Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

My Fringe

Show reviews by Jim Ciccone

Buckets and Tap Shoes
Energy and talent galore! by Jim Ciccone
Rating: 5 kitties
This show is a must see at this year's fringe festival. The two lead entertainers are multi-talented, dancing, playing the buckets, and guitar, and engaging the audience in a rowdy good time. There is a section of audience participation where you get to rythmic clapping -- a little follow the leader fun. Definitely check out this dymanic duo and their cohorts in foot tapping, soul lifting, laugh inducing fun!

Those Were the Days: A Tribute to Television Themes
Definitely Happy Days by Jim Ciccone
Rating: 5 kitties
This cast will leave you singing, smiling, and dancing your way out the door. The quality of singing in this show is superb and the cast seems to be having as much fun performing as we did humming along with them. Anybody that grew up with favorite TV shows will enjoy this entertaining romp through television nostalgia. The cast turned the room on with their smiles by inviting to sing the Mary Tyler Moore theme song. Way to go, gang!

Dance with the Divas!
Contagious, foot tapping fun by Jim Ciccone
Rating: 5 kitties
From Pink's initial "Get This Party Started" through to Aretha's "Respect", these women rocked it! We were smiling, laughing, and grooving in our seats the entire time. The average age of this cast was 64, but the their energy was more like that of people 24. We loved the message of empowerment for women and that dance and music can make the most of any situation. We had a friend with us that is battling cancer and we wheeled him out during the final number to dance on stage with the divas and the rest of audience. He was grinning from ear to ear. His wife liked it so much, she is going to take some of the dance classes with the divas and use music and dance as therapy while tending to her husband. Rock on ladies!

Super easy to enjoy by Jim Ciccone
Rating: 4 kitties
This show was fantastic! The writing is superb, cast is talented, and message is timely. We really enjoyed the song and dance, humor, and energetic cast. The writer was able to pack a lot into a one hour story. This was one of our favorite shows so far this year. Definitely recommend checking it out and Take it Easy!

HERO: A New Musical
Emotionally moving brothers by Jim Ciccone
Rating: 4 kitties
We could tell from the start, these brothers are a real family -- genuine humor and typical brotherly bantor. The songs were fun and slightly campy and their voices were quite good. The script had an interesting mix of humor and very poignant moments. Definitely recommend for anybody that has had times of joy and times of sorrow with their own siblings.

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