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Show reviews by jackie peterson

Improvidence a must see! by jackie peterson
Rating: 5 kitties
I found "Improvidence" to be not only a laugh out loud funny play about the formation of a new religion, but also an insightful behind the scenes look at how a religion gets off the ground and attracts followers. Izzy Waid wrote an exceptional script with great songs, including a tribute to Walmart, a song of friendship between two "bros", and a hilarious "how to" song sung by the characters of Joseph Smith, Jim Jones and L. Ron Hubbard. The word improvidence means acting rashly, with little thought as to the future. An apt title, as the main characters move ahead with their religion, without thinking about how big it could become and the ramifications of their popularity. There is definitely a depth of talent. The singing leads all displayed great vocal ability and were capably backed by an ensemble who also provided humorous choreography. The media montage moments consisted of funny commentary by a Sarah Palin-like young woman and a young Christian woman named Ashley who expressively ranted about the evils of the new religion. All in all, this was a great show. Congratulations to Brandon, the director of "Improvidence". The actors made good use of the Lab Theater stage and the props were creative and well placed, especially for the Walmart song. The stoners apartment was appropriately "lived in", but creatively moved to center stage and somehow neatened up when it became the head office of the new religion. To sum up, "Improvidence" will make you laugh, but will also make you think as you learn along with "Lord Chris" how an improvident decision affects not only himself, but also his followers and detractors.

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