Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011

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The Nerdyad

Created by Dana's Boys

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Puppetry, Comedy, Satire, Sci-fi/Mystery/Horror

For ages 2+

Hamluke has been awarded an Encore performance!

If you missed us or just want to see us again, join us at the Rarig Arena Sunday night at 8:30!

FringeFamous has nominated Hamluke for three Fringies!

Outstanding Play
Outstanding Production
Outstanding Performance, Male (Clarence Wethern)

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Hamluke photos by Eric G.Y. Petersen are available on Flickr.

Metro Mag says Hamluke "evokes the best sort of madness."

Pioneer Press dubs Hamluke a Must See!

City Pages calls Hamluke an "entertaining mix" which tells a "fast-paced and engaging version of the original [Hamlet] story."

"Hamluke delivered not only what it promised, but much more. Just do yourself a favor and buy your tickets NOW." - Adam Whisner, Minnesota Playlist

"There were moments when the confluence of Mark Hamill, Clarence Wethern and Hamlet were just about perfect. And many excellent moments, often from Lindsay Marcy. And I'm very enthusiastic about any production that dresses children up in costumes that restrict their vision and then makes them toddle about." - John Middleton, Minnesota Playlist

MPLS.TV recommends Hamluke, praising the "swift, energetic acting and hilarious one-liners."

Listen to Joshua Humphrey interview Brad Erickson and Clarence Wethern about Hamluke on the Twin Cities Theater Connection podcast.

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A long time ago, in a castle far, far away...

Hamluke embarks on a tragic tale of betrayal and revenge in this hilarious, acclaimed, Star Wars-inspired version of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, as told by Wookiees, droids, and Jedi Knights.

Fresh from their run playing Hamlet and Ophelia in Theatre in the Round's production of Hamlet, Clarence Wethern and Lindsay Marcy star as Hamluke and Opheleia. Hamluke also features Mike Rylander reprising his role of Darthius and Polyodius in his final performance in the Twin Cities.

Brad Erickson
Role: Playwright, Director, Ghosty Wan Kenobi
Since co-creating Dana's Boys with Michael Mayket, Brad has written, directed, and performed in Hamluke, Match Game Mondays, and The Saved By The Bell Show. Up next, he will take on the role of Shaggy in the upcoming production of The Scooby Doo Show. His previous experience includes working with Phoenix Theatre, Arizona Shakespeare Festival, Hennepin Theatre Trust, and the comedy troupe Here Come Your Enemies in Los Angeles. For the past four years, Brad has toured the metro area schools portraying Abraham Lincoln with Historical Perspectives For Children. As a fan of Star Wars and live theatre, Brad is excited to join efforts with The Nerdyad and mark his third venture in the Minnesota Fringe.

Ferryn Flodquist
Role: Plawa
Ferryn became passionate about acting recently during a 3th grade class rendition of The Emperor's New Clothes, where she poured her heart and soul into being the best "Townsperson #5" ever. She also got a taste for the stage when she enrolled in Youth Improv Camp at the Brave New Workshop this summer. Ferryn LOVES working with the cast of Hamluke and is very proud of her Plawa death scene! She hopes to write and direct plays of her own someday

Abigail Greer
Role: Plawa
Abby is excited to be making her theatrical debut with this production of Hamluke (that is, if you don’t count her big sister’s productions of Greek myths in the back-yard). In addition to her scholastic work (she will be entering 5th grade this Fall), Abby is also a five-year veteran of the Circus Juventas youth circus arts program, where she currently specializes in acrobatics, wire-walking, and unicycle.

Mahmoud Hakima
Role: Landocrantz
Mahmoud is thrilled to be back in the Minnesota Fringe. Recent Fringe shows include solo performances of Can Michael Come Out and Play and Two Bowls of Cereal and Some Bacon. He has worked with Climb Theater, National Theater for Children, In the Basement Productions, Cromulent Shakespeare Company, Science Live Theater, Teatro del Pueblo, and Historical Perspectives for Children, where he performed a one-man show as none other than Martin Luther King, Jr. He can also be seen at various improv shows throughout the Twin Cities and could once be regularly seen at Nickelodeon Universe as Jimmy Neutron and Spongebob Squarepants. For more Fringe shows featuring Mahmoud or his work, check out The 612 and Uncle Tom's Condo.

Lindsay Marcy
Role: Opheleia, Gertrudala
Lindsay Marcy has performed at The Red Eye, Theatre in the Round, The Playwrights’ Center, Walking Shadow, the Southern, and the Jon Hassler Theater. Previously at the Fringe, she performed in #Ringtone and Buyer's Remorse. Most recently, Lindsay played Ophelia in Hamlet at Theatre in the Round. This Fall, she will appear in Oliver Twist at Park Square Theatre, followed by 1968: The Year That Rocked the World at the History Theatre. Lindsay holds a BA in Theater Arts and Dance from the University of Minnesota.

Michael Mayket
Role: Assistant Director
Michael Mayket co-founded Dana Boys with Brad Erickson in 2006 and has spent the years since attempting to make people laugh. He is thrilled to be working with The Nerdyad on their production of Hamluke, which will mark his fourth run of the show, and to make his return to the Fringe where he previously produced Twisted for the 2008 Festival. Most recently, Michael produced and appeared in The Saved By The Bell Show at Bryant Lake Bowl, and this Fall, he will produce The Scooby Doo Show, also at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Michael studied theater and English writing at Concordia College, Moorhead.

Jay Melchior
Role: Laersolo
Jay Melchior has been an active member and avid fan of the Twin Cities theatre community for many years. This will be his FIFTH Fringe experience, with his fourth being RoboHoma last year. He was recently seen as Johnny Dakota in The Saved By The Bell Show at Bryant Lake Bowl and will be on display again this fall in the musical Vampires! Horror!

James Meyers
Role: Stage Manager
James moved to Minneapolis from rural Wisconsin to study chemical engineering. He quickly decided that that career was not for him and four years later graduated from University of Minnesota Theatre Arts and Dance program with a concentration on directing and stage management. This is his second year working as a stage manager for the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Dan Peltzman
Role: Wedgecisco, Lobotstern, George Inbras
A graduate of the University of Minnesota's Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, Dan has acted around town since 2006, working most recently on writing and producing sketch comedy. As a lover of great literature and nerdy sci-fi, Dan is very excited to be working on a project that seems specifically tailored to him. He would like to thank his friends and family for their support and the audience for making live theatre a priority.

Autumn Rasmus
Role: Plawa
Autumn is thrilled to be making her first festival apprearance with the Minnesota Fringe. At age ten, Autumn made her professional stage debut as Kevin the Robot in The Saved By The Bell Show at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Since then, Autumn played the title character in the Anoka-Hennepin Community Education production of The Velveteen Rabbit, an angel in Advent Lutheran Church's 2010 Christmas Pageant, and a munchkin in the Oxbow Creek Elementary fourth grade production of The Wizard of Oz. Most recently, Autumn was Rosalie in The Children's Hour at The People's Center Theatre in Minneapolis. Autumn loves to do film and television, appearing in Please Hold (Daughter), One Door Opens (Young Girl), and in What's Cool in Your School (as Herself). Autumn lives in Brooklyn Park and will be entering fifth grade at Oxbow Creek Elementary. In addition to acting, Autumn loves to play volleyball, swim, shoot baskets, read and write stories, watch movies and play video, card, and board games...and socialize.

Mike Rylander
Role: Darthius, Polyodius
Mike Rylander is thrilled to reprise the roles of Darthius and Polyodius for a fourth time in Hamluke. Previously, he has performed with Four Humors, Live Action Set, Hennepin Theatre Trust, Actor's Theater of MN, Joking Envelope, Girl Friday, Urban Samurai, Theatre Unbound and others. Mike has been the Arena Host for the Minnesota Timberwolves for the past five years, is a graduate of the Brave New Workshop's Institute of Improvisation, and has appeared in numerous independent films and countless commercials - including the former "most watched commercial of all-time" - Doritos' Snack Attack Samurai (Super Bowl XLIV). After ten years of Twin Cities residency, Mike will be relocating to Los Angeles, California immediately after the Fringe.

Cody Sorensen
Role: Horeepio
Cody came up from Houston, Texas to attend the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program. After graduating in 2009, he has gone on to perform in numerous Twin Cities theater companies such as; Guthrie Theater, Red Eye, Hardcover, Theatre L’homme Dieu, and most recently with Dana’s Boys in the role of Zack Morris in The Saved By The Bell Show. He has also worked and starred in several independent and short films. He is thrilled to be a part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival for the second time. You can see him perform next in the fall as Fred in The Scooby Doo Show at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater. He will be continuing his acting journey by moving to Los Angeles in the spring of 2012.

Zack Tormoen
Role: R2- Datio
Greetings! R2 here, I just wanted to say that the little boy trapped inside this amazingly dressed R2 unit is super excited to be a part of this play. Surprisingly, this is Zack's (the little boy trapped inside of me) first time in a play, but after this experience of being in a "Shakespearean Star Wars" play, he has confidence he can be in bigger and greater things, like..."ExTream WatEr balloOn War on A BIg piLe of foam BlockS"!! ::WARNING::LOW BATTERY! Oops! Looks like I need a charge. R2 unit, OUT! OH yeah! Zack says "Enjoy the show, everybody!"

Clarence Wethern*
Role: Hamluke
Since relocating to Minneapolis from his hometown of New Orleans in 2005, Clarence Wethern has performed with such companies as The Workhaus Collective, Walking Shadow, and Theatre Pro Rata, as well as appearing in numerous independent films and other on-camera projects. Previously at the Fringe, he performed in Bard Fiction and Tales...of the Expected!, two of the top ten best-selling shows of the 2009 Festival. Most recently, Clarence played Hamlet at Theatre in the Round, and this Fall, he will appear in The Pride at Pillsbury House Theatre. Clarence holds a BA in Communications/Theatre from Southeastern Louisiana University.

*Appearing by permission of Actors' Equity Association.

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Know all your star wars shows, too
by Suzanne Sharrock Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
This was a "fun" show - but heavy on the sight and line gags, somewhat hard to follow the dialogue in the arena venue. Far more jokes than I, an oldie with only two SW's shows under my belt to, but the fun, the humor, and the prob's were just that - cute. But not "great art" - seem liked they were just trying a little too hard to overstate the obvious. Subtlely will grow with age, I think, and there is promise here.

Clearly well produced
by Greg Stevens Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
In in to get the full effect of this production, I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with all things Star Wars and Hamlet, otherwise all the jokes and references will go WAY over your head. That said, clever, well paced great costumes, and fun with terrific performances by all!

A Spectacle
by August Berkshire Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
The spectacle of the show itself is just about worth 5 kitties. It's been so long since I've seen Star Wars that I missed a number of references. I also missed about 5% of the dialogue due to the actors speaking too fast or not projecting well enough. Some good moments of fusing Hamlet and Star Wars. In the end, I felt it was worth 4 kitties.

Tickles your inner (or outer) nerd
by Jason Dalrymple Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Hamluke had all the elements to make the juxtaposition of Star Wars over the story of Hamlet a raucously good time. Pockets of references and lines littered the performance in every scene with hilarious inclusion of multiple installments of the Star Wars saga. There were very few moments of the show that I wasn't laughing and my inner nerd appeased.

While I would otherwise give it 5 kitties, 4 1/2 feels more right. There were times that it seemed like the Star Wars lines were more forced and several times the dialogue moved too fast to catch the references.

Those two hitches aside, this show is deserving of the encore and if you haven't reserved yet, do so now before you lose your seat to the Dark Side.

Very good!
by Deb Jameson Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
So great! Deserves all the accolades it has been getting! Would love to see it again!!

It Doesn't Get Much Better than This
by Hailey Colwell Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Whether you're a supernerd or not, Hamluke will have you laughing every other second. It's entertaining, well-written, and skillfully put together. Duck in by yourself or bring the whole family; you'll come out in a good mood.

silly beyond belief
by Daniel Pinkerton Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
The Nerdyad went to a lot of trouble to lovingly create a show in which Hamlet and Star Wars are thrown into a blender and set to "puree." The costumes, the puppet, the cheesy effects all took a great deal of effort and the results were wonderful. The cast, especially Clarence Wethern, Mike Rylander, and Lindsay Marcy, are top notch --- and a special tip of the hat to the kids who played the "Plawas" (Players/Jawas) and R2D2. In fact the whole idea of having the Jawas act out the dumbshow from Hamlet was the most inspired touch.

Why not a five-kitty rating? Well, some of the jokes just weren't that funny; for example, slipping technobabble into a famous Shakespearian quote is funny the first time, but not the 6th or the 10th time.

Amazing, smart, funny, etc.
by Mark LaCroix Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Hamluke was fantastic in every way. The performances (from a large cast, including a few children) were universally brilliant, the script was clever and reverent to both source materials, and the production was top-notch.

The best moments were the unexpected surprises and non sequiturs, like every time Clarence Wethern as Hamluke suddenly delivers a line in a pitch-perfect imitation of Mark Hamil's nasally whine, or when you see a staging of the Vader/Kanobi duel using the exact clumsy choreography from the first film.

Others have said that it helps to know Star Wars to get all the references, and that really helps, but it is just as useful to know Hamlet well. The final swordfight especially is a great mashup of both stories.

Nerd's Delight
by Nathan Curland Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
You definitely have to know Star Wars to appreciate this one (a little Hamlet wouldn't hurt!) And you better be an expert to get all the reference (I'm not so I missed a few, but it was still good!) The audience was really into it and the place was packed. Full costume regatta didn't hurt and even the kids did a great job. Shakespeare would have loved it.

Not just for Star War geeks...
by Will Weisert Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
...although a firm understanding of the first three films in the double trilogy certainly help (assuming, of course, that the first three are Episodes 4, 5, and 6)

I'd expected a geeky, loose and somewhat clumsy retelling of Hamlet but was blown away with how tight the performance was - these folks were committed to both the Lucas and Shakespearian aspects of the story. While played to generate laughs, there was enough of the Bard left in the performance to remind you that this is Hamlet's - no, excuse me, Hamluke's - story.

An excellent mash up
by Matt Bradt Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I have seen some clever shakespeare with a twist shows but never one as ambitious as this. The Star Wars references are cleverly integrated. This show does a lot more than mash together two stories. I was impressed with the pace the actors kept up. They crammed a lot of scences into a short time. Despite the frantic speed the show was very polished and great performances were delivered by everyone. Best show I have seen so far.

More Chewbaca!
by Kara Greshwalk Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Take the most well-known Shakespeare play, mash it with a beloved sci-fi classic, populate it with an amazing, talented cast, and a writer/director who has a gift for comedy, and you have 'Hamluke.' It made me so happy as I looked around at an audience ranging from age 10 to 60+, and everyone was having a great time. I'd go point by point at all the great moments that made me laugh, but instead, I'm just going to strongly recommend you see this show.

Uneven, with moments of brilliance
by Eric Salo Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
There are moments in this show which are absolutely inspired and definitely make it worth seeing. The Plawas, Yoda, and Yorick scenes were all hilarious, and Clarence Weathern manages a spot-on Hamlet while simultaneously channeling the whiny spirit of 1977 Mark Hamill. Impressive! Most impressive.

That said, a great many of the juxtapositions felt forced. Appending a famous line from Star Wars to the end of a famous line from Hamlet is much more effective when the two actually make sense together. Often they did not, or were spoken by the "wrong" character.

So okay, while this may not be quite the mashup masterpiece that Bard Fiction was in 2009, it is still undeniably fun and should make you laugh hard at least a handful of times. Go.

What a combination!
by Nanette Stearns Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
I grew up watching Star Wars and have been a Hamlet fan since high school. Never thought of putting the two together. The combination is perfect. Talented and skilled performers with an obvious affection for both pieces made this an enjoyable evening. It's sure to draw a crowd for its last performance tomorrow so come early!

To go or not to go; there is no question
by Heidi Neumann Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Go! Sweet nerdity, this play is awesome. It is delightful to see what wonderful mayhem can ensue when you take good actors, delightfully campy costumes, two classics in their own genre and throw it into hands of creator/director Brad Erickson. If you go (and you should go), order your tickets online or there early. The was a line already for tickets 45 minutes before showtime.

Fringe show, see this, you must!
by Heather Baldwin Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This is one of several Shakespeare/geek culture mash-ups featured in this year's Fringe Festival, and frankly, the most successful one. If you have even the slightest bit of familiarity with Hamlet and/or Star Wars, you will LOVE this show. It's amazing how well the corresponding characters matched up to each other. The only thing that bugged me is that in Star Wars, Leia is Han Solo's lover and Luke's sister, and in Hamlet, Ophelia is Hamlet's lover and Laertes' sister. So, you'd think Han Solo would correspond to Hamlet, and he probably would have, had he been the protagonist of the movie. Regardless, I pushed that logical flaw out of my mind and laughed uproariously along with my fellow audience members througout the show.

It's a Trap!
by Kale Ganann Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Hamluke is an insane, over-the-top mash-up of Star Wars and Hamlet, and the invention and versatility displayed by the cast is nothing short of jaw-dropping. We were sitting next to someone for whom it was his very first Fringe play, and I can think of little better introduction. It's funny, it's well made, and the play within a play is a joy to behold. You owe it to yourself, your aunt Beru, your uncle Owen and all the people of Alderaan to see this play.

Nerd Overload, And Awesome
by Mark Long Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Exactly as advertised. Awesome as expected. Extra kudos to Rylander for his dual performances.

Study up!
by Jason Rojas Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I thought I was a big Star Wars and Hamlet fan! I actually felt dumb compared to the huge crowd of die-hard fans that were there eating it all up. The audience was ROARING. It really was an experience I have not had before in the theater. I wish I had time to go back and watch a few Star Wars and see it again. No doubt this baby is going to sell out the rest of the way out. Get there EARLY to get your tickets. The stand out performance for me were the children actors- they were too cute to handle! Some of the moments were a bit cheesy- but hey... they are mixing Star Wars and Hamlet. I bought it and was not taken out of the story. I am shocked by how many Star Wars references they could jam into an hour long version of Hamlet. Bravo

Not Disappointed
by Frank Lahti Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I saw it twice! It has been many years since I saw Star Wars and many more since reading Hamlet. The second viewing was more enjoyable than the 1st and you discover more of the wit that was written into and molded together with an exceptional cast. Frank L.

Trust the Farce, Luke
by Reid Gagle Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
This show takes Hamlet's plot and moves it to the Star Wars universe. This makes it the flip side of the other sci-fi/Shakespeare Fringe hybrid, Tempests, which moves the sci-fi story to Shakespeare's world. It is also the "flip" side in that this show is mostly played for laughs. It does get those laughs from the audience, and they are fully and fairly earned. A lot of the humor derives from seeing how yet another Star Wars element can be shoehorned into the Hamlet framework. But the show is also well-acted, with experienced Shakespearean actors like Clarence Wethern and Lindsay Marcy who recently tackled straight versions of the same roles in last spring's Hamlet at TRP.

Great shot kid, one in a million!
by Charles Beeson Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Hamluke is delightful. It doesn't disappoint, from the beginning Star Wars themes played on ancient string instruments, to the seamless mix between Star Wars and Hamlet dialogue, the great voicings and movements of characters, esp the C3P0 and Darth Vader characters, and the use of sound effects by actors and children to play some of the smaller parts...lots of people coming on and off the stage so often I got a bit seasick, but that space at the Rarig Arena is fun to play around in (I had the chance twice at the Fringe). Well done everyone, kids and adults will love this show, even better if you know Hamlet and Star Wars (all six episodes). And pre-reserve tickets as this one sold out.

by Jim Robson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
What an inspired mashup of Hamlet and Star Wars! Frenectic action throughout without a dull moment. The only downside for me was being unable to hear every line or see every sight gag due to it being performed in the round. Otherwise, truly amazing! Given time, I would definitely see again.

It's a trap!
by Kristi Lawless Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
This was super silly fun--energizing. A happy way to end my fringing for the night.

Yes Hamlet can be a comedy
by Anna Amyx Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This is a super clever show with a ton of funny details. The costumes! The silly juxtaposition of lines! The excellent child actors! (Excellent adult actors, too.) I was skeptical about this idea of making Hamlet a comedy, but it totally worked! Yes, you do need to know Hamlet and Star Wars somewhat in order to enjoy it. In preparation for the show I scanned about half of the Wikiquotes page on Hamlet and thought fondly of 1977.* Then I laughed through the whole play. Also, you might want (re)familiarize yourself with this image: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1344704256/tt0076759

Enjoy the show!

*The year Star Wars was released.

See it... it's worth the wait!
by Justine Carroll Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
What can I say? It is a clever and fun re-realization of the story of Hamlet put into the world of Star Wars. Some may say that it may not be easy to understand if you aren't familiar with these stories. Then again, I just met a 7 year old that new what the 'Death Star' was; so I think anyone can appreciate the show. I seriously L-O-L-ed all over the place... and I'm not even a nerd!!!

...and everyone on Planet Alderaan
by Jess Pants Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Seriously, you need to come see this show. The mashup of Shakespeare and Star Wars was absolutely brilliant. If I had the time, I'd see this one again. There were definitely times that lines or physical gags were lost due to the round space, but overall, it was successful. Good volume/projection from the actors to combat that. A few lines were rushed or said while people were laughing/clapping, but that's happened in most shows I've seen thus far. Kudos to the costume (!!!) department, and the kids who played the Plawas and R2. Absolutely brilliant.

Absolutely a must see.
by Stan Peal Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show is ridiculously, relentlessly funny. I can't remember the last time I laughed that much. If you're a fan of Star Wars, you HAVE to see this. God will be angry if you don't. And if you only sort of know Star Wars, you'll know enough to really enjoy an amazing interpretation of Hamlet. If you've never seen Star Wars and know nothing about it, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?

Clarence Wethern, as always, is brilliant, and the voice/puppet work of Mike Rylander and Brad Erickson was uncanny and hilarious. And big props for the awesome youngsters playing the company of Plawas!

Know the difference between...
by Cato Brutus Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
an AT-AT and an AT-ST? If you don't, this is not for you. Your enjoyment of this show is directly proportional to how much you can quote from the six Star Wars movies. If you don't know what "directly proportional" means, you are not enough of an English or sci-fi nerd for this show.

Loved it.
by Dave Christians Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Kudos to Mr. Erickson on a fine show. It was a great mixture of Hamlet and Star Wars. I think I may have loved the Star Wars references more than the Halmet references. Big applause for the very, very obscure Star Wars references. My favorite was "blue milk." While the Rarig Arena is a fine performance space, often times I would miss lines due to performers backs facing me. This applies for a handful of the sight gags too. And more than a few times the actors would push through their lines during audience laughter which also made me miss lines too. Overall a great story, AMAZING costumes (WOW!), and solid performances.

Very funny parody
by William Beeman Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
This was a clever telling of Hamlet using Star Wars characters. The production had to strain a bit in places to introduce every main character in the Star Wars epic, eliciting occasional groans from the audience. If you didn't know Hamlet and Star Wars you would have quite a time figuring out what was going on. The acting, was way over the top, occasionally to hilarious effect, but after all this was a cartoon production, and come to think of it the original Star Wars cast wasn't all that accomplished either. Costumes were awesome.

Frenetic, hilarious, and smart
by Patricia Lindgren Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Luke Skywalker meets Hamlet, which involves a lot of people waltzing on and off the stage quickly. This is one of my Fringe faves this year. If you don't know both stories, red the Cliff notes b4 attending. Too many puns and inside jokes to count - plus such cheesy scenes that you can't help laughing out loud. Thespians who love Star Wars see this you must!

by Richard Shields Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This is a fast paced show that is full of action. Clever blend of Stars meets Hamlet. The cast really gave the piece life. Go.

The only downside was that sometimes hearing everything was not easy.

Shakespeare + Star Wars = Awesome!
by Sam Choo Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Really, if you like one & merely tolerate the other, this will win you over. If you love both, it's the mash-up you've never thought to long for that will make you think harder about cross-pollinating your source material. Great script, performances & costuming. Sound effects & music were great, but too loud for the dialogue at times, and the amount of dork laughter was too loud for the dialogue many times.
This was a fantastic Fringe show & would do great on the Festival circuit if Lucas & 10th grade English teachers don't stone them for blasphemy.
Parent note: There's still enough Hamlet-style murder & Luke style whining to question bringing young kids to this show.

Fun For All!
by Sara Lahti Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I will admit I am a little rusty on my Shakespeare. And have always been a Star Wars fan (not a die-hard). This was the perfect mix of the two. At times when I felt lost in the Hamlet plot I will quickly saved with the intertwining Star Wars characters and references that made me feel like I was at no point left behind!

From the beginning music to the very end I was highly entertained. No moment was dull and did not feel that the audience was bored in any way! This is definitely a fun show for everyone who may not even be schooled in either story.

All the actor's performances were strong and spot on! I loved it!

FANTASTIC SHOW!!! MUST SEE before this crazy festival is over.

May The Force Be With You
by David Rust Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
A solidly funny mash-up of "Star Wars" and "Hamlet", this show may be advertised as "all ages" but all of the humor relies upon knowing either "Hamlet" or "Star Wars". It is a solidly, good play that evoked some really fan-based laughter in me. I just noted that some really young kids (I'm guessing 5 or 6) weren't really all that interested and kept fidgeting.

That said, the story of the Danish/DeathStarish Prince and his semi-deceased father figure "Ghosty One Kenobi" was enjoyable and well orchestrated in the theater-in-the-round style space.

My only real critique of it would be that they used so many quotes from the Star Wars films in unusual places that my geek-o-meter kept trying to parse them all and figure out, "Ok, does that really belong at this point in the script"? Sometimes it felt a bit forced.

Heh. See what I did there? Forced?

Bah. These guys write better jokes than me.

Still, this is a very fun play and well worth your money to attend.

And all the people of Alderaan
by Molly Miller Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
This show delivers exactly what it promises. Hamlet and Star Wars. The premise was cute and some of the jokes were well integrated into Shakespeare's play. However, most of the play seemed ill-fitting to me, which is odd considering the two stories have some remarkable similarities. Most of the jokes were pretty painful, consisting merely of Lucas' script thrown into Shakespeare's script randomly, although when Ophleia came out singing her Life Day song I laughed. The places where Hamlet and Star Wars really meshed (like the Life Day song and the "perchance to dream" sequence) were really charming. Everything else seemed clashing.

Force-fully Funny
by ian felton Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
What a great combo. Unlike my review, combining Hamlet and Star Wars, never felt 'forced.'

From start to finish, Hamluke delivered. If you know both Hamlet and Star Wars, you'll get the more miles than a landspeeder with a Alderian hyperdrive. If you only know one or the other, I'm not sure how funny the jokes would be. Like Han Solo in carbonite, they'd likely 'fall flat.' God, I kill me.

Oh, the costumes were great, too. C3PO was created from wall outlets and brass grates. The actor played him perfectly.

Hilariously, cleverly intergrated
by Corwin Amyx Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show had me laughing almost the entire time. My only regret is that I did not review the source material before hand, so I could catch the jokes sooner.

Take your kids.
by Tristan Miller Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
“HamLuke,” where Star Wars meets Shakespeare. It was…..Cute? It had a lot of references to Star Wars and by references I mean exact dialogue. That was my main issue with it, I was hoping that the references were going to more….subtle. But one thing this show did well was impressions of the actors, the guy in charge of bringing to life Jar Jar, I believe the Emperor, and Tarkin did this to perfection. The man who played the Yoda character also did this very well. The man who played HamLuke also did very well at doing a Mark Hamill Impression and was a fairly convincing Hamlet as well. So props to you, guy whose name I haven’t and will not look up for the point of this review. The main thing I have to say is, the more obscure the reference the better and this is not the fault of the company or the actors considering it was a working script. But as I say issue I have is more with writers less of the cast. Also this is a brilliant kid friendly show. Take your kids, but show them the real Hamlet when they're older.

Beware the Dark Side
by Michael Lewis Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Of all the Fringe shows, this is the one I was most excited about, which is why I am slightly disappointed. This is a show, in the round, that should not be in the round. When it relies on sight gags and one-liners, it doesn't work when a portion of the audience can't see the sight gag or the one liner. For the majority of the show I did see, I enjoyed it. I just wish I could have seen and heard all of it. I do have to say that if there was a Fringe award for Best Costumes, this show would easily win it hand's down. The cast did a fantastic job, and the writing was excellent. I just wish the production had been just that much better. Standouts were Brad Erickson, Mike Rylander, and the Plawas.

They were right!
by Dawn Brodey Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
While I'm sure that a scene-by-scene recalling of both Hamlet and Star Wars is helpful to enjoying this show, it isn't necessary.

After hearing good things about productions past, this was first time seeing it. My face hurt from smiling and I clapped and giggled in unharnessed delight many times. The performances should be roundly applauded - especially Lindsay Marcy who excelled at the drama, satire, and clowning equally.

Some of it went by so fast I missed it, but ultimately I'm grateful for the excuse to see it again!

by Mac Rasmus Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I really did not know what to expect going in. In fact I was so surprised that SO many people showed up, but now it's totally obvious. If a person is thinking about going to the show I would say A) watch the old triology and then B) read through the Hamlet Spark notes. If you do you will be rolling on the ground from laughing so hard. Brad Erickson, the mastermind behind the show, is absolutely brilliant. He could have easily done All of the voices from the Star Wars Saga. Well done indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed myself even though I didn't know everything about Hamlet. Go See this show! It's a great time, no alcohol required.

Easily Funny
by MaryLynn Mennicke Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Having seen Lindsay Marcy and Clarence Wethern in Matt Sciple's excellent production of Hamlet earlier this year, I had a wonderful time seeing them spoof their own performances. This show was a ton of fun. My only reason for giving it four stars instead of fives is just that, while the impressions of Star Wars characters/quoting of lines from the movies gets a huge audience laugh, it was just too easy; making fun of Luke Skywalker's whininess is nothing original, for example. But that's the best part of the premise--they really can't go wrong. The writers and actors milk the mash-up all it is worth, much to the enjoyment of the audience. Hamlet characters using the force on each other? I don't think they could have made it funnier if they tried. A Fringe hit for sure.

Excitement! Adventure!
by Tristine Miller Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I definitely craved these things! Fast-paced, funny, great costumes, excellent dialog, superb acting,and probably the funniest show I will see this Fringe! Fun for the whole family and a great way to introduce the young ones to Shakespeare!

oh homage how we love you
by Sarah James Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
A little hard to follow the story line if you don't know the Hamlet story really well already (or the Star Wars story), but awfully fun if you do. Everybody in the cast clearly loves what they're doing. Some of Hamluke's monologues fall a little flat, but are more than made up for by the queen mum's.

Everyone in the audience loved it, we interrupted many times with applause and laughter too loud for dialogue to go on. Nice intertwining of classic dialogue from both shows.

I'm in love with the heating vent, outlet cover, and braided cording making up C3PO's costume.

by linda marinetti Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I really enjoyed this even though I'm not enough of a Star Wars "nerd" to get all of the in jokes. Very clever, a huge amount of effort put in from cast and crew. The play within a play was excellent - those kids did such a fab job!

A Fantastic show you must see!
by Jennifer nemo Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Finally a play that combines two of the most well known sagas in literature; Shakespeare's Hamlet and George Lucas' Star Wars. This show is perfect for hardcore fans of both the bard and the bearded one.

The script is a seamless blend of dialogue from both Star Wars and Hamlet, with many one-liners from each of the SW films that were appropriately placed within the HamLuke story.

The cast were fantastic. Mike Rylander's Darthius, Clarence Wethern's Hamluke and Lindsay Marcy's Gertudala/Opheleia were by far the strongest. The Plawas' performance of the play within a play was hysterical and well done!

Most of all, the production is a visual love-fest of costumes and props that support the story well.

The performance space is intimate (too small really) but it was packed to the hilt with people sitting and standing in the aisles because this is a show not to be missed. You will laugh, find yourself quoting lines from both the bard and the bearded one, when you're not laughing hysterically to the point where your eyes water (and they will water).

Hamluke received a standing ovation its opening night and deservedly so. It's a brilliantly written comedy that deserves more exposure beyond the fringe. It could easily hold its own in the professional theater world.

This show knows what it is and does it
by Aaron Sawyer Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
You know why you're going to this show. They know why you're going to this show. You'll go. You'll be glad you did.
The actor playing Hamluke was committed to his role and made the show enjoyable while others had fun around him. Clever script keeps hitting you from all sides.

I laughed so hard...
by Carin Leonard-Gorrill Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I had tears coming to my eyes. Brilliant comedy. Go. See. It. Now.

by Jennifer Matz Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I was worried for this show, because this is a concept that could be very difficult to pull off. There was no possibility for just an ok show – it had to click, or it was going to fail miserably.

It was brilliant. It was an intelligent and witty merging of two classic stories. The characters from Star Wars and Hamlet were paired perfectly – Yoda as Polonius, Vader as Claudius… I don’t want to give too much away. Little surprises kept coming throughout the entire hour. And yet at so many steps I thought “Of course! Could it be any other way?” The portrayal of characters was spot-on. (Fringe-worthy spot on, that is – this isn’t Laurence Olivier and I wouldn’t want it to be.) The actors weaved back and forth between their Star Wars and Hamlet roles seamlessly. This cast had us on a fantastical ride. They were even able to repeat one joke several times throughout the show, and we roared with laughter every time we heard it. Nothing got old. This is cheese at its best.

Like other reviewers, I would warn that you will appreciate this most if you are familiar with both Star Wars and the story of Hamlet. I suppose that if you were a Star Wars fan with no knowledge of Hamlet you would enjoy the costumes and Star Wars references, but would miss out on the subtleties of placement in the script. If you know Shakespeare but haven’t seen Star Wars, you would follow the storyline but not understand the jokes. This is NOT to say that if you are not familiar with one story or the other that you should avoid this show. What I am telling you is that if you are not familiar with one story or the other – go NOW, read an abridged Hamlet and get comfortable with some of the more famous lines and/or watch Star Wars at least Episodes IV and V…and then go see Hamluke!

A laugh riot
by Richard Jackson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
I feel guilty giving this show 5 kitties. It's fluff. But. As an admitted "Star Wars" geek, the blending of dialogue from "Hamlet" and "Star Wars" had me laughing from beginning to end.

Puppet Yoda. 'Nuff said.
by Deb Gunther Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This play is genius wrapped in sci-fi, served with a gigantic side of hilarity. Far and away better than your typical campy fringe mashup. Well written. Well acted. Amazing costumes. Standing ovation.

Fringe Candy
by Bill McTeer Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Mashups are a Fringe tradition and here we have Hamlet meets Star Wars. The scope of this show and the skill of the mixture is astounding. Just when you think you're tracking, it changes delightfully to the mirror-drama. Superb costumes, script, and cast. Well directed for the Arena stage.

Warning: small theater + great show = sellouts.

by Steve Hartman Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
Two things I like very much—Star Wars and Hamlet—mashed together? I think I’m going to like this very campy, corny play.

Hamluke opened in front of a lively and willing audience, and was able to deliver.

The mashup between “Ham” and “Luke” is generally done well in the script. The whole show is littered with infamous one liners, some of which the audience anticipated and said with the actors. That said the script is not flawless, some parts are integrated better than others, and unfortunately some actors don’t deliver them to justice in the round space.

The best performance really does go to Luke—who, despite the plays campiness, is endowed in his objectives with utter seriousness. Some of the other actors schmooze it up but his dedication was refreshing—something of respect from an equity actor.

The real reason for the 3 kitty rating is for the performance. It had the usual first night opening flubs. Some cues were missed, especially from the child actors; the fight choreography was poorly executed; and a few inexperienced actors were overcome by audience reaction that they broke character on stage. The show has potential to be a 4 kitty show once it gets more settled.

Another warning before wrap-up—this show is really only for those generally knowledgeable of both Star Wars and Hamlet. Missing one component will make the majority of the show go over you. Seeing the movies one time and reading/seeing the play one time is enough to enjoy.

Come on...
by Josh Carson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show needs little praise heaped upon it's altar, but...come on!

It's hilarious, well thought-out and directed, and moreover, an experience onto itself.

by David Norris Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Maybe Shakespeare is just the whisky of playwrights, but as with Tempests (which I saw earlier in the afternoon) I simply cannot believe how incredibly well Erickson blended Star Wars with Shakespeare, nor how this company handled their roles without it being just parody. Made me wonder why nobody had thought of it before—it’s so obvious now! But, aside from the fact that I had to climb over half a row to get a seat at the back of the very sold-out arena, I knew from the moment the ukulele rendition of the Fox fanfare came through the speakers that it was going to be something memorable. And it was! I could hardly believe it was only an hour since they managed to cover both stories so delightfully and well. Absolutely LOVED the Jawa troupe!

Sold out, with a vengeance
by Jennifer Walker Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
A must-see for Star Wars or Shakespeare fans, which should cover everyone attending the fringe. Ambitious, clever, witty, and delightfully realized. You might consider a reservation; it's not the biggest venue at the festival, but Hamluke will continue to pack it to the rafters. Where all the people from the planet of Alderaan evidently are.

This will be a play long remembered...
by TJ Hara Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show was classic Fringe for me, traditional theatre with a humorous and geeky twist. It felt effortless how the producers overlaid memorable characters and dialogue from the Star Wars films onto the story of Hamlet, the costuming supports the mixed premise to a "T", and performances are spot-on all around. As of only Day 3, my Fringe is over...this is the most amazing thing I'm going to see all week.

For the STar Wars fans
by Florence Brammer Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
An inspired pairing of Star Wars and Hamlet, with all the expected bases tagged. Very good acting and great costumes, sound and props. All your Star Wars favorites are here. Clever fun for the Star Wars fan with some familiarity with Hamlet. This appeared to sell out on Saturday night, so if you want to see it, you should get a reservation.

Kind of tricky!
by Ricardo Garciaherreros Follow this reviewer
Rating 3 kitties
If you are a fan of Star Wars this might be a refreshing and funny show among the Fringe performances. However, I found myself wanting a deeper connection with the characters and the plot. I have to admit that the show has a lot of hilarious scenes and interesting directing choices but I am not sure if the show really achieves evolving from being just "funny" to "unforgettable".

ten kitties required
by David Trudeau Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
This show cleverly marries two of the great mythic theater pieces of all time - Hamlet and Star Wars - and edits in all of the best of each and then nails it. The Yoda-Polonius puppet and voice are memorable. There are many more fun surprises with character and plot blending that stop the show for laughter and applause breaks again and again. Five kitties for the star war material and five for the Hamlet. This is my vote for best of the fringe.

Stomach Hurts from Laughing
by Pat Sukhum Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
If you’ve seen any Star Wars at all (and really, who hasn’t?), you will love this show. Couldn’t recommend it more. Hilarious! I was exhausted from laughing so much. So clever in bringing Hamlet and Star Wars together. Felt like the jokes were endless. Perfectly kitchy costumes. Ridiculously awesome organic sound effects. Super-fun casting. So many sweet surprises. What a great show, and the cast looked like they were having a blast too. Always love seeing Brad Erickson, Mike Rylander and Jay Melchoir perform. Extra cool in the 360 arena theater. Thank you Brad!

An excellent mashup
by Alicia Anderson Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Very funny mashup of Hamlet and a number of Star Wars episodes-- even the Christmas Special in an awesomely appropriate place. I thought the script was very clever and well-executed. If you know Star Wars, you'll like it. If you know Hamlet, you'll like it. If you know both, you'll love it.

by Hue White Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
Great energy, inspiration, and an evil Yoda marks a mildly incoherent and greatly fun spoof of either story. Go, laugh!

by Scott Gilbert Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Saw this show 3 years ago, so when I heard it was coming to the Fringe I was excited to take my kids to it. Little did I know that the two actors we had just seen as Hamlet and Ophelia at TRP would be playing HamLuke and OphLeia. They are both amazing as is the rest of this cast. I would say go see this show, but I don't think I need to opening SOLD OUT...Get there early people!

Loved It
by Charles Hubbell Follow this reviewer
Rating 4 kitties
As a Star Wars nerd and Shakespeare nerd I loved this show. I couldn't stop smiling. Well done all! Really smart stuff mixed with stupid silliness!

Very silly and fun
by Jesse Jacob Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
Awesome energy and just about perfect Fringe content. So much ground to cover, but they do a great job and keep you laughing.

Hilarious Star Wars spoof
by Hazen Markoe Follow this reviewer
Rating 5 kitties
With elements that include Yoda as Polonius to a very cute jawa group of players, this winning spoof of the Star Wars franchise is awash with in-jokes and belly laughs. Even if you are not a fan, this definitely a fun ride!

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