Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

My Fringe

Show reviews by David Coral

The Friar and the Nurse
See. This. Show. No kidding! by David Coral
Rating: 5 kitties
Regardless of what you have planned for the rest of the Fringe, do not miss this The Friar and the Nurse! The script is beautiffuly-written, witty and poetic; the performances between the actors are confident, layered and full of chemistry; and the direction is as skillful as any I have seen in the Twin Cities. Many more people should attend this than were present tonight (Thursday). Miss this and you miss a lot. See. This. Show.

Terrific fun by David Coral
Rating: 4 kitties
From the folks who brought you Bard Fiction, this is a fun and well-written mash-up! I had a great time tonight and truly hope many more folks catch this one! Well done!!

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