Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

My Fringe

Show reviews by Jacqueline Dutton

Callahan and Lingo presents: The Last Ditch
Wow! Storytelling extraordinaire. by Jacqueline Dutton
Rating: 5 kitties
What a treat that Rob and Allegra pulled together an enthralling and entertaining in-the-round program of storytelling for Fringe. It was so cool, inviting and intimate having them share newer works, and ending with a riveting performed story by the lovely and intelligent Allegra Lingo. I was blown away.

Delores Grimm: Fairy Tale Marriage Counselor
Very funny , witty and tight! by Jacqueline Dutton
Rating: 5 kitties
Sone of the best improv I have ever seen...it was seamless and every actor was memorable as neurotic fairy tale characters. The audience participation was a nice surprise, too. A must see for Fringe.

I'm Totally President
Magically Goofalicious! Totally! by Jacqueline Dutton
Rating: 5 kitties
I'm with Scott Pakudaitus. This is absolutely why I love Fringe. Seeing these fun, energetic, witty souls put together something out of their silly imaginations is wonderful. I loved Laura's character--I could totally (OMG, TOoooooTALLY) see it on SNL. I hope it is a recurring role for her on stage. This play has a ton of potential in the after season.

Animal FarmVille: A Friend Me, Like Me, Poke Me Musical
Delightfully clever and fun! by Jacqueline Dutton
Rating: 5 kitties
Hooray for his talented ensemble of equally matched comedy performers in a witty and completely original take on a fictional world in which social networking literally runs our lifescapece. Absolutely loved the satire on Foursquare mayors battling for control of Minneapolis

HERO: A New Musical
Engrossing and touching by Jacqueline Dutton
Rating: 5 kitties
These brothers are a tight ensemble that can't sing AND act. I thought they did a helly of a job with a 1 hour time slot. Terrific quartet singing and a sweet story that let us in on the relationships, getting to feel for these characters. Wonderful set, costumes and best use of sounds Ive heard yet aty Fringe.

Those Were the Days: A Tribute to Television Themes
Glee--LIVE by Jacqueline Dutton
Rating: 4 kitties
If you like Glee, you'll really enjoy this show. The arrangement and choreography are what worked well--the pace moved along and it was fun to watch. (Good job, Kahlil!) I dock a kitty for the lack of costumes and blah set. (Hey, even the kids on Glee have cool costumes.)

Rambler Family Ramblers Final Christmas Reunion Spectacular
Funny slice of life by Jacqueline Dutton
Rating: 3 kitties
This was like a cheesey 60s record album come to life.

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