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The Love Show!

show image

The Love Show!

By ORL Productions

Created by The Dirty Curls

Soul-crushing, sky-opening, fart-inducing LOVE. Embarrassing stories and hilarious original songs about love to make you feel all squishy inside. Love, Samantha Baker Harris, Courtney McLean and Anna Weggel.


Opera/New Music World premiere Storytelling/Spoken word

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12 and up

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"It's the juxtaposition of lilting melody and lovely voices and a "naughty" subject that makes the comedy work." -Matthew A. Everett (Single White Fringe GeekTwin Cities Daily Planet

"Beautiful music, three beautiful, funny ladies – can’t miss with this one. Might tend slightly silly/raunchy, but in good ways." -Kate Hoff (Full Frontal Fringe Twin Cities Daily Planet

"The Love Show got a standing o the night I went. It was sweet, charming, a little bawdy... they opened up their hearts and talked about past break-ups and they totally won me over. They're now my Fringe crushes." -Josh Carson, State of the Arts blog , MPR News

A MinnPost article rated us first in their list of “shows with interesting stories, or new people who have come out strong.” -Pamela Espeland, MinnPost

"Gorgeous harmonies, ruthlessly funny, hilariously foul, yet sweet; how can you not love these ladies?"  -Matthew A. Everett (Single White Fringe GeekTwin Cities Daily Planet

"When [The Dirty Curls] come up on shuffle, I never skip to the next song." - Jay Gabler, Arts Editor, TC Daily Planet

"Irrestistable" - Andrea Swensson, Music Editor, City Pages (2009)

"I was charmed. Funny stories, funny ladies, beautiful harmonies, silly songs…tons of fun." -Kate Hoff (Full Frontal FringeTwin Cities Daily Planet

"Aside from your beautiful harmonies... the deadpan looks on your faces as you sing these songs, it's so funny.  You make the uncomfortable comfortable." - Sidney, Patrick's Cabaret staff

The Twin Cities’ favorite naughtybilly comedy band, Courtney McClean & The Dirty Curls, are putting their hair up and some clothes on for their first foray into quasi- family-friendly entertainment!  “The Love Show!” created by Dirty Curls Samantha “Cherry Mae” Baker Harris, Anna Weggel, and Courtney McLean, promises to be the feel-good show of the 2012 Minnesota Fringe!  Have a rollickin’ great time at the theater about the most confusing emotion of all time: soul-crushing, sky-opening, fart-inducing love! Embarrassing stories and hilarious original songs about when love collides with donuts, booger depositories, obsessions with rock goddesses, untimely bodily functions, fanny packs, and more to make you feel all squishy inside.

Cast + crew

Samantha Harris
Role: Singer, Storyteller, Guitar
I love playing make believe and have done so in places such as The Brave New Workshop Student Union, Huge Improv Theater, and Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret. I have been involved in the Minnesota Fringe Festival in two productions: “Sarah, Your Ovaries are Drying Up: The Musical” and “Crock Pot: A Second Helping.” I started to play guitar because it was different from anything I was doing at the time and I started to meet some amazing people. It’s through my appreciation for the instrument and love for music that I met my husband. A groupie turned lover turned wife. When sex, drugs, and alcohol actually make a fairy tale.

Courtney McLean
Role: Singer, Storyteller, Banjo
Courtney McLean is an actress, writer, storyteller, improviser, comedian, and musician originally hailing from Southern California. After 5 years living in New York City, she now happily calls the Twin Cities home. She is a proud original member and current co-managing director of Rockstar Storytellers. www.rockstarstorytellers.com. Her one-woman shows, "Normal-C" (2006 MN Fringe) and "Super Glossy!" (2007 MN Fringe) have toured to Fringe Festivals across the nation. She’ll be taking her latest solo endeavor ”Courtney McLean is (not as) Obsessed With Sex (as one might think)” on tour in 2013. Courtney has performed locally with Ferrari McSpeedy Theatrical Productions (Mariam in 2011 Fringe hit "Once Upon A Time In The Suburbs"), Four Humors Theater (Mrs. Jewls in 2009 Fringe best-seller "Sideways Stories from Wayside School"), Freshwater Theatre, Sandbox Theatre, Theatre Arlo, Girl Friday Productions, and Maximum Verbosity (Elspeth in 2008 Fringe show "Libertarian Rage"), and she's appeared on Celebrity Autobiography, KFAI, Works Progress’ Salon Saloon and Give & Take, Sample Night Live, MPR's In The Loop podcast, and Women Stand-Up Comedy Cabaret. She is the bandleader of Courtney McClean & The Dirty Curls. www.dirtycurls.net. Courtney also performs improvisational theater with JANESSA! and she is a brand new cast member in Renaissance Festival and BLB mainstay, Vilification Tennis. In 2011, Courtney was named #52 of City Pages 100 Creatives. You can always find out more at www.courtneymclean.com.

Anna Weggel
Role: Singer, Storyteller, Ukulele, Percussion
Besides being a Dirty Curl, Anna moonlights as an improviser for Comedy Sportz and sometimes Huge Theater and the Brave New Workshop Student Union. Also, she is Fringe-crazy so you will probably see her in the front row of your show soon. You might recognize her from past MN Fringe shows Zombie High School and History Camp, where she played dead singing people like Amelia Earhart or Maggie Mulligan, who gets bitten and turned into a zombie (soundtrack here: http://latenightmenu.bandcamp.com/album/zombie-high-school). When she's not running around singing about cat poop and man farts in this show, she daylights as a local journalist at Minnesota Public Radio. You can find her online at her solo website annaweggel.com or the blog she shares with her Fringe lover Tom at www.frecklemeat.com.

Samantha Veldhouse
Role: Stage Manager
Samantha Veldhouse was bit by the acting bug early on with her starring role as Jill in the Missoula Children's Theater production of Jack and the Beanstalk when she was 11. She also liked reading books and writing bad poetry under the pseudonym "Madeline Cockrow". As a result of these passions, she earned her BA in English and Theater from Bemidji State University. She moved to Minneapolis in 2006 and has been on the outer edges of the performing arts and library scenes ever since. This is the first show Samantha has stage managed since she learned the trade in college, but she hopes it will lead to more opportunities where she can carry around a binder, use a calendar excessively, and bite her lip when actors have trouble opening doors.

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User reviews

by Lori Crever
Rating 5 stars
This show was perfection and lots of fun!!! These gals are talented singer - songwriter - musicians, and the storytelling first-rate and so very silly and down to earth. Way to go !!!

An hour well spent.
by Eric Salo
Rating 4 stars
Caught the encore for this show and very glad to have done so. It's fun, it's witty and it's full of love. What's not to like?

The right tone, the right women.
by Ryan Vanasse
Rating 5 stars
These three women brought not only an overwhelming rapport with their audience, but an earnestness that most shows--Especially about love--fail to have. The opening song pegged the theme, not just about first date/butterflies love, but all the little things which show love. This is so rare!

I also loved the laid-back nature of this show. It's like sitting back on a front porch after a long day. Chill but wonderful.

There should be more shows like this in the Fringe.

In love
by Roger Rosvold
Rating 5 stars
Against all advice, I fell in love with all three ladies: their stories made me laugh at my foibles (and rejoice I chose not to have children). Rarely has a banjo so effectively lured me into a show.

The exceptional talent display is the ability to turn a story line ever-so-slightly away from my expectation and toward a cliff, only to turn away just in time. Carry on, ladies. Carry on!

Loved and learned a lot
by Peter Avirom
Rating 5 stars
Maple donut!
To paraphrase: I don't know if I want to be them or DO them. Very inspirational . And educational . Had never heard it called a "lady bouquet" before. Stories made me uncomfortable and happy at the same time. Is all that true? Than you three are fearless! I especially enjoyed the rap. Nice mix of spoken word and song. Entertaining and educational.

Wanted to love it, really I did, but...
by Bridget Faricy
Rating 2 stars
Maybe it was the loud drunk shouting behind me or perhaps it was the overly-vigorous clapper next to me (can you say "plant"?) but I wasn't feeling the love.
There were some cute moments but I thought the stories were rather contrived and I don't like comedy read to me from behind music stands. If the songs had been on key - or even intentionally off key - maybe that would have helped? Maybe it was just an off night...

Oh those Dirty Curls!
by Fringivitis Vulgaris
Rating 3 stars
Singing and storytelling fill an hour with comedy about L-U-R-V-E. I didn't bust a gut as much as the people around me, but I can see why it's been a Fringe fave.

Simple, funny and so refreshing
by Madhu Bangalore
Rating 5 stars
These lovely ladies are great story tellers and my oh my, can they sing!!! I would love to get a copy of "The Dirty Curls" album.

I'm biased
by Carl Olson
Rating 5 stars
The show is funny and touching and lovely, but they had me at three part harmony. They're so much better looking than Crosby, Stills & Nash.

My Curlz have been Dirtied!
by Laura Mahler
Rating 5 stars
HELLZ YES. This show is a MUST SEE. The 3 part HARMONIES will make ur heart skip a beat and then drop a beat for Sam Baker Harris to sexy-time rap her baby out of her uterous!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously though folks. I had just gotten my bikini waxed before the show, and I walked out of there wishing i had every single one of my dirty curls back on my crotch.

These girls are beautiful and brilliant. They are loving and genuine. Musically, they are EFFING BOMB.

I liked the rap and the fart song. #duh
U will love the LOVE SHOW #fosho

I got in!
by Ashley Reese
Rating 5 stars
I got in to see this sparkling, spectacular show! Yay! You all are so very charming and entertaining. The show clipped along at a wonderful pace with skilled weaving of storytelling and music. As others have noted, they know how to connect with the audience in a very sincere way. I highly recommend this show.

Gimme a maple donut & MORE OF THIS SHOW
by Stephanie Wilkes
Rating 5 stars
SO. GOOD. If SBH and y'all don't make a video of "Maple Donut" to post online before she gets un-pregnant, the world will suffer a terrible loss. It was truly a Lonely Island moment, Dirty Curls-style.

Love The Love Show
by Stacey Poirier
Rating 5 stars
Three amazingly talented and funny women. Humor, honesty, music. Don’t miss this show!

by Dean Hatton
Rating 5 stars
Top notch, Grade A, Great Show!
I've seen A BUNCH of comedy in the Fringe this year.
For me, this IS comedy!

I have three new girl crushes
by Florence Brammer
Rating 5 stars
Engaging stories, great stage charisma, adorable songs. A pregnant lady. A glass of wine in hand from the bar. A banjo, for heaven's sakes. What could you possibly not like?

All you need is Love
by Bradley Johnson
Rating 4 stars
Let's start with a love song and sprinkle in some stories about past loves, then some more love songs. This show is a feel good love show of course with some fun and laughs to boot. This female trio will have you leaving with a bounce in your step!

by Richard Shields
Rating 5 stars
A delightful show that combines music and reality-based storytelling. The show moves along with scenes showcasing the individual performers and also featuring group and duo interactions. The music and the stories were fun and made sense.

P.S. I liked how this cast interacted with the audience after the show. Courtney McLean literally went out of her way to greet people after the show. Just as an audience should appreciate the performers, it is good to see the performers appreciate their audiences.

my water broke!
by ross abbey
Rating 5 stars
Wry mix of subtle humour, hilarious stories, improvisational flair, and song. For people who use the oxford comma.

A show to LOVE!
by Matt Bison
Rating 5 stars
To me, this show is the essence of Fringe: talented performers connecting -- really connecting -- with the audience, telling their stories and highlighting those stories with inventive, witty, and catchy songs. Each story was a bold, humorous look into all the ways that we encounter love. These were stories told with passion, wit, and accessibility. Each woman has her own unique way of making the audience fall in love with her, and it helped to keep pacing fresh and engrossing. Mad props to Samantha Harris for looking like she was about to go into labor at any moment, yet never slacking in her acting, singing, or dancing! Sorry Professor, but I fell in love x3!

All You Need is Dirty Curls
by Katie Starks
Rating 5 stars
Oh Courtney McLean. I would pay to watch her fold laundry, mostly because I know it would involve a filthy monologue of the adventures which created the stains on said laundry.
I loved loved loved loved every second of this show! I go into every Fringe show a little uncomfortable in that ever so present “box of chocolates” kind of way, but these girls were a gooey, nutty, delicious, confident and relaxing treat. If you are a full time Fringer and need a show to just sit back and enjoy, give these girls your time.

Lurved it. Loaved it. Luffed it.
by Andrew Troth
Rating 5 stars
Thoroughly delightful, silly, funny, and true in the way that really great comedy has to be true. A treat!

by Zvi Geffen
Rating 5 stars
This show had the entire audience in stitches with the stage presence of three truly talented young women. Their musical prowess, combined with creative lyrics and storytelling, make this a must-see for the 2012 Fringe. Just make sure you are prepared to laugh at offensively hilarious "love" stories.

Oh Yes.
by Frayed Edge
Rating 4 stars
A classily bawdy and crass look at relationships failed and successful through monologue and song.

Minor technical quibbles and brief annunciation problems on the first number, but it's outstanding overall with strong writing and performances.

I'll happily watch this again.

Disclosure: I know someone in this show.

1-Tell your friends not to go
2-A bad fringe show, below par for the festival. Don't Bother
3-Worth seeing, don't go out of your way.
4-Good to Great. Make time for this show.
5-Absolutely outstanding. A great show, festival or otherwise.

Ya gotta love these gals!!
by Vicki Joan Keck
Rating 5 stars
From the moment I received my very handy program I was sold on these fine "naughty but nice" ladies. The stories and lyrics are so funny and the harmonies are impeccable. I have seen the Curls perform in the past, but Courtney, Anna & Samantha have out done themselves on this one. My only fear is that they will break up once Sam has her baby - that would be SAD!

All You Need Is Love
by John Middleton
Rating 5 stars
Everyone should see this show because the more people who see it, the better the world will be. I went in full of piss and vinegar and walked out full of joy and love - wanting to sing to my cat while growing out my pubic hair.

by Jimmy Leduc
Rating 5 stars
This show is an absolute delight. I was laughing and smiling from ear to ear the entire time. I loved every moment of it and these women are all brilliantly funny and amazingly talented. This is a must see!!!

Nothing to dislike, everything to love
by Will Weisert
Rating 5 stars
A very funny mix of the storytelling, a bit of ranting, songs, and an outrageous rap. Who wouldn't love it?

I Love the Love Show!
by Elizabeth Schuetzle
Rating 5 stars
This show is absolutely hilarious. The songs are witty and the cast are not only good comedians but good musicians as well. A wonderful show. I love you!!!

You had me at "I Love You"
by Corinna Troth
Rating 5 stars
Starting the show with Courtney McClean individually declaring her love for half the audience, is...well, it's refreshing, isn't it? The women are lovely, the songs are good and well performed, sweet, funny...and not exactly dirty, but not overly obsessed with cleanliness...for the most part. There is some good storytelling as well. Not overly sentimental or cloying, it's just a perfect parcel of LOVE.

by Bernie Armada
Rating 5 stars
Loved this show. Incredibly talented women with a knack for crafting stories full of biting wit and delivereing them with spot-on timing. They work beautifully together, and Courtney McLean's wide-eyed, Amazon- like stage presence is remarkably commanding. I've only seen about six Fringe shows so far, but I have to believe this one is among the very best.

Balls Deep in Dirty Curls!
by Bernie Armada
Rating 5 stars
An incredible concept executed with grace and honesty. These ladies are onto something with tremendous potential. They need an agent and a record contract. Now. Men and women alike will want to be balls deep in dirty curls by the end of the show. See 'em now before they hit the big time!

love love love this show
by Danielle Claseman
Rating 5 stars
this is a MUST see for all Fringe goers!

Don't miss this gem!!!
by Marne Gerdes
Rating 5 stars
I had the pleasure of being in attendance at last Friday's show and so enjoyed it! These ladies are not only hilarious, they have lovely voices, and I was enrapt for the full hour wanting more! If you haven't seen this show yet, GO OUT AND GET A TICKET, you won't be disappointed. Great songs, stories, and charming and lovely hosts to boot!

Loved it!
by Lisa Landreman
Rating 5 stars
Three talented, beautiful, strong, authentic women share with us their trials, complications, and joys of loving relationships with wonderful harmonies, smart comedy, and honesty. Who could ask for more? I left humming, satisfied and happy!

Crazy funny!
by Colin Ernst
Rating 5 stars
I've seen a few Dirty Curls shows in the past so I was a little worried that I'd just be seeing a bunch of songs I'd already seen but this was almost all new material, both songs and stories. It was so funny that I literally laughed until I hurt. I highly recommend this show!

Lovely, funny, talented women
by Mame Pelletier
Rating 5 stars
So much fun. Such great talent. Songs and stories that I'm hoping are true because they're so wickedly wonderfully horrible, great pregnancy humor. You'll love that you went to this show. <----see what I did there?

Fun, Silly Love
by Mark Long
Rating 5 stars
The theme is love. The women are experienced, armed with musical instruments and stories. The atmosphere is fun.
This is a great show that will offend some, but if you enjoy Courtney McLean and the Dirty Curls, you will love this. It's slightly tamer than their usual performances, but don't bring the kids.

Loved it
by Robert Miller
Rating 5 stars
Funny and honest show with funny stories and songs. I recommend you put it on your "must see" list! I read a review prior to going that said it was hard to hear some singing over the banjo and guitar playing but I heard them just fine from my seat towards the back. Go see it!

Funny, yet uneven
by Valerie Stachour
Rating 3 stars
Great material about the less romantic side of love. The songs were clever, and my favorite part of the show, however there were some pitchy moments throughout.

The storytelling, while funny, felt impersonal and unevenly memorized. One of the performers was so much stronger than the other two that the piece lost the ensemble quality I was looking for in the show.

A good show on the verge of becoming a great show.

Heartfelt & Hilarious
by Robyn Hendrix
Rating 5 stars
So, so good. Even better than I thought it would be. Knocked my (boogerless) socks off. Laughed so hard I cried. Just go see it.

So sweet!
by Mary Mangan
Rating 5 stars
This show was adorable and fun the whole way through, with a cast of ladies who were so charming! It's a must-see for sure!

by Larry Ripp
Rating 5 stars
A Chick show that even the guys can like!
THAT'S something! Songs, Stories, Rap and lot's of attitude. Also CHARM! The Love Show says it all. I LOVED it!

by Dan Elias
Rating 5 stars
I'd recommend this show to my sister, I'd recommend this show to my non-existent brother, I'd recommend this show to my future child, I'd even recommend this show to my dead grandparents. It's that good!

All You Need Is Love
by Mike Steale
Rating 4 stars
But too much love can be too much of a Good Thing. Makes you Smile.

They have my heart!
by Anna Pop
Rating 5 stars
As a former Dirty Curl, I already knew that this show would be good, but little did I know how GREAT it would be! Courtney, Anna and Sam have created a show that is fantastically written, honest,and full of energy. The songs were brilliant, with beautiful harmonies and the stories were poignant and relateable. The best part though, was the chemistry between the three performers. They really connected on stage, and it was obvious how much they loved working and performing together. I left the show feeling so full of love and laughter. Congrats Dirty Curls for creating a MUST SEE show!

Still Edgy
by Julie Blaha Landon
Rating 5 stars
I won't repeat the other reviewers descriptions of how great this show is, so I'll focus on a worry I had before the show. I'd heard it was a cleaner version of their other work and I was concerned that a whitewashed version of the Durty Curls would be bland. Fear not! The show is not cleaned up that much, so it is just as sharp and funny as ever.

Lovely sassy ladies with great timing
by Claire Alexander
Rating 5 stars
This show was really a joy to see. Besides great timing and chemistry, there are enough funny moments, acutely accurate cultural references, and sweet candor in the performances. Good music and reading done really really well.

Absolutely Wonderful
by John Newstrom
Rating 5 stars
This to me was the quintessential fringe show - humor blended with beautiful music and just a touch of heart. Easily recommended for everyone.

Don't Ms. this one!
by PK Balter
Rating 5 stars
Worthy of a national tour! The icky and vulrnerable sides of love are fodder for stories and songs. The songs are exceptionally well written and performed. Huge "I can relate" laughs from the audience and a standing ovation after the show opener.

by Katie Knutson
Rating 5 stars
This show is just plain fun. Three beautiful and talented women share hilarious stories, songs, and inner thoughts. Bring someone you love, grab a beer, and sit back to enjoy these talented ladies share about farting, pregnancy, jealousy, and boogers. Their comedic timing is right on and the music is loads of fun. Besides, where else can you see a pregnant woman rap?

I had more fun at this show than anything else I have seen thus far.

You'll Probably Write a Song about Me
by Mark Mikula
Rating 4 stars
The Dirty Curls are very talented musicians and storytellers, and I found their show to be very entertaining and informative. The entertaining part made me smile, but the informative part made me think about how limited my understanding of women is about several of the issues that they sung and spoke about. Truthfully, I liked about 88 percent of the show. The other 12 percent I was regretting my fate as a man. Why aren't I a woman?! Great work though, Dirty Curls. It really was an affectionate multi-varied look at different aspects of the topic. I'm glad you loved me then and hope you still do. I love you.

Fell in Love
by Nico Wood
Rating 5 stars
They warned me not to fall in love with these ladies, but I just couldn't help myself. At once honest, charming, and border-line vulgar this show was a recipe for flutters of the heart.

Love Love Love
by Lindsay Greer
Rating 5 stars
I have a girl crush on all three of these hilarious ladies. Love doesn't begin to describe. My favorite show so far this week. LOVE!

Gut = Busted
by Kyle Cheesewright
Rating 5 stars
Rarely do I laugh this hard, for this long. A wonderfully crafted show, with high energy and enough quirk for weeks. It started strong and delivered on the promise. A banjo, guitar and ukelele: that's love!! I may have peed myself (just a little) during the baby rap. So worth it!

by Publius McGee
Rating 5 stars
Are there any three ladies more delightful than these three? No, no there are not. The songs? Funny. The voices? Exquisite. The entire concept? Charming.

Love: exciting and new
by Bill Stiteler
Rating 4 stars
Sharp and polished, the Love Show is a series of songs and monologues all about different aspects of love: infatuation, girl crushes, possessiveness, and how not to murder the man you love when he wakes you up at night.

I Loved the Love Show!
by Tim Wick
Rating 5 stars
I was already a Durty Curls fan and if had just been Durty Curls songs, I would have loved the show. The stories that were woven throughout the show just meant I enjoyed myself even more than I'd expected. I loved The Love Show!

by Cato Brutus
Rating 4 stars

Synonyms: adorable, beautiful, charming, dainty, delightful, pleasant, pretty.

All apply.

by Divya Maiya
Rating 5 stars
So true and so FUNNY!! Loved it!

My first true DO NOT MISS of the Fringe.
by Max Wojtanowicz
Rating 5 stars
You guys.

These lovely, talented and hilarious ladies performed right before a bit I was in at the first Fringe-for-All, and the fact that I could only hear them and not see them didn't stop me from knowing deep down that I HAD to see this show. I'm so glad I did -- it's 100% enjoyable from beginning to end. I would go straight for any one of these girls, especially Courtney McLean, since we share a deep affinity for Tori.

Run don't walk!

Awesome good time!
by Andrea Bsldein
Rating 5 stars
Fantastic and funny! A must see!

HIlarious and cringe-worthy
by Sarah Duncan
Rating 4 stars
Funny - just funny.

Great stories and songs about love kept the audience laughing and groaning in sympathy.

I Had My Own Love Explosion
by Josh Carson
Rating 5 stars
Three hilarious, incredibly talented ladies open up their hearts and vocal chords in a uproarious and incredibly heart-warming concert that truly, truly, TRULY earned their standing ovation.

I have three Fringe crushes now.

LOVEd it.
by Nancy Linden
Rating 5 stars
Awesome show! Funny, heartfelt, and filled with clever little ditties. I definitely recommend it.

Loved the Love Show
by Jennifer Abbey
Rating 5 stars
Fantastic, smart, hilarious, and talented ladies. I laughed so hard I was crying! A fun mix of music and comedy.

Funny Girls
by Eric Peter DeWolff
Rating 5 stars
There's a bit of everything. Part Music, part comedy, these ladies have their act down. They can drop a beat, spin a story, sing an ode to a pet, and maybe even go into labor. Chances are they'd have a good line for that too. Yes, it's worth your time to see them.

by Megan Andersen
Rating 5 stars
Like being at a party with all the coolest people. Go. You'll love it.

A Joy
by Dan Linden
Rating 5 stars
The Love Show! is a delightful hour of music and stories performed by three women who clearly love each other and love what they're doing. The acoustics at BNW are not the greatest, so it was sometimes difficult to catch all the clever lyrics, but their enthusiasm and genuine warmth is so infectious, it doesn't matter if you lose a word here and there. The rest of the audience seemed to be having as great a time as I did. YOU WILL TOO!

Love The Love Show
by Marvin Joel Rubin
Rating 5 stars
Two word come to mind, after seeing The Love Show; substance and creativity.

The Dirty Curls are three female musicians, led by Courtney McClean, who use song and storytelling with themes about love, sexuality etc. in a humorous manner.

Underneath the laughs, is a real humanity. The show is to entertain and amuse; but also to empower and enlighten.

The Dirty Curls have a large repertoire of stories and songs. That's where the creativity comes in. They are of quality. The show really had no low points.

Super fun!
by T. W.
Rating 5 stars
A really fun time, for sure. It's obvious these three performers enjoyed themselves during the show; hilarious songs about inane love matters. What's not to love?

An hour of love and laughs
by Derek Reise
Rating 5 stars
The show got off to a pretty good start promising us songs about love. The first couple of bits seemed a little clunky and unrehearsed. It was also difficult to hear the voices in the low parts over the banjo and guitar. But soon the show picked up and I found myself in a constant state of laughter. The songs and spoken parts are witty and revelatory and spanned across all types of love--from an ex-boyfriend's birthday party to loving the cat that pooped on you.

The trio all are talented musicians, but I was particularly impressed with McLean's delivery. She has a natural comedic air. It was a perfect blend of monologues and songs and one hilarious (and true to life) "bi-logue" with McLean and Weggel.


Friday, 8/38:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8/410:00 p.m.
Monday, 8/68:30 p.m.
Wednesday, 8/85:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8/118:30 p.m.
Sunday, 8/128:30 p.m.