Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

My Fringe

Show reviews by David Leddon

My Dinner with Andrew
Stands out for being different by David Leddon
Rating: 5 kitties
I've seen 6 shows the past 3 days and this is the first one I wanted to write a review for. A disturbing true story of a guy who was actually friends with a serial killer. Maybe it deserves only 4 kitties (?) for several obvious mistakes by one of the two actors, but the story is so good that I can't give it less than the highest rating. Very different than anything else I've seen and stands out because of that. And it's one of those shows that stays with you long after it's done.

Sousepaw: A Baseball Story
Fantastic drama! by David Leddon
Rating: 5 kitties
A fantastic show for all of the reasons previously stated. Deserves all of the praise and critical raves it has received. My guess is that this show will be full for all of its performances, so you want to line up early for this one.

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