Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

My Fringe

Show reviews by Seth Lepore

7 (x1) Samurai
A beautiful and hysterical masterwork by Seth Lepore
Rating: 5 kitties
David Gaines' physicality alone is a reason to see this show. His transitions are flawless and humor top notch. Makes me want to get inside his head to see how he developed this beautiful work. A must see masterwork!

Your Responsibility for Sex Failure
Blown out of the Water! by Seth Lepore
Rating: 5 kitties
I feel bad for the people sitting in front of me because I was screaming, snorting and clapping wildly out of control at how over-the-top funny this is. Brilliant writing, incredible timing, excellent costumes. It takes a special group of people to be able to pull this type of camp off and they exceed with grace. If I can I will see this show AGAIN. It's that good! Don't even think twice about seeing this. Just do it.

Phil the Void: Motherbanking Bankholes
Right on Target by Seth Lepore
Rating: 5 kitties
Phil the Void illustrates what's truly wrong with the economy and our nationwide depression in a hysterical and poetic way. He lays this shit our without making you fell shitty about it. He's incredibly smart, so it's more than just witty one-liners. He's even able to laugh at how silly he's being while performing which is endearing as all hell. On fucking target.

Once Upon a Time in the Suburbs
Kick ass funny by Seth Lepore
Rating: 5 kitties
This show was hysterically funny and brilliantly staged. I had a blast. Great writing, brilliant characters and the best gun fighting scene that you will ever see.

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