Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

My Fringe

Show reviews by Lucy Nelson

Sousepaw: A Baseball Story
A Fringe Must See by Lucy Nelson
Rating: 5 kitties
This play is my first 5 kitty review. The play is an excellent example of great writing combined with wonderful acting. From start to finish I enjoyed this show. The dialogue between the two characters is heartfelt and raw while keeping true to the time period. Once again this is the best the fringe has to offer.

Slow show, great acting by Lucy Nelson
Rating: 3 kitties
I am a huge fan of Mechanical Division, so it is sad for me to say that Cat was not as great as other productions I have seen from this group. The script was slow moving, and was using tired jokes and silly dialogue. The humor seemed that of eight grade boy level, it left me wanting so much more. The only saving grace for me was the three actors who were wonderful. A great concept that fell a little short for me, but still a play to see this year.

Uncle Tom's Condo
Love the music, liked the rest by Lucy Nelson
Rating: 3 kitties
I didn't know what to expect going into this play but found that I liked the concept of it. The short little stories are nice, helps to move things along well. The musical numbers were great. I did lose interest in some spots, and the super hero costumes didn't make much sense to me. I would still recommend to people to see. With more work this could be a really great show.

Disney Dethroned: Snowcahontas and the Tangled FrogBeast
First timer is a meh by Lucy Nelson
Rating: 3 kitties
This is my first year seeing Tom's show, and I guess I just didn't see what the fuss was all about. Yes he is clever, and his acting is well done, but the story all together seemed to me to lack anything original or really funny. It takes more than word play and pop culture references to make me laugh, this play was mostly just a light chuckle. We all know Disney is sexist, beating us over the head with it is not necessary.

Nightmare in Bakersfield
Getting warmed up by Lucy Nelson
Rating: 3 kitties
My first time seeing Les and I do say I liked the show. For me it started off a little awkward, it seemed that Les was very nervous and trying to remember lines. This, along with the nervous pacing around the stage, distracted me. As he got more comfortable with us I enjoyed it a lot more. I do wish the story telling had a bit more description to help me get a better sense of time and place. Overall Les is a wonderful story teller and I hope to see more of him in the future.

Once Upon a CSI
Too much pie... by Lucy Nelson
Rating: 2 kitties
This play had potential to be cute and funny, but was too much heavy on the sex humor and bad puns. The actors seemed to be having fun, but there was little they could do with this not-so-good script. The puppet was my favorite part.

Minnesota: Finally Famous
I wanted less muffins by Lucy Nelson
Rating: 2 kitties
Actually the only part I loved was the muffin minneapolis girl. The idea of the play was cute, but the dialogue was lacking. I felt that the overacting was needed to make up for this last fact. The jokes got lost on the audience most of the time, and acting was about average. It took me a while just to understand what was going on onstage. Not a must see, but something to consider.

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