Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

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Show reviews by Christine Brandt

Once Upon a Time in the Suburbs
Once Upon a Time in the Suburbs by Christine Brandt
Rating: 5 kitties
This production is what the FRINGE is about..clever, comedy dialogue, well-crafted characters, excellent concept and staging. The use of the Thrust Performance space was genius. The sound and visual effects were a delight. One can only hope that this ensemble team moves on to the creation of more pieces.

Those Were the Days: A Tribute to Television Themes
Dreamy Days of Early TV by Christine Brandt
Rating: 5 kitties
This musical review is what we all want to see at the FRINGE. It was well-conceived and staged. The talent was superb. What a fun way to go back to early tv and the music that ran around in our heads for years. Some of these performers were in FLOPS last year and delivered another great piece for 2011. Worth seeing!

Chris does it again! by Christine Brandt
Rating: 5 kitties
Chris Kehoe may very well be the next genius creator of the one man show. This production is well conceived, written and performed. His technical choices add to the enjoyment. Looking forward to seeing more from this talented, special guy.

Cedar Rapids Famous
Good Job! by Christine Brandt
Rating: 4 kitties
This show tells its message in a creative and clever manner. The two leads are so engaging that I got lost in the script and forgot I was watching a play rather than two people actually sorting out their real lives. But something is missing, not sure what? Some tightening, editing? I would place the costume rack and prop table closer to the back screen and more upstage. Might develop some of the other actors parts a bit - the males.... Great execution and a story that should be told and seen!

YARRRH! The Lusty, Busty Pirate Musical
Excellent! by Christine Brandt
Rating: 4 kitties
Very entertaining. But, less dialogue and more songs would improve things. Also, cut some of the plot twists and tighten the show, and you have a winner! The three women have strong acting talent ane voices.....professional. The openning could use more songs for the audience to sing. A good time!

Sousepaw: A Baseball Story
Souse by Christine Brandt
Rating: 0 kitties
This production reminded me of a horrid experience I had as a young actress breaking into the Village Theatres in New York City. This production, like that one, was over-written, much too wordy, sophomoric and difficult to endure for one hour. The two characters are uninteresting and bland. four of us saw it together and we unanimously decided that we did not care for the duo nor their plight. The venue did not help as it was difficult to see the staging. It would have worked much better with a tiered seating arrangement for if you we not in the first row, you missed much. The nudity was thrown in just for the effect and did little to forward the dull plot. One would have expected much more continuity and talent from Brooklyn, NY.

The Silent Room: A Worker's Musical
Not Worth the Effort to See This by Christine Brandt
Rating: 0 kitties
I prefer to be supportive but in this case, support means sharing what good theatre & musicals should be. #1. It's a good idea to have artists who can act & sing. #2. Rehearse musical numbers until they are perfect & get someone to stage the choreography. People singing songs need to 'move'. #3. Write a good script, one that is interesting, tells the message & engages folks. #4. Start the show with a rousing number that engages the audience & gets the energy going that is presented by a strong performer. Be sure that this artist knows how to sing & has an idea of his/her role in starting the show. #5.Even with small a budget, design stage props & a set that are as professional looking as possible & look like an adult made them.

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