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By Four Humors Theater

Written by Nick Ryan

A comedy concerning floggings, rape, justifiable homicide, ship travel, Jews, Christians, mass murder, death, desire, and the general joy and suffering one finds within this, the best of all possible worlds.


Physical theater/Clowning World premiere Literary adaptation

Just so you know, this show has
Adult language

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12 and up

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*Minnesota Fringe Festival Encore Performance Award Winners 2006, 2007, and 2011*
"offers up such wit and hilarity that audience members will be doubled over in their seats." - Star Tribune
“...raising the curtain on the next generation of Minneapolis Theater.” -Minnesota Monthly
“Endlessly inventive and clever” - City Beat of Cincinnati
“...wonderfully absurd...” - Cake in 15

“I've got to get on this horse and I've only got one buttock to ride on!”
– The Old Woman

A young man indoctrinated by the philosophy of the day. A philosopher dead certain in his reasoning. And a world that refuses to be constrained by reason of any kind.

Using Voltaire’s classic 18th century novel Candide, playwright Nick Ryan and Director Jason Ballweber bring us a comedy concerning floggings, rape, justifiable homicide, ship travel, earthquakes, tempests, Bulgar soldiers, French surgeons, Grand Inquisitors, Barons, Jews, Christians, Jesuits, mass murder, death, desire, artistic critique, fallen kings, the lost city of El Dorado, public execution, storytelling, and the general joy and suffering one finds within this, the best of all possible worlds.

According to playwright Nick Ryan, "Candide has proven a joy to adapt thus far and immensely relevant to the world we find ourselves in today… the process has largely consisted of me stepping out of Voltaire's way!"

From the company that brought you past Fringe hits Inspector Rex (2005), Deviled Eggs (2006), Bards (2007), Mortem Capiendum (2008), Sideways Stories from Wayside School (2009) and You Only Live Forever Once (2011).

Featuring the acting talents of Featuring Christian Bardin, Anna Hickey, Ryan Lear, Brant Miller and Matt Spring.

Praise for Nick Ryan:

"So pleasing to the palate… stir(s) in fantastical elements to absurd extremes… with the antic pace of a picaresque Henry Fielding novel…" 
- New York Times review of Ryan’s Le Gourmand or Gluttony!

"Thrilling, engrossing, amusing, and brisk, with masterfully overlapping and interwoven stories…" 
-Nytheater.com review of Ryan’s Endurance.

Cast + crew

Jason Ballweber
Role: Director
Jason Ballweber is an actor and director with an emphasis on new work. Jason is the Artistic Director of Four Humors Theater and has worked as an actor and director with other theaters such as Children's Theatre Company, Theatre de la Jeune Lune, Open Eye Figure Theatre, Three Sticks, Jon Ferguson Theatre, Live Action Set, Bedlam Theatre, The Minnesota Orchestra, and Know Theatre of Cincinnati where he won an Acclaim Award for his direction of Sideways Stories from Wayside School.

Christian Bardin
Role: Actor
Christian Bardin is a native Texan that made her way to the Twin Cities for college (thanks to Skyler Nowinski and Joanna Hubbard for blazing that trail!) and graduated from the U last May with a BFA in acting. She had to look Minnesota up on the map when she got her acceptance letter. True story. Since living in the Cities she's been in As You Like It and Twelfth Night with The Strange Capers, Sweet Maladies at Penumbra, August: Osage County at Park Square, No More Astronauts with the folks at Myndwyrm, and most recently The War Within/All's Fair with The MovingCompany. Christian is also a member of local rock band John Up Front. She is continually inspired by Twin Cities theatre artists and teachers, and is super happy to be working with Four Humors for the first time.

Anna Hickey
Role: Actor
Anna Hickey is a graduate of the University of Minnesota BA program and of the postgraduate program at the London Academy of Music and
Dramatic Art. Anna has worked in Minneapolis and Chicago with the Minnesota Centennial Showboat, Open Eye Figure Theatre, Luverne Seifert and Black Label Movement, Sidekick Cinema, Circle Theatre, Hobojunction, and performed with Gavin Creel in a benefit for the HRC. Offstage, Anna is teaching at Youth Performance Company, and working as an administrator for Open Eye Figure Theatre.

Ryan Lear
Role: Actor
Ryan Lear is a locally based artist whose stage work focuses on original and imaginative works. He is a company member of Four Humors Theater and has appeared in many of their past productions including Deviled Eggs, Love is Blind and Furry, Spaceman Chronicles, Romeo and Juliet, The Age of Wordsworth, You Only Live Forever Once, Skinner Box, Candide and the monthly Firsty Thursday Show. Last fall he co-wrote and directed The Extraordinary Terms of Ordinary Life and earlier this year composed and performed the live soundtrack for the award-winning Bombus and Berylline or the Bumblebee and the Hummingbird. Other credits include work with Jon Ferguson Theater, Live Action Set, Minnesota Opera, Chanhassen Dinner Theaters and as one half of the critically acclaimed The Finkles’ Theater Show!!!

Brant Miller
Role: Actor
Brant Miller has been working with Four Humors Theater since the beginning. He has been seen in their productions of Mortem Capiendum, Sideways Stories from Wayside School, Happy Café, and Harold. Skinner Box was Brant Miller's directing debut. Brant has also worked with some of his favorite companies in the Twin Cities; highlights include Live Action Set's The Happy Show, Jon Ferguson's S. Gunter Klaus, and Three Sticks’ The Traveling Musicians.

Nick Ryan
Role: Writer
Nick Ryan is a founding member and resident playwright of Four Humors Theater. He has written seven shows with the company including Deviled Eggs, Bards, and Harold. His show Endurance, created collaboratively with the physical-based Split Knuckle Theater, premiered during the 2010 Connecticut Repertory Theater Nutmeg Summer Series, and has since toured the world for Korn/Ferry International with stops in New York City, London, Paris, the Netherlands and Bangkok. His first feature film script HOPE was produced by Marty Doogin Arts LTD and premiered at the 2012 Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in Theater Arts, where he was the two time recipient of Arthur Ballet Award for Playwriting. Nick currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Matt Spring
Role: Actor
Matt Spring is a Founding Member of Four Humors Theater. With them he's had the pleasure of performing in You Only Live Forever Once, Skinner Box, Sideways Stories from Wayside School, Mortem Capiendum, Romeo and Juliet, Bards, Deviled Eggs and The Age of Wordsworth. He also served as a Playwright for Four Humors productions of Extraordinary Terms of Ordinary Life and Welcome to Dystopia. He has worked with Live Action Set, as Assistant Director for The Happy Show, as a Performer for Lord of the Rings in 9 Minutes, and as a Playwright for The Seven Shot Symphony, which won an Ivey Award in 2011 for Overall Excellence. He has also appeared in Speech! with Ferrari McSpeedy Theatrical Productions and Crazy Happy St. Patty's Hangover with Dangerous Productions. Matt graduated from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities with a BA in Theater Arts.

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User reviews

Light heavy
by Marcus Downs
Rating 5 stars
Great performances, especially Christian Bardin and great direction by Jason Ballweber who struck a perfect and consistent tone throughout.

Hysterical & Erudite - gotta love that
by Kate Katzer
Rating 5 stars
I was charmed by Deviled Eggs a few years ago and this show proves to me that these folks have still got it.
The whole production was solid, and I'm left with these random thoughts:
Talent galore!
The voiceover breaks reminded me, in a good nostalgic way, of Peter Jones as 'The Book'.
Special Kudos to Christian for delighting me in every scene and in every character.
I'm a sucker for a good death scene, throw in a whistle and I'm a happy girl who can't breathe for laughing so hard.
I'm not familiar with Candide and have no desire to be more so, but I enjoyed every minute of this.

The Best....
by Mary Lundberg-Johnson
Rating 5 stars
This wonderful adaptation caught the spirit of the story. The writing was so clever, and the actors moved everything along in a highly professional and entertaining manner. Loved all the scene change intros. This would have been a great performance for my World Lit students to see.

The Best of All Impossible Condensations
by Florence Brammer
Rating 5 stars
Wow, what a task to condense Candide to one hour and five actors and still convey with so much warmth and skill and humor the crazy complexity of the text. A great job!!

by Andrew Troth
Rating 5 stars
Philosophy has never been this funny before. Consistently uproarious throughout!

good stuff, y'all
by kalere payton
Rating 4 stars
Clever and funny. The transitions really helped the show run along at a good pace. Congratulations, Four Humors!

Not what I expected
by Katonya Strickland
Rating 2 stars
So many folks kept talking about how great this play was and the lines have been super long to see the show. It was not at all what I expected. Yes Candide was a great actor but this is not one I will be recommending.

Feels like a Guthrie production
by Lori Crever
Rating 5 stars
This is extremely well-acted and well-executed. I felt swept away and as though I was watching a finely tuned Guthrie Theater production. Kudos to excellent cast and prop master (or mistress) too as the props and stage craft, simple as they were, are fantastic. I don't know for the adaptation if I quite agree with how many times reflections on being raped was used for comic effect but that constitutes the only departure for me from all around optimum. Way to go!

by Jacob Edholm
Rating 5 stars
The cast was exceptional, especially Anna Hickey.

Four Hunours ups the kitty
by Michael Krefting
Rating 4 stars
What's not to love about cramming the expanse of Candide into a Fringe size show?

Answer: Nothing.

by Aseem Kaul
Rating 5 stars
Candide isn't just one of the best shows I've seen at the Fringe, it's one of the best literary adaptations I've seen staged in quite a while. I didn't believe it when other reviewers said so, but the show manages to be both entirely true to the spirit of the book and side-splittingly fun at the same time. The acting is uniformly brilliant, the adaptation as clever as it is witty, and I love, love, love the songs. I wasn't familiar with Four Humors Theater before tonight, but I'm adding them to my bookmarks as soon as I'm done typing this!

Just what I needed
by Will Weisert
Rating 5 stars
Well paced, funny, with a delightful cast. Transitions between scenes were inspired. Must see.

by eeeee k!
Rating 5 stars
Fabulous cast, directing, writing, flawless execution....really likeable to a wide demographic without humor for the lowest commom denominator, witty and so much fun. I expected nothing less from Four Humors. Wow, just...go see!!!

True to the spirit of the book
by Fringivitis Vulgaris
Rating 5 stars
Reprehensible, absurd, tragic, horrifying laughs! Such things befall Our Hero as to make anyone doubt that life is anything but absurd, pointless, and rife with possibilities. The chapters of the book are shared via disembodied voice, to good effect. Not a show for everyone, but highly recommended for your minimum daily requirement of existential irony. Caveat: I am fond of both the book and the theater company; YMMV.

Liking it more and more daily.
by Ryan Vanasse
Rating 5 stars
As the show ended, I definitely knew that Candide was a good show. What I didn't realize was how much I liked it. It took a couple days of sloshing around in my head, of repeating "the BEST of ALL possible worlds" in the same way Matt Spring does, to everything, of noting that my issues are nothing compared to having one buttock, and reading the wikipedia entry for Candide to know how relatively close they are to the book for me to realize that I liked this an awful lot and would probably want to see it again. That's rare, and totally unexpected considering my impression of the source material (snooze fest!)

by Robin Nelson
Rating 4 stars
Sometimes I had no idea what was going on, but I still enjoyed "Candide". What made it special were the hilarious characters. Everyone did wonderful turns - but the work of Christin Bardin really stood out for me.

Laughter to tears
by Frayed Edge
Rating 5 stars
This retelling of Candide works within literary bounds and manages to deliver an handsomely absurd and goofy tale that is both dark satire and perfectly delivered gags.

Tight script, direction and performance. Great use of minimal set, costumes and properties.

Familiarity with the story will make it better, but you'll still laugh until you cry.

Disclosure: I know someone involved in this production.

1-Tell your friends not to go
2-A bad fringe show, below par for the festival. Don't Bother
3-Worth seeing, don't go out of your way.
4-Good to Great. Make time for this show.
5-Absolutely outstanding. A great show, festival or otherwise.

Acid Den
by Brian Watson-Jones
Rating 5 stars
Great, fast, hilarious. A perfect example of how to boil a story down to comedy for the stage; exaggerate what needs it, present unchanged what doesn't need it, and cut the stuff that won't work. If necessary, hang a lantern on the fact that large chunks of plot are now missing; then, rather than having to endure large bits of exposition, we're laughing at how much there must have been. The casting of people as multiple characters, always a hazard, worked out perfectly- I was never confused as to who was who. The props and set were a perfect balance of clever and crummy. Brant Miller in particular deserves kudos for his charming befuddlement. Great show!

The Best Show I've Seen This Year
by Ryan Sanderson
Rating 5 stars
Breathlessly paced and flawlessly performed, this goofy Voltaire adaptation is consistently hilarious and never drops below incredibly clever. I can't think of a more sure bet at this year's festival. It's easily my pick for top Fringe show right now. Just delightful!

Run, Voltaire, Run
by Thomas Von Hanks
Rating 5 stars
Being a Four Humors fan, as well as a fan of the masterful Voltaire, I expected everything from this show and got all that and more. Physically, the show alone was mind-boggling. The acting, especially Christian Bardin and Ryan Lear, was exceptional. If you want true theatrical entertainment, see this!

Fun and energetic
by Gene Bard
Rating 4 stars
I found this to be a high energy production. Candide and all of the characters were well done. I especially liked the song.

I am not generous with my stars so please consider 4 stars as being very good.

If I could have seen just one production maybe it wouldn't have been this one but if I could only see two or three I'd be happy i'd seen this.

Tour de force satire
by Randy Holland
Rating 5 stars
WOW. Fearless performances and physical antics take this outlandish, well-written adaptation to great heights of fun and satire. Kudos to all involved with this special performance. I would say the age guide of 12+ may be too low though for most parents' comfort zone.

It was nice...
by Phillip Schramm
Rating 2 stars
Everything was done very well, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it was missing something. Maybe I was just in an off mood, but everything just fell a little flat for me. It just felt like an inside joke that the whole audience was in on except me.

Go see this show
by Dan Peltzman
Rating 5 stars
The title of this review says it all.

Do you like physical comedy? Go see this show.
Do you like clever dialogue and wordplay? Go see this show.
Do you like minimalist theater? Go see this show.
Do you like an epic story that takes you around the world? Go see this show.
Do you want to laugh non-stop for 60 minutes, then leave the theater and have a long discussion about life and the nature of existence? Go see this show.

Four Humors knows how to create simple, engaging comedy that prompts the audience to think deeply, and they have hit this one out of the park. Go see this show.

Well Done
by Dean Hatton
Rating 4 stars
Good story telling here done by a fine actress.

Because I can't give it twelve stars
by Angela Paulson
Rating 5 stars
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I enjoyed the production so much I just want to run in circles, flailing my arms about, pulling my hair and shouting AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Stellar performances of multiple characters by each ensemble member. Loved the format, which breezed us through the dense storyline in a manner that would make Cliff Notes proud. So glad I wasn't the only audience member laughing aloud (read: bellering uncontrollably).
Cannot. Recommend. Enough. Call and reserve a ticket. Add this to your schedule, or you will regret it the rest of your days!

The Fringe Does Voltaire
by Dave Romm
Rating 4 stars
I've never read the book, but I sort of imagine Voltaire approving of this version. In an hour, The Four Humors zips through a rather amazing series of plot set against an historical background while sharply portraying nearly two dozen characters. Bawdy, romantic, violent, optimistic and disrespectful: Quentin Tarantino, eat your heart out. Really four and a half stars, I'm rounding down for the narration (which was usually drowned out by laughter) and for zipping past some scenes that should have been longer in the best of all worlds. A Shockwave Radio Theater Review.

Makes me want to read the book again...
by Sheila McMahon
Rating 5 stars
A very energetic and well choreographed show. There were a lot of laughs, too. Gotta say I didn't love the running rape joke so much, but it was definitely food for thought - it is part of war. Overall, great job, clever use of the stage and of set pieces.

A must see
by Claire Alexander
Rating 5 stars
This show was absolutely spot on; perfect comedic timing, excellent delivery, wonderfully paced. A Must See.

A goofy, fun adaptation
by Derek Miller
Rating 4 stars
True to form, Four Humors has given us another inventive show full of goofy humor and imagination. However, the necessary condensing of the book, left us with lots and lots of little scenes interrupted by blackouts and voiceovers. Though the company was even able to turn these into a recurring joke of their own, the constant stop and start (and the episodic nature of the source material) kept interrupting the momentum of the play. Even so, it kept me laughing the whole time and landed at a simple, beautiful ending that I think might be the only good way to bring a breakneck Candide to a close.

indeed candide.
by Amber Bjork
Rating 5 stars
I am a fan of Four Humors. I am also a fan of Voltaire's Candide. I also have a soft spot for simply-staged theatre. So in a word,


In two words, YAY YAY.

It was the push and pull of this piece that tickled me most. The push being the high energy and total commitment of the actors; the pull being the time taken to announce chapter titles and the beautiful comic timing taken with it.

Absolutely one of my favorites so far.

Make their audience grow
by Rick Treece
Rating 5 stars
Disjointed indeed, but you know "Candide" is going to need abridging. The show made a fun bit out of the plot gaps & sudden appearance of characters who ostensibly had been around for "chapters".

The talented cast is headed by Brant Miller, who looks like Candide should. Everyone else handles multiple roles ably—the highlight is Ryan Lear, a corpse down center, throwing his voice offstage to cover the line of another of his characters.

I love the source novel (OK, I teach French), and this treatment captured its fun and tone brilliantly.

I didn't miss the Bernstein score until the last scene, which was a bit of an anti-climax. Maybe, even without music, it could be rewritten as a kind of rhythmic, layered solo-&-choros prose-poem.

Fun! but a Little Disjointed
by Rachel Gates
Rating 4 stars
Going into a Four Humors show, I expected to have a good time. I did! The show was a lot of fun and the entire cast was a joy to watch. The switching back and forth between characters was well executed and clear. The only problem was trying to stuff the epic of Candide into a one hour production. While the blackouts did add some laughs, but moreso broke the momentum of the show. The scenes and script became choppy. The techical aspects (props, costumes, set, etc.) were also a little more sloppy than previous Four Humors shows I've seen. All in all, it is a very good production and you wouldn't be disappointed. Also, the beating scenes are quite funny.

by James Howitt
Rating 3 stars
Overall, this was a good show and I'd recommend it. The comedic timing was good, the script funny and the pacing good. Voltaire, I'm sure, would approve. My complaint is that in a farce, if the material is over-the-top (which Candide is, despite nearly all of it being true), then the characters should take themselves seriously. Or the reverse should happen. But in this case characters are over-the-top in an over-the-top story. I felt myself wishing for a little emotional subtlety or a few less pratfalls to make this a 4 or 5-star show. Though I didn't guffaw much at the show, I'm still finding myself chuckling a day later. This best of all possible shows is worth your time and silver.

by Ben Thietje
Rating 5 stars
Every year. Every damn year. Four Humors is da bomb.

Goofy & charming
by Daniel Pinkerton
Rating 4 stars
A goofy and endearing sprint through Voltaire's classic satire. Perhaps a few of the master's finer points have been given the axe, but it's still charming and inventive. Love the song that the Old Woman With One Buttock sings!

by Abbie Lawrence
Rating 3 stars
I know audience members have flipped out over this retelling of "Candide". I don't join them in their flipping-outedness. I've adored Four Humors in the past ("Corpus Callosum" or whatever it was called just had some of the best actor chemistry and hilarity ever), but this effort left me bored and unengaged, and also asking "why?". Why did we need another version of "Candide" when at least two exist, if not more? This one didn't bring anything new to the table as far as I could see. But again, I think my opinion is the minority.

Who's Candide?
by Beezy Poof
Rating 5 stars
I'm ashamed to admit that I don't know the full story of Candide. I knew nothing of him before I saw this show, and I still laughed myself silly. Well acted, well written, well done! Highly recommended!

Great adaptation
by Renee Soppe
Rating 4 stars
Strong performances keep this ambitious undertaking rolling for the full hour. The story of Candide is hilarious yet complicated - the production stayed true to the plot with an interpretation that kept me laughing! See it.

So Much Fun
by Nathaniel Kent
Rating 5 stars
Wonderful adaptation, acting and staging. A really fun romp with some hilarious darker moments of violence. Go see it!

Not bad...
by Eric Wentling
Rating 3 stars
It was a fairly humorous and very condensed version of the enormous novel I haven't read. And probably will not read. Ever. But the group did a good job of it and there were several good moments in the play. I enjoyed it, but I've seen this company do much better over the years.

A Master Class of Scene-Stealing
by Josh Carson
Rating 4 stars
Four Humors knows what they're doing, and they do it well here - staging some truly inspired sequences.

I especially want to highlight the stand-out performance of Christian Bardin who completely steals the show with every character she has, no small feat with the always excellent cast. I could watch her count to thirty for hours on end.

More Four Humors excellence.
by Eric Salo
Rating 4 stars
I can't say what I liked best about this show without spoiling it. Suffice it to say that it worked for me. Candide is a difficult story to pull off but Four Humors managed to capture it. Not a show for everyone but if you've seen anything else they've done then you know what to expect and will not be disappointed.

by re gurgitate
Rating 3 stars
A sweeping tale, in which the telling left no time for the characters. A solid cast with no room to emote. And for a Four Humors show, ultimately a disappointment.

Still Four Humors, But...
by William Marth
Rating 4 stars
I have no idea if I would have liked this show more or less if I had known anything about the story of Candide coming in. Compared to their previous efforts, this is a show that has many jokes that flew over my head, and others that were lost due to the pure speed of delivery.

Still very funny, but didn't destroy me like other Four Humors efforts.

Candide Indeed
by Kristi Lawless
Rating 4 stars
I also have never read the original, but thanks for the summary. Now I can write my book report. Now...how to describe the quirky little dance...

j/k j/k

Nice work-I had fun.

Another Great Four Humors Production
by Lena Lyle
Rating 5 stars
I am a big fan of Four Humors and always enjoy what they have to offer. Candide was no exception. The acting was spectacular and the interpretation funny and original. Go see this show!

Laugh out loud!
by Irene Duong
Rating 5 stars
I really enjoyed this succinct and hilarious play. It really does the book justice, believe it or not! Highly recommended!

All the high points
by Amy Bonifas
Rating 5 stars
A wonderful production from a stellar cast. Beautiful choices preserve the plot well and showcase the absurdity nicely.
Highlights are the announcements for each scene. Acting kudos to Ryan Lear, Brant Miller, and Christian Bardin.

by Ann Lewandowski
Rating 5 stars
A whirlwind run through this classic story. Solid acting with great expressions. Right-on timing. Lots of laughs on top of a timeless message.

worth seeing
by Bruce Cessna
Rating 5 stars
Excellent. Fantastic.

beautiful storytelling
by Greg Northfield
Rating 4 stars
what a beautiful show. i've always loved the work of four humors. this was an interseting pick and i wasn't sure about it knowing the story, but they made it their own.

Fun and laughs!
by Bradley Johnson
Rating 4 stars
I went into this show knowing very little except for the company. Very easy to follow the story and full of laughs. Highly recommend.

One of the surest bets of the Fringe
by Max Wojtanowicz
Rating 5 stars
Never miss a Four Humors show. Just don't. These folks have got it figured out, and their show is lots and lots of fun. Plus, I have a secret crush on Matt Spring.

Go see it!

good pacing, cast
by EJ WJ
Rating 4 stars
Nice job by a great crew who kept a complicated plot moving well and an audience smiling.

by Matilda ZombieQueen
Rating 4 stars
Really fun distillation of the picaresque absurdity. Great cast, tight pacing, and terrific writing.

A satirical romp
by CJ Mantel
Rating 4 stars
Seriously, you'll travel farther in fifty minutes than you have in the past year. Fringe brings out the best in these storytellers every year, and this is no exception.

Voltaire was a bit touched
by Caroline Toll
Rating 5 stars
If you find this odd, blame Voltaire.

The Best of All Possible Shows
by Mark Mikula
Rating 5 stars
Four Humors is one of the hardest working acts on the local scene. They've brought together seasoned veterans and shiny newcomers for a dynamic and entertaining performance of a creaky classic. Committed performances from the whole troupe and plenty of fun, especially for those with an appreciation for the source material. You could lose twenty pounds on the Candide workout for a month. You've done it again, Four Humors!

the best first
by Ariel Leaf
Rating 4 stars
I chose to see this as my first Fringe show because it always takes time to settle into the barebones format of the Fringe. I knew I was sure to like anything Four Humors does, and they delivered. Good solid entertainment - you know it's a good show when you giggle during the voice overs BETWEEN the bits. I enjoyed the versatility of the performers and thought this was a clever, cheeky delightful show. I'm betting you will too.

by Richard Heise
Rating 4 stars
Very nice show, I enjoyed it a lot. May have offended a true Candide affectionado but what can you do in 60 minutes. I'd highly recommend it.

Quite an Accomplishment
by Lisa Landreman
Rating 5 stars
I never read Candide, had no desire to read Candide but was intrigued by the task and am drawn to anything done by Four Humors. I was not disappointed! This show was funny, cleaver, and smartly performed. Really a talented ensemble of actors who committed to their characters and their performances.

A Nice Journey
by Richard Shields
Rating 4 stars
Four Humors offers us clever and funny show that is well paced as we journey through the never dull life of Candide. This show is well-written and the cast is a joy to watch. I have seen several versions of "Candide" and given this production's format and time limits this show conveys the spirit of the original work.

I loved Christian Bardin's old woman. The four other cast members were also strong and I hope to see them again.

My only complaint is where was the survey suppose to go!??!

A farcical search for love--and truth
by Troy Simpson
Rating 5 stars
This talented company gives a truly riotous depiction of the misadventures of Voltaire's naive, lovelorn suitor. Brant Miller leads as the innocent everyman, deftly combining his acting range with whimsical physical comedy. The supporting cast is equally enthralling through their many role and costume changes. Kudos to Ryan Lear for his creative assortment of accents, as well as to Matt Spring for his outrageously optimistic Pangloss and his very convincing sheep!

by Dave Stagner
Rating 5 stars
If any theatre group in town should tackle Voltaire's dense, hilarious tale, it should be Four Humors. I think this is my favorite work they've done yet. It's edited and staged so well it seems totally natural. Definitely worth seeing, especially if you like classic literature and clowning.

Nicely done
by Kelly Rosenthal
Rating 4 stars
Amusing adaption well performed

Great new adaptation
by Lindsey McDonald Dorsey
Rating 5 stars
Talented & versatile cast, smart script, dynamic direction, and a song. Excellent.

Hilarious distillation
by Mariellen Jacobson
Rating 5 stars
This “Cliffs Notes” version of Voltaire’s novel took just 1 hour, but I think we got pretty much the whole story. A tight production; actors' timing was impeccable. Philosophy was served up in a spoonful of sugar – is it really true that everything that happens is “for the best,” or not? In the short term? In the long term? Absolutely clever and hilarious – at times the recorded “chapter headings” were inaudible due to the audience’s laughter and applause. The stationery and “character” chalkboards were brilliant and economical. Superb performances all around. Wow!

Another hit from Four Humors
by Mark Ryan
Rating 5 stars
In the best of all possible worlds Brant Miller would be playing Candide at the Fringe this year. Oh, wait he is, and he's perfect for the role. Not to take anything from the rest of the cast; they all did a great job in this highly-compressed epic and comedic tale. Very funny. Well worth seeing.

What is wrong with me?
by Cato Brutus
Rating 3 stars
I like Four Humors. I like Candide. I liked the acting. I liked the jokes. So why didn't I like this show that much? I've been asking myself this all day, and I still can't give a satisfactory answer.

Lots of energy, but...
by Publius McGee
Rating 2 stars
I've never read Candide. I had no real idea what was going on. I was told afterward that it followed the plot of Candide exactly, in which case I can't fault Four Humors for lack of explanation.

by Chris Kirkham
Rating 5 stars
Easily the finest production of Candide I've ever seen. Well, okay, it's the only production of Candide I've ever seen, but go see it anyway! The cast is razor sharp, Jason Ballweber's direction is flawless and Brant Miller shines in the title role. Get there early! The lines are going to be long for this one.

I'm Biased. They're Great.
by Mark Long
Rating 5 stars
Four Humors do what they do best: fun, interesting subjects done in their own style. If you know the story of Candide, you won't believe what they accomplish onstage. If you don't know the story, they will take you on a journey with an epic fool. It's funny and bizarre, but it's all Candide and Four Humors Theater.
But, don't read this review. I'm biased.

The Best of All Possible Adaptations
by Steve Smith
Rating 5 stars
Simply loved it. Go see it.

A favorite
by JP Martin
Rating 5 stars
If you're reading reviews, you're probably on the fence right now. Maybe you've never read Candide (I haven't), or maybe you're thinking eighteenth-century French literature isn't particularly well-suited for comedic adaptation. My advice to you: go see it anyway. Seriously. Just go.

Good start to Fringe
by ian felton
Rating 4 stars
I didn't read Candide, but it was still funny. Solid acting and writing.

Fun and ramshackle
by Carin Bratlie
Rating 4 stars
A lovely and silly adaptation. As is always true of four humors, they embrace the simplicity of theatricality to great results. The story is complex and vast, and they tell it well.


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