a joyful, gleeful confessional bent. The stories themselves are perfectly scripted, hilarious and touching, and deeply personal. The kind of raw vulnerability he displays, without the slightest reservation, is rare and creates a sense of trust and confidence with the audience. Excellent and not to be missed.

And the iambic pentameter... *fans self*

Hilarious and provocative
by Angela Polk Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I'm sure it's been said before, but I'll go there: This show has the whole package. It has hilarity, tragedy, titillation, embarrassment, vulnerability, triumph, defeat, revelations, confessions, and more. Even if your own experiences have been different from Tim's, you'll still find plenty to relate to in his story. Not only was I entertained by Tim's tales, but after hearing them, I couldn't help but feel inspired to ruminate on my own experiences. I'd left them on the shelf to gather dust for years, and suddenly they were brought to light again by Tim's stories. Art that elicits that profound of a response is rare and wonderful, and I am grateful to Tim for taking us on such a journey.

You feel a sense of camaraderie with Tim as he's up there baring his soul (among other things). It is clear that he is a master of his craft; there is no sentence, gesture, facial expression, pause, or tone of voice that seems out of place. It's all expertly crafted and delivered. At the same time, it never feels like it's scripted or recited by rote, because his delivery is so honest. When Tim was telling his stories, it felt like a conversation with a friend--a friend you feel like you can really confide in, who also just happens to be fantastically witty.

There's so much to take in, I'd love the opportunity to see the show again to revisit some of the more thought-provoking assertions and suggestions that Tim makes. Despite the richness of experience that this production offers, don't worry, it's not overwhelming or heavy-handed. There is so much lighthearted charm, silliness, and exuberance in this show that I left with a smile on my face, feeling light, and filled with a certain joie de vivre.

I'm Normal
by Gerald Woldt Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I loved Tim's honesty about his experiences growning up in the Catholic faith. I was personally moved by his stories as I had experienced many of these exact uncomfortable situations because we were told NOTHING about sex as we ventured through these stages of our lives. Now I can sit back and say, "Well, I feel good that I was not alone in these embarrassing times." His monologue will bring you to tears from laughing as a piece of clothing is shed after each experience. Tim, thanks for a wonderful evening.

by Publius McGee Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Really fun storytelling style with an interesting and engaging set of stories. Oh yeah, and he'll get naked if you ask him to - and for a 51-year-old dude, he is in excellent shape. This was also a surreal experience, watching a bunch of Minnesotans try to pretend like they were totally ok with a nude man dancing around on stage, because, after all, this is Fringe.

I just wish I had worn appropriate underwear - I would have been up there dancing in it (not quite as bold as the chick who got totally nude, though - that takes more guts than I have). Anything for a sticker.

Nudeness at the end
by Liz Floyd Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I love his story telling and the stories about how things are awkward around learning about sex and other lessons in his experiences that go with it. The wrecking ball was one of my favorite moves and especially went well with all the monologue up to that point.

by Jamie Chilvers Follow this reviewer
Rating 0 kitties
I read the reviews here and expected something else. These must be friends of his or something... I just don't get it... maybe I'm from a different planet.

I think the show is an invitation...
by Sarah Cura Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Of course, Tim is an amazing actor, super polished with every word and gesture in its place. This is a known quantity if you've seen any of his other shows in previous years. What wasn't known before, what isn't usually known, is what's in the performer's pants... Well, now you don't have to wonder. Tim shows us, floppy dance and all.

Something about the show felt a bit over the top to me. I was hoping that his stories weren't truly autobiographical. I was hoping that some of the projections and prejudices weren't true. This is probably just showing my own prejudice, and I know Fringe is all about being big to be noticed, but I guess I was somehow rubbed the wrong way. (probably not the best way to say it for a show that ends in nudity...) I mean, well - I was the first person in my performance to take off her shirt so it's not about the nudity. That's what got me to the show in the first place.
I'm still mentally chewing on the show I guess. I suppose that's a good sign. But for a show that shows us Tim's "need" to be free of clothes, it also touched on a darkness of shame for our body images as a culture and I guess I feel sad that such shame exists.
Go see the show - if you're not too afraid of your own skin.

Honest, raw and compelling
by Scott Pakudaitis Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Tim Mooney tells autobiographical stories & gets naked at the audience's behest. He's an engaging storyteller.

by Chase McCants Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Tim Mooney is one dynamic performer. Possibly one of the best written shows of the Fringe and the most freeing too. But just as important is the performer filling those words with electricity and care. I never got bored and he never lost my attention. The show promises nudity, but Mooney could have reneged on that promise and I would have left still blown away by his performance and his words. And there is a lesson in this show for all of us.

Dance Me Nude
by Carole Vandal Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Tim Mooney does a great job of sharing some embarrassing sexual situations. He keeps you laughing and for some of us, his stories will have you reminiscing about your own embarrassing humorous sexual history.

Had I gone to the late show, I might have danced nude right along with Tim! This is one I recommend seeing.

Tim Mooney is like an onion...
by Patrick Pfundstein Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
...with lots of layers, both fabric and secret, and he peels them all down to reveal the inner and outer man. Poetry, prose, lots of laughter, and gradual disrobe light the way, and at the end... well this is not one of those shows that carries a misleading title!

do. not. miss. this. show.
by mark browning milner Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
remove mooney's glasses (and a lot more over the course of the show), shine a spotlight on the man, and he's a charisma machine. "dr. seuss meets dr. ruth" says it all, a wry and winning examination of one man's sexual awakening. i only wish i could attend a 10:00 show with a slightly drunk audience... do. not. miss. this. show.

Remove that giant fig leaf...
by Alina Mostov Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I highly recommend Dancing Nude. It is an autobiographical play about Tim's sexual history. Extremely funny, touching, clever. Tim has an honesty in his performance that is rare. I could feel the audience could relate to his stories and there was a kind of positive, celebratory energy in the theatre. I truly think Tim is the most energetic actor I've ever seen. He really gives his all and his high energy is absolutely contagious.
At the end of the play you'll be inspired to do things that you thought you never had the guts to do showing your endowments in public.

Frankly Sweet
by kelly C. Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Honest, bold and touching. Tim is utterly human, bravely sharing real insecurities that all can relate to on some level. Highly recommend.

Mr. Mooney bares his soul
by vickijoan keck Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I went in with a bit of trepidation that I might be a bit turned off by the content of the show. I shouldn't have worried; I was in the hands of a professional. Tim takes his audience on a wild ride that we can all relate to, telling of love and loss in an expertly iambic fashion. The clothing optional ending is exhilerating! thanks!

Everything He Has to Offer
by Kale Ganann Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Dancing Nude is the latest from Tim Mooney, a Fringe regular these last few years. Mr. Mooney takes us on a journey through the trials and perils of his sexual awakening, all the while dropping an article of clothing here or there.

A commanding stage presence, Mr. Mooney understands that we as a people have many conflicting messages in our society about our instincts, our body images, and desires, as well as the shame that is often brought about by this conflict. Humor, poetry, and of course, dance, serve to bridge these barriers, and by the end not even a nude man dancing will seem strange or uncomfortable.

Indeed, it will seem... oddly freeing.

Highly recommended.

truly something special
by Dave Stagner Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
The confessional story is nothing new to Fringe. You can always find someone reading from a text about something that they experienced that seems very important to them. The good ones get past the personal, to the universal, to feelings that we can all understand and relate.

Then there's Tim Mooney.

Tim is best known as a stellar, professional actor and scholar of the works of great writers like Moliere and Shakespeare. His past Fringe performances have been driven by his rich, emotive, rock-solid acting. But this time, he turned that skill and power on his personal story, and the results are stunning.

He tells the story of his own sexual history, from his earliest fumblings to his later insecurities, and learning to be comfortable with his own sexuality. This is of course universal, something to which we can all relate. But he delves further, connecting our inhibitions about nudity to our need for self-expression. Over the course, it's a long, slow strip-tease, culminating in his own nakedness - and inviting the audience to overcome their own inhibitions and join him. It feels powerful and brave on his part, and really turns that power back on the audience.

And did I mention that large parts of the story are in iambic pentameter? His love and scholarship of the classics, and his skill in reading them, takes this confessional to levels of wit I've never seen in this sort of show before!

As far as I'm concerned, it's a must-see, and the only show I've seen this Fringe that I intend to to see again. It's that good.

Excellent, a must see!
by April Peterson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Despite gender Tim Mooney opens windows that we might not otherwise look through. Through his eyes, his brilliant humor and sometimes poetic delivery I gained insight into those things we never used to talk about but Tim does it with humor, honesty and an understanding of our common human impulses.

A Phenomena Of Hydraulics
by Dave Romm Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Tim Mooney always does a good show, and this one is very personal. The performance is largely autobiographical; part comedy, part catharsis. I can relate. And yes, there is nude dancing. A Shockwave Radio Theater Review.

Longer reviews with pictures at Baron Dave's LiveJournal and snarky comments on Facebook.

by Amelia Kritzer Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This man dares to strip off physically and emotionally. His multilayered performance comes at the subject of sexuality from many directions--prose, poetry, movement. His ease with the audience allows him to communicate in a very personal yet non-threatening way.

Size Matters and Tim Does It BIG!
by Amelie Poulin Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Possibly the best Fringe show I've seen in the last several years. Brilliantly written, deeply honest, and laugh-your-ass-off funny. Captivating from start to finish, Tim's high-energy story-telling is punctuated by a slow striptease that builds to a very satisfying and brave crescendo. Makes you want to smoke a cigarette and come back for more!

So good I wanted to take my clothes off
by Tracy Anderson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
but somehow my Scandanavian background kept me from doing it. Dang it! (Thanks Mom!:-p) I loved this show! Tim Mooney is very funny, yet thought-provoking. The monologue was very tight and poetic, and his delivery is perfect. I feel like going to see it again so I can get a do-over and dance nude with him. Go see it!