Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

My Fringe

Show reviews by Bob Flynn

Rambler Family Ramblers Final Christmas Reunion Spectacular
Great Talent by Bob Flynn
Rating: 5 kitties
This had really great music and harmonies from a group of very talented singers. The premise and the story were very fun and well done. But, it wasn't just a fun-Fringy sript. It was a really good vocal concert.

Sousepaw: A Baseball Story
Rings true by Bob Flynn
Rating: 5 kitties
A story that rings as true in 2011 as it did in 1914. GREAT performances and spot-on direction.

Those Were the Days: A Tribute to Television Themes
Five kitties +++ by Bob Flynn
Rating: 5 kitties
We baby boomers won't hear the "Palidan" or "Rawhide" themes. But DO go. This really is for all ages, 7+. Talented singers, wonderful pace. You'll be sad that it's over so quickly.

History Camp
Enjoyed every minute by Bob Flynn
Rating: 5 kitties
Three fun of the show only unmatched by the talent and the perfect music. The cast seemed to have as much fun as we did. (Love you, Emily Dickeson)

Knit One, Purl the Other
Smooth by Bob Flynn
Rating: 5 kitties
A great script with subtle, insighful direction and a very talented cast create a pearl. An innovative approach which makes it all very real for us, thinking about decisions made.... and not made.

SCOTUS! (Supreme Court of the United States!)
OK by Bob Flynn
Rating: 3 kitties
Smart script. Justice Hansen; articulate, enunciate and slow down. I'm sure some of the lines we missed were very good. Director; eeeeenrances and eeeeeexits detracted. E.g., why not from up right vs. down left? A little tighter would make it a lot better.

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