Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

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Show reviews by Mark Koerner

Detached: The Return of the Pastor Brothers
Engaged with Detached! by Mark Koerner
Rating: 5 kitties
Bob Galligan and Matt Riehle have a natural, hillarious rapport as brothers; Detached was built on a foundation of exceptional comedic writing and it was summited by perfect timing, delivery. I recieved flashes of a straight-faced but hillarious John Cleese from Timmer O'Phelan, and Jason Rojas delivers from left field a stellar support to the two brothers. Overall, The Jeffrey Company was brilliant, witty, and absurd. The jokes were so good they had me laughing in my seat and kept me laughing at home last night until I went to sleep, and I will return to see this show again before their tenure is over with the Fringe Festival. Brilliant.

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