Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

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Outrageous Fortune

Gustie Players

From St. Peter, Minn.

Written by Amy Seham with the company

Producer's website

Comedy, Drama

Contains Adult language

For ages 7+

"If you miss Amy Seham's brilliant "Hamlet" retelling because you think modern Shakespeare plays are too trendy, you might have to question the meaning of your life... The smart, postmodern script is matched by a few of its actors, too -- particularly the young leads Christian DeMarais (Holden Jr./Hamlet) and Nicole Du Cane (Olivia/Ophelia)."
-- Jessica Bakeman, STAR TRIBUNE (read the full review)

a new play by Amy Seham
directed by Evan Hilsabeck
stage managed by Caitlin McCarthy

Ella Bonner
Christian DeMarais
Nicole Du Cane
Michelle Kolhoff
Nate Morse
Jane Schrantz
Kurt Schweikardt

To Be or Not To Be?
What is the meaning of true love?
And where do Danish game show hosts really go when they die?

All these questions and more are soon to be unraveled in the Fringe Festival premiere of Amy Seham's "Outrageous Fortune!"

This smart serio-comedy takes off from the Bard's "Hamlet" and explores undiscovered territory with the help of a disillusioned college student, a mother in mid-life crisis and some absurdist reality television. Don't miss this incredible cast and what happens when they encounter things in...Total Black Out!

And a few examples of Danish Game Shows----

Ella Bonner
Role: Gail

Christian DeMarais
Role: Holden

Nicole DuCane
Role: Olivia

Evan Hilsabeck
Role: Director

Michelle Kolhoff
Role: Federikke

Caitlin McCarthy
Role: Stage Manager

Nate Morse
Role: Clark

Jane Schrantz
Role: Trudy

Kurt Schweikardt
Role: Roy

Amy Seham
Role: Playwright

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Shakespeare Collage by Teens
by Bill McTeer Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
This pleasant show presents famous scenes as dream visitations of a young Shakespeare fed up with theater. The script is very nicely constructed and delivered with enthusiasm by a large cast. Looking forward to seeing many of these actors in the Future Fringe.

Some good stuff
by Liz Blank Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
I did not get the game show stuff, had that not been in there at all, well I think that would have been a good thing. Why did everyone have to die in the end? The core of the story made sense to me. What was all that other stuff around it?

"So po-mo, Holden. So po-mo."
by Dave Christians Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Beautifully performed by a very talented cast. This is an original and thought provoking re-telling story of Hamlet. Seham has the writing ability to bring scenes to their extreme. She can seamlessly move the characters from hitting the comedic beats into very dark and somber moments. Hats off to Mr. Hilsabeck for a well-directed production.

A Must See Original Story
by Patrick McDougle Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Playing with the themes of post modernity and absurdity, Amy Seham does it again with this clever Hamlet parallel! The dialogue is very well written and is often clever and quick witted. The story engages the audience by drawing on the reoccurring questions of life such as "Who am I?" and "At what point do I put my spouse/parent into assisted living?". Every element of this show was oustanding, the lighting, the sound, and especially the acting. Great work!!!

Entertaining & Thought-Provoking
by Heide Kolhoff Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Great cast; great play! I enjoyed the Hamlet / Game Show spin . . . is life one big game that we blindly play, day after day? Each move on the game board of life gets us that much closer to the finish line. Make the wrong move and you may be done before you know it. This is a very clever play, and I highly recommend it.

Superb acting
by Rick Treece Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This thoughtful, post-modern (yes, I said it) updating of the Hamlet plot really helped me connect with the characters and their issues. The entire ensemble is strong, but the guy who does "Hamlet" is really an amazing talent.

In my top five
by Publius McGee Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Amazing as it sounds, these people managed to find a novel approach to the classic story of Hamlet. As relatable as the tale of revenge is, it's even more so in this instance for anyone who has watched a loved one age, or dealt with the complex feelings surrounding giving up and moving on. Some of the actors were a little rough around the edges, but the main five gave strong performances. Highly highly highly recommended.

Not a Hamlet ripoff
by Cato Brutus Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Despite what it seems, this is NOT a retelling of Hamlet with a new setting. Instead, Outrageous Fortune uses the Fringe staple of Hamlet as a jumping off point to tell its own story, with which it shares a number of themes and ideas. The gameshow portions unfortunately seem to exist to mostly show off how many clever references the writer can cram in, but this is probably the most thought-provoking play I've seen at Fringe.

Also, the cake was delicious.

Still thinking
by Maria Keith Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I keep thinking about this performance and going back and forth about my feelings. There should be more buzz about this one. I agree with the reviews its clever, well made, top rated performances and didn't understand the game show.

AND they gave us cake!
by B. N. Bot Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This was an extremely clever version of Hamlet interspersed with the insanity of a Danish game show. The only things that were not perfect were minor nitpicks - one actress flubbed her lines a few times, the lighting design was just slightly off, and the prop poetry sheets had no writing on them. Other than that, really solid, brilliant rendition of Hamlet.

Plus, yes, as we were waiting in line for the next show, we commented on how delicious the prop cake looked, and the cast gave us the leftovers. And it WAS delicious.

Hamlet visits the Fringe
by Peter Shea Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This play is well made and its actors are competent. Amy Seham helps us see what's in Hamlet by transposing it into modern terms, contemporary dilemmas replacing the Gothic horror of the original. It repeats the old questions: how can love turn to contempt, turn to disgust? What does a son owe his father? How can one use words like love and faith in a world in which you may any time be fooled, and then fooled again?

This play helps with Hamlet -- a lot. I don't understand the choice of framing the plot within a Danish game show. But this is smart enough, I am willing to keep thinking about that.

An unsure Hamlet
by Hazen Markoe Follow this reviewer
Rating 2 kitties
Told as a modern story with the ghost of Hamlet's father as a man suffering from Alzheimer's, this production with its energetic cast means well but is undone by a game show sub plot that only seems to serve as a quicky way to wrap up the story.

Existentialism and Hamlet in modern day
by Deborah Demarais Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
The age-old questions of who am I, what is love, what are the purpose of memories and am I anything more than my experience are craftily addressed with depth and drama and a bit of humor. Play is well written and cast performances are top rated. Don't miss it!

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