Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

My Fringe

Show reviews by Jen Rand

The Smothers Brothers Grimm
They Never Disappoint! by Jen Rand
Rating: 5 kitties
Josh Scrimshaw, Shanan Custer, and Eric Webster never fail to make me laugh, and they certainly didn't this time! The chemistry of the whole cast was as spot on as the comic timing. Thanks for the jokes we continued to repeat again and again after leaving the theater - definitely a show I'll be quoting long after Fringe has past!

Red Hamlet
Lovely & Entertaining by Jen Rand
Rating: 4 kitties
Though the older characters were sadly underdeveloped in this treatment of Hamlet, the overall show was engaging, entertaining, and at times quite beautiful. It was a treat to see such a strong melding of local and out-of-town talent as well. While not without its flaws, the show was well worth my money!

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