Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

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Lot O' Shakespeare

Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre

From Prospect Heights, Ill.

Created by Timothy Mooney

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Solo show, Comedy, Drama, Literary adaptation

Contains Violence, Adult language

For ages 12+

"Mooney was fantastic, animating each character with energy. It was exciting. You can't help but sit back and be dazzled." (Wendy Gennaula, Twin Cities Daily Planet)

"If you're going to have Shakespeare read to you in delicious little chunks, you want Tim Mooney to do the reading." (Baron Dave Romm, BaronDave.livejournal)

"Two things I know for sure about theater: that Shakespeare dude can write, and you should never miss a chance to see Tim Mooney!" (Patrick Pfundstein)

"Tim Mooney is arguably the most reliable quantity in the Fringe Festival." (Dave Stagner)

"If Shakespearean were an official language, then Timothy Mooney would be fluent. Mooney moves effortlessly from Benedick to Richard III… Flat-out riveting." (Sultana F. Ali, TheDailyCity.com)

Tim Mooney has captured the most stirring speeches, the most outrageous situations, the most wicked double-entendres, and the most delicious sonorous soliloquies ever to emerge from Shakespeare’s pen! Hard on the heels of a July appearance at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, "Lot o’ Shakespeare," a dynamic tour de force of vocal and physical pyrotechnics, is coming to the Minnesota Fringe and the Bryant-Lake Bowl, August 4-14!

"When he recites Molière or Shakespeare he’s like a house afire (or, more accurately, like the fire truck racing to the scene)… If you’re familiar with Shakespeare, it’s fun... And if you’re not, this is as good and quick a crash course as any." (Elizabeth Maupin, Orlandotheatre.wordpress.com)

"Lot o’ Shakespeare" features 44 monologues chosen entirely at random by the spinning of a Bingo cage! The audience plays along on their individual "IAGO" cards, and the first to match four play titles in a row wins a t-shirt! And while the game turns it all into fun, in the process the audience revels in the breadth, the excitement and accessibility of the Shakespeare catalogue! The genius of Shakespeare comes to life in passionate scenes of action, character and power!

"Takes highbrow art and mixes it with lowbrow fun… Mooney, an engaging presence… may not be as physically imposing as some actors to play Henry V, but his St. Crispan’s Day speech made me want to take up arms with him." (Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel)

Mooney’s performance is literate, enthusiastic, and athletic, bounding from hilarious Comedies, to passionate Tragedies, to epic histories, all at the drop of a ping-pong ball! Audiences everywhere have been astonished to discover just how contemporary, vivid and playfully fulfilling these plays are. At the Kansas City Fringe, KC Stage gave it a 5 (out of 5) rating, calling it “energetic and engaging… a 60-minute tour de force!” And accolades at the Indianapolis Fringe were lyrical: “Bravo!” “Even better than Kenneth Branagh’s Oscar-nominated performance!” “My head is still reeling over his Antony speech from Julius Ceasar!”

"The lithe actor is made for comedy… He wants those not immersed in Shakespeare’s sometimes convoluted verse to understand and enjoy the words and characters, and in this he succeeds admirably… An excellent take on the completely self-deceived Malvolio from Twelfth Night, a character Mooney’s gifts make him a natural for. His preening and pauses were hilarious." (Janis Hasche, Chattanooga Pulse)

Tim has recently published his new acting text, "Acting at the Speed of Life," as well as eighteen rhymed verse variations of the plays of Molière, and has already turned over a hundred thousand people on to Moliere through his one-man play, "Moliere Than Thou," (Venue Favorite, MN Fringe, 2007).

This is Mooney’s 5th appearance at the Minnesota Fringe, following "Criteria," a one-man sci-fi thriler (2006) "Moliere Than Thou," (2007), "Karaoke Knights, a one-man Rock Opera" (2008) and the daring, "Dancing Nude," (Venue Favorite, 2010)!

Tim Mooney
Role: Actor / Adaptor / Director
Timothy Mooney, author of the new acting textbook, "Acting at the Speed of Life; Conquering Theatrical Style," has given over a hundred thousand students their first introduction to Moliere through his one-man play, "Moliere Than Thou." Mr. Mooney is the former founder and editor of The Script Review and was the Artistic Director of Chicago's Stage Two Theatre, where he produced nearly fifty plays in five years. While most of Stage Two's plays were original works, when they turned to the classics, Mr. Mooney found himself taking on the hilarious world of Moliere, eventually writing seventeen hilarious rhymed variations of Moliere's plays with an impish sense of rhyme (most published by Playscripts, Inc.). These plays have been produced and celebrated around the world, with High School productions of Mooney's "The Misanthrope," "The Miser," "The Imaginary Invalid," and "Tartuffe" going on to state finals in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina and Alabama, while his "Doctor in Spite of Himself," took third place in the Scottish Community Drama Association National Festival, and was a finalist at Italy's Sanremo Global Education Festival. Tim continues to present Moliere across North America, recently augmenting his repertoire with "Lot o' Shakespeare" (featuring one monologue from every Shakespeare play) while teaching classical acting and occasionally performing his other one-man sci-fi thriller, "Criteria!" This year, he will be presenting both "Moliere than Thou" and "Lot o' Shakespeare' at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival!

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Kudos to Mr. Mooney!
by Heather Baldwin Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I am in awe of how much information Tim Mooney has been able to cram into his brain. Simply reading the entire works of Shakespeare, including the sonnets, is a feat in itself. But memorizing and being able to perform an excerpt from each one, on cue, too? Wow! I wasn't previously familiar with several of the monologues he performed, but he captured the essence of each scene perfectly. I considered knocking off one kitty because I only got one lousy square checked off on my IAGO board...but I opted to give it back because of Tim's poofy shorts.

Great memory, acting, some lapses
by Suzanne Sharrock Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
So, which of us might now slip the occasional word from one of the many monologues and sonnets. But...I expected closer to perfection and there was a needed aid or two in most of the recitations on Saturday. Still loved it. Still felt it was a 'tour de force' Wanted to give 4 .5 stars, but hey, enough material there for 5!

Love for Shakespeare!
by Jason Rojas Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I am so glad that someone has put this extreme amount of work together. I will most assuredly be using his program/ bingo card as a reference when I need to find a new monologue. This show had me inspired in a way for Shakespeare I have not felt since the midst College. However it also reminded me of the Shakespeare training I have had. I did not give this a full 5 kitties because I wanted Mooney to explore more extreme character differences with the pieces. Vocally he seemed to use a similar voice for all of them- mostly in his upper register. His speaking voice was even lower than his 'Shakespeare' voice. It was a small thing, but it kept bothering me because with that small change the show would have been absolutely dynamite.

High-octane Shakespeare
by Dwayna Paplow Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I don't know where to begin because Tim Mooney's tour-de-force left me exhausted! If you sit near the stage, be prepared to become part of the show. During each monologue, Mooney's intense focus may just single you out and draw you in even further. In the second half, I was missing the vocal variation that he opened with, but I chalk it up to the luck-of-the-draw of bingo balls and audience requests.

It's a shame that this wasn't nominated for outstanding solo show. Actually, this isn't a solo show, it's a one-man band: Shakespeare's text and characters, a willing audience, intros, improv, props, prizes, time! Mooney's book quintessentially captures the spirit of this show: "Acting at the Speed of Light."

Lot O' Shakespeare
by Portia Sephori Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Tim is amazing. He transformed himself from buffoon to evil king to carefree young man in seconds. He inhabited each character, and made Shakespeare's language come alive, even the more obscure words and expressions. If high school teachers had him bring Shakespeare to life like this theater attendance would rise! The Iago game is a clever device but not key to the show. Five big kitties!

Fun audience participation
by Lauren Arneson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I laughed so hard and I had a great time. It is not just playing a game of Iago.... it is learning and participating and being entertained and a real community experience. During the performance, Tim said that it would never be the same show twice and that is completely true because the audience changes everything.

Lot O' Impressed
by Jason Dalrymple Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Tim Mooney truly is a consummate monologue-ist. Delivering from Shakespeare's classics, Mooney encapsulates each character and scene with immersion into the essence of each snapshot with incredible zest and expressiveness.

Mooney further shows his mastery through randomizing each segment as well as providing a brief look into the circumstances and subtext of each monologue.

Despite the early departure of prizes, Mooney kept the audience engaged throughout. My only disappointment is that there wasn't time for more, despite having already gotten a Lot.

A one-man dynamo!
by Jim Belich Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Comedy, drama, history, it's all here in this banquet of Shakespearean delights. Tim Mooney leaps from monologue to monologue exhibiting an amazing range (not to mention memory). Some of my favorites were from "King John," "Much Ado," and "MacBeth."

Tim Mooney is a treat to watch and not to be missed!

We Have a Winner
by Reid Gagle Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Not only do you have a chance at the best bits of every Shakespeare play, they are picked at random, bingo-style. More important than the shtick, though, is Mooney's mastery of the material and his ability to adjust his energy levels between these different, and random, pieces. (Note: unlike last year, when Mooney got audiences to take off their clothes, this time he gives clothes -- a T-shirt -- as a Bingo prize to a lucky audience member.)

Love that Tim Mooney!
by Kristi Lawless Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Tim is such a talent, and it is a joy to watch him perform. Really enjoyed this.

Absolutely wonderful
by Judy Budreau Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I could have watched Tim Mooney for another two hours - he's that good. Expressive, funny, intelligent --- his engagement with Shakespeare's lines makes the language, the stories alive in a rare way. And as he notes, a different show each time - go often.

a master performing his craft?
by Clark Kinser Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
It could be. A master at work with his craft. But, it's also a lot o' fun. It made me want to read more Shakespeare.

No holds Bard!
by Fringivitis Vulgaris Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Tim Mooney delivers a smorgasbord of Shakespeare tidbits. Many of them are familiar from English classes and popular plays. For a small gratuity he'll also take requests, albeit with varied results. This is comfy Fringe viewing.

Lots O.Fun
by Mary Lundberg-Johnson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
My first choice would be to give this performance 4 3/4 kitties, based mainly on a few awkward moments caused by forgotten lines. Other than that, Timothy puts on a unique and remarkable show. As a retired English teacher, I would love to have had Timothy in my class room to help show students how much fun Shakespeare can be. The combination of setting the scene, monologues that made the language seem very real and understandable, the chance to play Bingo (Iago) and win a prize, and a lot of enthusiasm make this show a good one for Shakespeare fans and even for those who still need converting.

ladies and gentlemen, tim mooney!
by Mark Browning Milner Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
i'd be willing to see tim in anything. he's always engaging and fun to be with, and this show, with its clever "lotto" hook, ranks with his best. i'm not entirely certain an evening of monologues divorced from their source material necessarily works as well as some of his past presentations, but this is nonetheless an excellent hour well spent. tim acknowledged fringe performers in the audience and allowed them to plug their shows - a class act.

by Lisa Olson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Probably the most fun I've ever had with Shakespeare. The format alone is an outstanding concept and the engaging delivery just adds to the experience. I attended with my parents - both of them, to my shock, since my Dad usually cuts me off with a hearty "hell no" the moment he hears the word "Shakespeare." He decided to take a chance and liked it almost as much as I did. I can't think of a better endorsement than that.

Dada Shakespeare
by Robert Hubbard Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
We don't often associate the masterful skill of Shakespeare with the random playfulness of Dadism, but this is what Tim Mooney brings us. Random chance selects the monologues (from a bingo cage). The result is a wonderful sampling from some of the most famous and least known of Shakespeare's plays. Certain speeches work better than others in this festival atmosphere... Marc Antone being a highlight! A few dropped lines on the night I saw it only proved that Tim is human. All it all, the night proved a playful and, at times, thrilling acting adventure.

Lot O'Shakespeare
by Ann Mullaney Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Excellent show -- Timothy Mooney really knows his Shakespeare. In simple straightforward language he sets a scene then delivers it with mastery. A delight, we'll go back to see him again on Sunday.

by Joseph Erickson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Well said with good accent and discretion.

Shakespeare BINGO (Iago) was fun.

a lot is not too much
by Kit Gordon Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
When a good actor does Shakespeare, I could listen for hours. Even though limited to a single hour, Tim Mooney was amazing as he delivered eighteen soliloquies and four sonnets in Saturday's show. They ranged from the well-known (Lear, Hamlet) to the fairly obscure (King John, Pericles). My personal favorites were Hotspur's speech from 1 Henry IV and sonnet 90 (extremely beautiful and not often heard). Bravo!

Title Does Not Lie
by Kale Ganann Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Tim turns in yet another fantasic collage show, much like his previous 'Moliere Than Thou'. He delivers a superb collection of performances, each character distinct and delightful. And of course, there are fabulous prizes to be won! Tim Mooney always gives good Fringe, and Lot O' Shakespeare is no exception. Highly recommended!

It is a bawdy planet!
by David Stagner Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Tim Mooney is arguably the most reliable quantity in the Fringe Festival. In a Fringe full of mostly amateur productions, Tim's professionalism stands out like a rose in a field of daisies (and dandelions). Lots of Fringe productions can give you Shakespeare - but few, if any, can give it with the power, emotional range, nuance, and clarity Tim brings to the stage. His delivery, both word and gesture, is direct enough that Shakespeare beginners can follow easily, but nuanced enough for the most hardened nerd. Dripping in sweat by halfway through, you can see just how much sheer energy is poured into the characters. The man who gave us Moliere Than Thou, Karaoke Nights, and Dancing Nude doing Shakespeare? That's a first-night show for me!

Sound and Fury
by Bill McTeer Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Tim Mooney uses a bingo cage to pick Shakespeare monologues (one from each of the 38 plays and three of the Sonnets). This is material that Tim loves -- all are competent and some are brilliant. (Sonnet 130, Henry VI part 2, A Winters Tale, Titus Andronicus, Cymbeline, and Merchant of Venice stood out for me.) Tim makes it live, where necessary, by setting the scene to remind us what is happening.

The Words and the Man
by Patrick Pfundstein Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Lot O' Shakespeare is not one of those slapped together shows. Timothy Mooney knows major speeches from 38 different Shakespeare plays, and 6 more from the Sonnets, and he proves it by performing an hour's worth chosen at random (20 speeches and one sonnet on Opening Night). Moreover, he performs them with a range, nuance, and especially energy that pulls the audience into each speech despite the sometimes wrenching change in subject and tone. Two things I know for sure about theater: that Shakespeare dude can write, and you should never miss a chance to see Tim Mooney!

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