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Minnesota Fringe 2012 : August 2 - August 12 : Minneapolis + St. Paul

Show reviews by ian felton

Strange Dreamz with Kevin J Thornton
Hilarious and Soulful by ian felton
Rating: 5 stars
Kevin is hilarious. David Sedaris meets Jim Gaffigan meets John Cougar Mellencamp. Kevin's comedic performance was well rehearsed, executed and written. Covering everyone's favorite topics: sex, religion, politics and more, I laughed almost relentlessly. I saw three shows tonight, Kevin's was my favorite. I'd love to give away a lot of my favorite jokes from tonight, but I won't. Go see it. You'll love it.

Ash Land
Beautiful Vision by ian felton
Rating: 5 stars
and well-performed.

Class of 98
Very funny by ian felton
Rating: 4 stars
Lots of high-energy comedy. The kids were cute and funny. I had a really good time.

Nightmare Without Pants
SNL Inspired by ian felton
Rating: 4 stars
Well-written and well acted. The Sandler/Lovitz/SNL caricature gets a little heavy after awhile, but that aside, an entertaining show. Great for Fringe.

Carol and Cotton: Minnesota's Crime of the Century
Compelling by ian felton
Rating: 4 stars
The acting draws you in and the writing keeps you interested. I didn't know about this story and now I want to know more.

Portrait of the Artist as a Yo-yo Man
It's Not a Magic Show by ian felton
Rating: 4 stars
It's a story, not a magic act. This human tale of someone's hobby/obsession and how it evolved throughout his life had lots of funny jokes and self-deprecating humor. I loved the intro and story was broken-up in interesting ways.

Good start to Fringe by ian felton
Rating: 4 stars
I didn't read Candide, but it was still funny. Solid acting and writing.

The Complete Works of William Shatner (abridged)
Should Be A Real Shatner Fan by ian felton
Rating: 3 stars
I got most of the references, but still, a caricature of Shatner can only carry an act so far. It wasn't much of a rollicking-good time for me as it was for some in the audience. Maybe they are huge fans. Maybe I just didn't give a Shat.