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The Gay Banditos

show image

The Gay Banditos

By The Mechanical Division

Created by The Mechanical Division

Based on actual events: The Miller family shares the shocking details of how their lives were destroyed forever by extreme gayness. Educational and haunting. A story you can't un-see.


GLBT content Political content World premiere

Actors' Equity participants

Just so you know, this show has
Violence, Adult language

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up

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The Mechanical Division's net profit from each ticket sale will be donated to
Minnesotans United for All Families

"[the play] really hums when it digs into the dark and unspoken fears
of the main characters." - City Pages

"This broad, funny satire deftly skewers a particular paranoia" - Star Tribune

"a razor sharp satire, so good...someone would bootleg a video of it to
Fox News who would not get the joke. - 5 stars" - Matthew Everett, The Daily Planet

"...hilarious and often explicit comedy skewers the notion of an evil gay agenda" - Pioneer Press

"Vote no on the amendment, but vote YES for The Gay Banditos!" - Kate Hoff, The Daily Planet

"Highly recommended, it exemplifies a fringe show’s ability to deliver a message
with devastating effectiveness." - TC Theater Connection

*selected as a StarTribune "Fringe Favorite"*

*selected as a City Pages "Critic's Pick" and a "Must See" Fringe show*

Based on 100% super-duper true and actual events: Hank, Deborah, and Cody Miller share the shocking details of how their lives were destroyed forever by extreme gayness. Educational and haunting. A story you can't un-see.

From The Mechanical Division -- producers of past MN Fringe hits Cannibal! The Musical, The Return of LICK! , and Cat -- comes this year's best argument for homosexual oppression: The Gay Banditos.

NOTICE: Ours is a hard-edged humor. We use ample vulgarity and generous amounts of ridiculous exaggeration. We're less Smothers Brothers, and more Louis CK (although we're not nearly as funny as either). Consider yourself warned.

The Rarig Center is Constructionville, USA. Use the handy map below to reduce your stress. Be sure to leave plenty of time for travel and parking. The MN Fringe does not allow late seating.
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Cast + crew

Bobby Gardner
Role: Narrator
Bobby is very excited to be performing again in the MN Fringe Festival. He was last seen at the Fringe in 2010 in The Mechanical Division's production of Princess Jessica and the Kingdom of Boogers. Currently, Bobby can be seen in The Brave New Workshop's The Rainbow Election: Mommies and Mormons and Gays, Oh My!. Bobby has spent the last 5 years as an actor/writer/improviser in the Brave New Workshop's mainstage company. Other theatre credits include Chanhasen Dinner Theatre, Troupe America, Actor's Theatre of MN, MN Festival Theatre, and The Mechanical Division.

Christine Karki
Role: Deborah Miller
Chris loves nothing more than bragging about her accomplishments in bio form. She is super pumped to be back in the Fringe Festival (having previously appeared in Front Door Theatre’s Seussical: The Musical in 2004) and to be in her first Mechanical Division show. As an actor, Chris has performed with Park Square Theater, The Great American History Theatre, Commonweal Theatre, Actor’s Theater, Minneapolis Musical Theatre, Troupe America, Hey City Theater and others. Chris is also a director, most recently directing The Story of My Life with Minneapolis Musical Theatre and is directing Engaged, the inaugural show for BOOM! Theater this October. Chris is positively giddy to be on stage again with her husband but is a bit bummed that The Mechanical Division couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate their beautiful 16-month-old son into the show. ...Oh yeah, and in 2010 Chris won a regional Emmy award for her performance in a Fox 9 PSA, no biggie.

Tom Karki
Role: Hank Miller
Tom is a frequent performer in the Twin Cities area. He was seen last year in The Mechanical Division's Fringe production Cat, and has also been seen in such Minneapolis Musical Theatre classics as Zombie Prom, The Great American Trailer Park Musical, Jerry Springer: The Opera, Bat Boy: The Musical, and Evil Dead: The Musical. Hailing from the Iron Range, you can imagine Tom has a keen eye for great theater, so when The Mechanical Division asked him to be a part of The Gay Banditos, he jumped at the chance. Big love to Chris and the DT.

Patrick Kozicky
Role: Cody Miller
Patrick is an actor. He is in this show. His contract with The Mechanical Division is almost up. He would like to remind everyone to never sign something before reading it. Patrick is 30 years old, and dreams of someday playing someone over 20 years old. But not for The Mechanical Division. He has worked with many theaters, far superior to the one producing this show. That list includes: Walking Shadow, Youth Performance Company, Theatre in the Round, Park Square Theatre, The New Theatre Group, The Children’s Theatre Company...among others. Patrick would like to dedicate this performance to anyone under 5’6”, and would like to encourage everyone to VOTE NO, this November.

Ben Thietje
Role: Deputy Jameson Barnes
Ben has been writing, producing and acting in the MN Fringe since 1857, when the festival first began. Some of these shows include LICK!, Cannnibal! The Musical, The Return of LICK!, Princess Jessica and the Kingdom of Boogers, Cat, and now The Gay Banditos. Actually, that's the entire list. He's also appeared on stage with local companies like The Old Log, Park Square, Walking Shadow, Troupe America and the National Theatre for Children. When he's not doing theatre, Ben works for Target Corporation, plays softball and watches loads of really, really awful television...ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Sarah Bizek
Role: Stage Manager
Sarah has been stage managing since 1996 with the Minnesota State University, Mankato Department of Theatre and Dance, One Voice Mixed Chorus and The Mechanical Division. In her “real life,” Sarah enjoys spending time writing, playing hockey, and telling other people what to do.

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User reviews

God bless the Miller Dogwood.
by Amy Salloway
Rating 4 stars
The first thing I thought to myself after "Gay Banditos" ended was "I hope I can commit to memory at least 2 or 3 of the screamingly funny lines in this play to use in future conversations." The second thing I thought was, "I wonder if people get that, amidst other levels of cleverness, this show is written as a hilarious parody of 'The Laramie Project?"

"The Gay Banditos" had a few rough spots the night I saw it - it seemed like there might have been some missed cues, and the action was unevenly paced, but I'm not complaining - I was LOLIng all the way at the straightfaced (ha!) sincerity of the acting and the Christopher Guest-style characters living their fervently misguided lives. Great use too of Johnny Cash.

by Dixie Treichel
Rating 4 stars
This show had some funny moments but it could use some reworking. The parody/satire quirkiness and queerness was setup well but sometimes overdone. I like comedy that makes the twist and then moves on. Well performed.

by Angela Paulson
Rating 5 stars
Loved it loved it loved it loved it!!

I got it, I got it. Still didn't like it
by Barrett Solberg
Rating 2 stars
Guess its the season, with samesex on the ballot this fall, that anyone who isn't gay must be a backwater hayseed. It felt like an hour long assault, which wouldn't have bothered me so much if there was something funny or enlightening (as other shows with similar themes at the festival demonstrated) to take away.

by Dean Elwell
Rating 5 stars
I was a bit unsure from the description if I would like this show. I was rewarded with a terrific satire with hilarious performances from a wonderful cast. "Gay Banditos" is one of the funniest satires I have seen at fringe this year. Actually in a number of years. I highly recommend this show.

Fun Satire
by Katie Koch
Rating 5 stars
Super fun show with Great acting, and some really hilarious moments. It's a must see.

Over Some Heads
by Jill R
Rating 5 stars
It's really too bad that so many people seem unable to connect the dots with this show.

Yes, there are moronic homosexual stereotypes. But that's because the story is being told from the point of view of homophobic bigots. The laughs come because we find it hilarious how stupid this family is. As far as I understand it, that's what a good satire should do: embarrass society into correction. The only way this show is reinforcing gay stereotypes is if you already identify with homophobic bigots. I do not, so I was able to sit back, relax, and laugh at those bigots for 50 minutes.

I'm proud to live in a place where a show like this can be produced and received well. Kudos to all involved!

Maybe I didnt get it????
by David Schlosser
Rating 0 stars
I know I may be alone here, but the "fag" joke is about as funny as black face...well at least to me.

A parody, spoof, or "satire" needs to be grounded in some sore of intelligence and I dont see any of that here. Maybe it was because I was thrown off by equating to homosexuals to ..and I may be wrong BUT I'm not sure I am... to "a bucket of bloody sh*t". This may be "edgy" but is repulsive to hear.

So maybe I dont get it and I am not "edgy" and cool but then again neither is this.

I am glad they say they will donate the profits to MN United to defeat the marriage amendment, I just wish they would have been able create a show the dint't degrade or de-humanize the GLBT community while doing it, all for cheap dirty "fag" jokes

Got Gunslingers?
by Daniel McLaughlin
Rating 2 stars
Was I stupid to expect some sort of western?

Absurd and Funny
by Erin Sheppard
Rating 5 stars
This show is really well done and makes its point clearly. The performances by all were fantastic.
It's a very specific style of theatre and part of the joke is the stereotypical characters stereotyping homosexuals. I was glad that each character had their own personal revelation as they recount this traumatic experience.
Also, the fact that they are donating their proceeds to MN United is so great!

Great acting
by Lahti Tina
Rating 4 stars
The Gay Banditos was very funny and the acting was fantastic. Four stars instead of five because for me, the story line dragged in places. I wonder how many hits Lewis Black's Gay Banditos clip is getting on YouTube this week.

Not so gay, not much banditry
by Fringivitis Vulgaris
Rating 3 stars
It's a cute spoof of ignorant homophobia. No actual bandits were ever observed in this skit, and apparently "gay" means "house party" or "anal sex". Good filler for Ultra-passers with an extra show slot.

by Jake Scott
Rating 5 stars
Mechanical Division does it again. There are some outstanding bits in this show, and all the performances are superb. The voice over police radio thing was super funny.

It smells AWESOME
by Eric Webster
Rating 5 stars
A really really great show. laughed really hard. Very well written, hilarious, extremely well paced, poignant, heartfelt and the acting was superb. Incredible timing. A big, giant, funny middle finger to the south. Well done. Bravo.

Bad propaganda
by Ian Baird
Rating 1 star
As a show this piece is well acted and runs pretty smoothly. I'm not big for story theater, but this wasn't bad. I am giving it one star however, because the main point of this show was obviously to be a propaganda piece, and as such it failed miserably. The show attempted to expose the hatred of people who stereotype Homosexuals, but in the end it only stereotyped those people, and maybe even reinforced Homosexual stereotypes.

As theater this show probably deserves three stars, as propaganda it completely and utterly fails. If the writers were more concerned about understanding all people, and not just their own sub-culture, it could be a powerful show.

Assault isn't funny.
by Corinna Troth
Rating 3 stars
This is parody and allegory and absurdism - I get that. What if gay people were assaulting straight people because of their orientation and rather than beating or killing them, they tied them up and forced them to unwillingly watch sexual acts? To me...at that point, it's *an assault* and then I find myself siding with the people who were assaulted - even if I don't like them. Maybe that is part of the point?

A lot of this show works brilliantly, and there are some strong performances, and some VERY funny stuff, but I think it breaks down with the Bandito attack. I also do not enjoy long stretches of sitting in a dark theater listening to garbled voice over descriptions of...well, anything, really.

by John Mueller
Rating 2 stars
I went into this show with very high expectations, and I was unfortunately very much let down. While the message may be a noble one, the actual show was pretty "meh". There were several lines that had me chuckling, but aside from this, I found the story very one-dimensional, delivered without much passion. If you are expecting a compelling story with twists and turns, you may want to avoid this one. If you are looking for a series of dogmatic propaganda monologues, this is your show.

Very well done!
by Mohamed Yakub
Rating 5 stars
This show is a must see - all the actors did a fantastic portrayal of the characters. I wanted more when it ended...
Don't miss this one!

I peed a little from laughing
by Jean Simmons
Rating 5 stars
I LOVE (and fear) the Gay Banditos!!! What a great show and the timliness of the topic is perfect. A couple jokes were a smidge predictable, but based on the roars of the crowd that didn't matter. Once again, well done Mechanical Division. The only downside is that Bobby had all his clothes on.

by Jane Fox
Rating 5 stars
So much fun and so well performed. It can be hard to catch a line as I was till laughing so hard from the last one! Booby Garnder performs his role as narrator flawlessly! Do I see an opprtunity to moonlight on Fox News?? HMMM. The whole Miller clan is so spot on in each of their roles!!! Thanks for a great etertainning evening!
Jane Fox

Just Plain Fun
by Rob Gelberg
Rating 4 stars
The show is consistently funny throughout. The send-up of "The Laramie Project" is a perfect backbone for a satirical look at homophobic culture in America. The jokes are spot-on and the laughs keep coming. While the play was very clearly written with a left-leaning Fringe audience in mind and doesn't add anything new to the conversation over gay tolerance, you will still have a fantastic experience. Go see this play; however, I recommend getting there early and sitting in the center section of the thrust. I was sitting far house left and feel like I may have missed some of the facial expressions on the performers.

Not-so-subtle Satire
by Mary Lundberg-Johnson
Rating 4 stars
No doubt about the point of this satirical piece. I prefer my satire a bit more subtle, but that being said, the characters in this play are superb! Each one is perfect in his or her role, staying totally in character. The story of the son having Shingles when he was 8 can't be missed. Lots of explicit language, so this show won't be for everyone.

See it.
by Jesse Villarreal
Rating 5 stars
Great satire. Very well acted with a smart funny ending.

See this.

Amazing one-liners!
by Max Wojtanowicz
Rating 5 stars
Smart satire done well. Even in a perfect cast full of spot-on line readings, Tom and Chris Karki are such highlights as homophobic parents. See it if you can and support MN United!

by Eliz D
Rating 5 stars
See this show! See this show! See this show!
Wonderfully written - and PERFECTLY acted! This ensemble kills every moment, nails every facial expression, and fills those 60 minutes to the brim with comedy and heart.
Please go see this show --- it is the BEST SHOW AT THE FRINGE!!

Prepare to laugh
by Kenneth Hanf
Rating 5 stars
Nothing serious in the presentation so you can just go laugh but the innuendos are there...for those who want to hear it. Oh, wait, it's 100% true according to the intro.

Absurdity at its best. Well written. Smooth delivery and whitty dialogue. No snickers or missteps from the performers as they're being bombarded with laughter. And yeah, they are merciless on the poor rednecks but rednecks don't patronize Fringe.

NOTE: Bountiful F bombs. If you aren't okay with a healthy dose of f***, don't go.

I'm Still Laughing
by Larry Ripp
Rating 5 stars
Generally critics do not like a show where the characters just stand there and talk. Not a lot of action. Not a lot of movement. But OH what funny things they have to say in THIS show! It's all Satire and that ain't easy to pull off. But place yourself in the care of The Mechanical Division and you will be in Good Hands, believe me. I write comedy and I think I know a bit about how to write this stuff. I am critical. Here in my opinion is the funniest script of the Fringe. And to boot, it's fun with a real message behind it that needs to be heard. Don't mess around. Just go. Hear jokes in character that Hollywood can only DREAM of producing.

by Steve Gernes
Rating 5 stars
Definitely a boffo hit. Broadway bound at least. Thanks for the belly laughs. (does this make me more gay?)

Very funny and enlightening...
by Jill Gunderson-Gernes
Rating 5 stars
Excellent writing and acting - it's a must see!

by Steve Gernes
Rating 5 stars
Very funny show that many times left me laughing uncontrollably. Skillfully put together, written, and performed and is quite thought provoking as well. It's a really great show that's definitely worth your time!

Sharp, Witty Satire
by Allen Vandover
Rating 5 stars
This show was consistanly in a harsh, satirical world and was deeply cutting from beginning to end. The second I heard that the proceeds from the show go to MN United, I knew I had to go. Loved it.

A Must See!
by Jimmy Leduc
Rating 5 stars
This show uses comedy and excellent satire to really discuss an important issue. I laughed so hard but I was reminded that we are still fighting the fight to allow Equality for all. This show is hilarious but it is also though provoking. Don't miss it.

Gotta Shiny Bead
by Brian Watson-Jones
Rating 5 stars
Good satire is hard, and there's a thin line between the satire I enjoy (Colbert) and the satire that's as annoying as it subject (most others). Gay Banditos dances on that line PERFECTLY. Never breaking character, never being self-aware of the situation's ludicrousness, letting the slight exaggeration speak for itself and reveal its own message. Pitch-perfect, definitely worth the seeing, and all the profits go Minnesotans United for All Families (just in case you thought the homophobia was sincere). Catch this one. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go eat a banana while studiously avoiding eye contact.

Strong language; funny stuff
by Arnold Roos
Rating 3 stars
This is a very funny show, even though it paints its satire with a very broad brush. My favorite sequence was the teenaged son's pet monologue--hilarious and well-done. One caveat: The in-the-mostly-dark prologue was confusing to me. (My poor night vision may be to blame here). And on the subject of lighting--is it just me or are the lights at the Thrust never all that bright, even when at full lights up?

Whatever--you'll enjoy this show; be warned, however: There is LOTS of swearing. And kudos to the cast for donating the profits--trust me, folks, that's a BIG sacrifice.

Arnie Roos

Offensively brilliant.
by ben johnson
Rating 5 stars
Very relevant-using current events... In an very well acted satire.

For Really Really Real...
by Amanda White
Rating 5 stars
Full disclosure, there are lots of people I love involved in this piece. I was excited to see it from the moment the idea was conceived, and after seeing it, I feel huge pride. It's a difficult, painful, hilarious, crass and terrific satire. It is aptly placed in North Carolina, the recent site of a marriage vote, and the characters who shakily tell us about their encounter with the Gay Banditos are so masterfully rendered that the issue is held up to the light in painful simplicity. The script isn't for the faint of heart, but make no mistake--you will hear shocking things among these "farcical" comments that you've heard many times before from civil rights opponents. Bottom line--GO GO GO. It's my favorite work from TMD yet.

Hilarious and Hard-Hitting
by Josh Carson
Rating 5 stars
This is an issue that the Mechanical Division clearly feels passionate about, as their material has never been stronger, darker, and funnier. (And clearly, they're putting their money where their mouth is as we've all heard)

The satire is ridiculously strong, with hilariously strong stand-out sequences, some of which that include company names, pet names, and an entirely in the dark conversation that's worth the price of admission alone.

And amongst all the laughs, the show doesn't forget to let you know that despite the laughs, this is an issue to take seriously, and one of the last lines of the show delivers that message in a strong, effective manner.

Do not miss this show
by Christopher Webre
Rating 5 stars
This show takes on some of the most absurd public perceptions of the gay community and exposes the vast sterotypes that the Bible Belt uses to push its homophobic agenda. On the flip side the show does sterotypes Bible Thumpers/Rednecks, so do two wrongs make a right? Ah, who cares? They've kinda deserve it!!

You never expect gay banditos!
by Rick Treece
Rating 5 stars
The best thing I've seen this year at Fringe so far. What "The Laramie Project" (which is legitimate documentary theater) achieves with poignancy, this script tries to replicate with comedy.

But, perhaps even more than in "The Laramie Project", the homophobic characters here are rendered lovingly in 3 dimensions. Christine and Tom Karki, familiar faces from Minneapolis Musical Theater, are touchingly effective in their "straight" roles here as members of a solid ensemble.

They Did It Again!
by Addie Thietje
Rating 5 stars
Every time I think the Mechanical Division couldn't possibly top their last production, they prove me wrong. Thank you Mechanical Division for another great show. Bravo!

dark and funny
by Gemma Irish
Rating 5 stars
This show has the usual absurd humor, the jokes that get taken to their furthest most hilarious limits. It also gets surprisingly dark at moments. The absurdity is almost existentially desolate - what does it mean for humanity that we live in a world where two people of the same sex who are in love can't get married?

A great way to kick off Fringe
by Heather Baldwin
Rating 4 stars
A biting satire about a family in small-town North Carolina who are the victims of a "Gay Bandito" attack and the local cop investigating the crime. Strong acting from all of the cast members.

Pittsboro, NC
by Mark Long
Rating 4 stars
I freely admit my bias and ignorance that I believe many towns in North Carolina and most towns in the South are like Pittsboro. I believe that there are families like the Millers who wish they had a Gay Bandito Invasion Preparedness Kit. The Mechanical Division preached to me in the choir with this show. I love the lampooning of Southern and anti-gay stereotypes, so this was a natural choice.
I probably need to reconsider my preconceived notions of people in the South, just as many people need to reconsider their assumptions about gay people.

The Gay Banditos
by Lisa Kramer
Rating 4 stars
You will laugh. You will groan. You will scratch your head at the absurdity of people's fears and reactions to difference, while recognizing that you have probably met people who actually think like this. This play is fun, raunchy, and supports a good cause. You can't go wrong with that.

Great concept & performances
by Florence Brammer
Rating 3 stars
First of all, I love that the profits from this show are going to Minnesotans United. (Vote NO in November!!) As far as the show itself, the performances and concept elevated the rather weak and repetitive script, making this a pretty fun hour. Definitely worth a Fringe slot if you have an opening at Rarig . . . and, again, a big shout-out to the cast and producers for supporting Minnesotans United's important work.

by Anna Weggel
Rating 5 stars
I have been a fan of the Mechanical Division ever since I got Licked in 2009. I love this company and everything they do. This year was no exception. The top two things that make me fall in love with Fringe shows are heart, and surprises. This show is loaded with both. I was riveted listening to this story unfold, surprised by the way it all happened, and deeply affected by the message behind the material. Thank you, team, for this great show!

Satire for the current era
by Michael Lewis
Rating 5 stars
This show is nothing but satire (although I'm sure there are one or two in the crowd who said "I knew it" with a straight face). This is a very timely comedy show about what it means to be "gay." Can attending this show turn you gay? Take a risk and find out! My only complaint is that some of the background sound and music was pumped up so loud I couldn't make it out; then again, I'm hard of hearing and can't hear out of one ear, so it may have just been me. There's few things you can count on, but I'm glad that a Mechanical Division show that delivers is one of them!

The Gay Banditos
by Michelle Farley
Rating 5 stars
Raunchy and fun!

Funny Show
by Katrina Johnson
Rating 5 stars
This show was witty throughout and laugh out loud funny in more than just a few places. The piece about Hank learning "scarfing" from his father was incredibly droll.
The show also touched on the degree to which gayness tends to be contagious. Before I went to the show I was a white suburban male and I became a lesbian as the show progressed.

Gay Banditos! Oh no!!
by Bradley Johnson
Rating 5 stars
Although we're in Minnesota and not North Carolina, I think we all know someone who has a touch of the Miller family in them. This is a fun and witty look at how absurd people can be.

Homophobes need not attend
by luann monahan
Rating 5 stars
This show highlights the absurtity associated with those worried about "being turned gay." A show filled with laughter and so many good one-liners the writing is only second to the acting which is outstanding - how the actors are able to keep straight faces is beyond me. I'd like to say this is my favorite show of the festival so far, but it's only my second so it may be premature - however, I know I'll be spreading the word about this one. Plus, all proceeds of the show support Minnesotans United for all Families.

Super super 100% true
by Carin Bratlie
Rating 4 stars
funny mockumentary and satire. Witty and gritty. That dance to Nicky Minaj was genius.

An idea stretched too far
by Katherine Dugarm
Rating 3 stars
The actors were good. There were some good lines. I though it dragged at times. If this had been a half-hour performance, it would have been enough. I am not unhappy that I saw this show, but not glad that I saw it either.

by Kelly Rosenthal
Rating 3 stars
Great cast and definitely had some lol moments. Not a show that's going to change anyone's mind on anything. Gotta like that the profits are benefitting Minnesota United.

Mechanical Division does it again
by Daryl Thietje
Rating 5 stars
A must see1 This is a great show with a lot of message! Lots of humor; great acting and show by all involved! I almost feel a little gay writing this!

Must See!!!
by tobias thietje
Rating 5 stars
The Mechanical Division puts on another great show! I was laughing the entire show. Everyone in the cast did a brilliant acting job and I can't wait to go see this show again.

If you like strawmen, you like this show
by Cato Brutus
Rating 2 stars
This show unfortunately has one note that it plays over, and over, and OVER again, and that note would be an F Flat. Spoiler alert! That joke is "all Southerners are gay-panicked homophobes grossed out by buttsex."

Honestly, it's 2012. Can we all stop patting ourselves on the back about how enlightened we are compared to one-dimensional Larry-the-Cable-Guy-esque caricatures that would have been dated 15 years ago? I'm not which group should be more offended, Southerners for the implication that they are all small-minded, NASCAR-loving bigots, or gay men for the implication that they are dance-obsessed, smelly, terrorists. The show paints with such a broad brush that any satire is rendered meaningless.

Different but poignant
by Richard Heise
Rating 4 stars
A bit quirky and definitely outrageous. A focused yet humourous look at the gay-straight fobias that dominate our society

For A Good Cause
by Richard Shields
Rating 4 stars
This is a fast paced comedy show full of talent, so if you want to laugh at the twisted foibles of people not like anyone we would find in Minnesotan you need to go to this production. The Mechanical Division has had a strong presence at fringe in the past and this show continues that run.

The humor and timeliness of this show add reasons why you should attend. The cast is outstanding - a shout-out to Christine Karki's great facial expressions. And if this is not enough to get you in the door, they are giving their profits to the efforts to fight the "marriage" amendment that is on this November's ballot.

Double Rainbow Of Awesome
by Lizzie Gernes
Rating 5 stars
This show is not only truly hilarious, but also deeply thoughtful and entreats the audience to a very sensory experience. When the lights go up (or down), the actors all deliver with complete sincerity and while there are great moments in which I belly laughed, there were also moments that truly provoked and also had great feeling. The Mechanical Division turns the idea of what it is to be gay and everything that goes with it completely on it's head, and spins the audience into a head space that allows all to be given a fresh perspective when they leave. Extremely funny, perverse, and sharply written.

Save your money
by Publius McGee
Rating 2 stars
The only thing that made me feel a little good about sitting through this show was discovering that they are donating all of their proceeds to Minnesotans United for All Families. I should have instead simply donated the cost of my ticket and saved myself an hour I'll never get back.

This show wanted to be a farce, but didn't go far enough, and instead was merely a reflection of reality without commentary, with a few blatant stereotypes thrown in for good measure. If you laugh nervously when you think of gay sex, you'll like this show.

Surprisingly substantial.
by Eric Salo
Rating 3 stars
This show takes what is basically a single joke and manages to stretch it out for an entire show, more or less successfully. It's not particularly deep but it's light and entertaining and had some genuinely funny moments without ever dragging.

Lotsa talent
by Marcia Avner
Rating 4 stars
Strong writing and acting make for a fully engaging performance and a well developed underscoring of the absurdity of homophobia. Well done!

Extreme Gayness
by David Rust
Rating 4 stars
Inspired by a Louis Black stand-up routine mocking the hyperbolic fears of the anti-marriage-equality movement, The Mechanical Division’s show, “the Gay Banditos” starts with a familiar premise but quickly finds its own voice. While most of the jokes don’t break new ground, the way in which they are inter-woven make them all seem fresh and new. Yes, a Southern family from the small town Pittsboro, North Carolina is aghast at “the gays” and terrified of what they will do to their traditional, Christian, white-bread family; it’s a stereotype. But performances and monologues lend a freshness and flair that’s really satisfying. Additionally, all profits from the show are being donated to Minnesotans United For All Families … how cool is that?


Thursday, 8/25:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8/44:00 p.m.
Wednesday, 8/87:00 p.m.
Saturday, 8/111:00 p.m.
Sunday, 8/127:00 p.m.


U of M Rarig Center Thrust venue information
330 21st Ave. S, Main Floor