Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

My Fringe

Show reviews by Erica Mauter

I cried by Erica Mauter
Rating: 5 kitties
This show requires some patience, but watching it unfold is so worth it. The character was really interesting, the acting was really good, the story was compelling. I'd see it again.

Samantha "Rastles" the Woman Question
Great script, character, and acting. by Erica Mauter
Rating: 4 kitties
A really well crafted show on top of interesting subject matter. Way better than I expected. It was funny and interesting.

SCOTUS! (Supreme Court of the United States!)
I enjoy National Elitist Radio by Erica Mauter
Rating: 4 kitties
Pretty damn funny. Justice Winchester rocked. Knowing your pop culture will help you enjoy the show.

Hauser Dance Unraveled
Great storytelling by Erica Mauter
Rating: 4 kitties
Sometimes interpretive dance is hard for the audience to… interpret. This was fun and accessible.

Angelina Jolie is a Zionist Whore! or, Plan 9 from Baghdad
Another quality Ari Hoptman joint by Erica Mauter
Rating: 4 kitties
Funny, Clever! Each of the four chara.ters held their own and played well off each other. The ending was perfect; it reflected the essence of the show while adding a nice change of pace to keep it interesting.

Word. The Urban Musical
Some bright spots by Erica Mauter
Rating: 3 kitties
Really enjoyed seeing such a diverse cast. Not surprising given the subject matter but still nice. Songwriting was pretty good. Acting was uneven; some performances were pretty strong, making the others jarring. The Cory understudy on Saturday was great. I liked the three storytellers, hated the ignorant white guy device.

Scientist Turned Comedian
Great delivery but tired material by Erica Mauter
Rating: 3 kitties
I like the science comedy concept. I like graphs and charts. Tim Lee had pretty good stage presence. It's just that most of the actual jokes were just not funny, relying heavily on retreads and stereotypes.

Uncle Tom's Condo
The songs were good by Erica Mauter
Rating: 3 kitties
I don't know Greg, but the "trip through Greg's brain" element was evident. The best parts were each actor's monologue. Overall it felt incohesive.

The Vampire Lesbians of Sodom by Charles Busch
Poorly written by Erica Mauter
Rating: 2 kitties
Regardless of good or bad acting, I just couldn't get down with the story. I was annoyed most of the time.

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