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Men's Room Etiquette

Something different
show image

Men's Room Etiquette

By Jaded Optimist Productions

Created by Howard Lieberman

When you stand to deliver, where do you stand? First urinal? Last? The little short one? Or in your scared little heart do you long for a stall with a door? Don't think it doesn't matter. It does.

Something different

GLBT content Political content Improv Storytelling/Spoken word

World premiere

Just so you know, this show has
Adult language

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up

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The first review is in and it's 5 star (and no, I'm not related to the guy) 

A Full Bladder!
by Larry Ripp
Rating 5 stars
This is an absolutely ideal Fringe show. Howard and the his crew don't know how to do a bad show. There isn't one minute of this piece that isn't bursting with original ideas and ways of looking at the world, particularly the world of Men's Bathrooms! There's always a hint of danger in a Howard Lieberman show. Will He go too far? Will He put my undies in a bunch? Delightful!

Absolutely ideal????  Come see if you agree. 

Cast + crew

Felix Hampton Brown
Role: Men's Room Visitor/Pissant
Felix, a former Maplethorpe model, is well known to Fringe audiences, having starred with Howard and Loren in Fringe hits "1967" and "A Fool's Errand". Felix was born in Landstaul, Germany in 1958 into a military, middle class family. He moved to the United States as a youth in the heat of the Civil Rights Movement. His heroes are Malcolm X, Paul Robeson and Martin Luther King, Jr. The events of the Civil Rights Movement shaped his artistic vision. Felix's unique blend of charisma and VOICE make him one of the most compelling stage performers in the Twin Cities.

Les Kurkendaal
Role: Men's Room Visitor/Pissant
Les Kurkendaal is a Los Angeles based storyteller who has been touring the Fringe Circuit since 2000. Les is also starring in his own show this year entitled: ONE WAY TICKET TO CRAZY TOWN at Patrick's Cabaret.

Howard Lieberman
Role: The Men's Room Attendant/Puck
Most Fringe regulars know who I am, have seen me buck naked in the critically acclaimed "Death Camp Diaries", and either love/hate what I do. No real full frontal nudity in this show, BUT, if the lights shine just right on my somewhat sheer Heidi Arneson tight green bodysuit, who knows what might shine through.

For those new to Fringe: I am a long time storyteller/performance artist who until very recently was a member of the Fringe board. My shows tend to be adult themed dark humor with a political undertone.

Loren Niemi
Role: Men's Room Visitor/Pissant
Loren, aka "Aging Yet Clearly Still Verile Counter Cultural Icon With a Graying Ponytail", is one of this country's best known and best loved story tellers. He is also the Executive Director of Minnesota's very own In The Heart Of The Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre. Loren has starred in too many Fringe shows to list here, but over the last decade or so, Loren and Howard Lieberman have starred in some wildly successful two-man storytelling/improv shows including Best of the Hollywood Fringe and Indianapolis Fringe Best "55 Minutes Of Sex, Drugs And Audience Participation", which will be having a 3 show run over labor day in this year's Chicago Fringe Festival.

E Robertson
Role: Men's Room Visitor/Pissant
E, who is a shiny new member of the Fringe board, is a first time Fringe perfomer. Come see what E brings to the show. You won't be sorry.

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User reviews

Not what I hoped for
by luann monahan
Rating 3 stars
The premise of this show had so much potential and yet fell flat. The monologues were only mildly entertaining when the actors were not stumbling with their lines and the staging left more than a little to be desired. My high hopes of this production were quelled within the first 20 minutes and didn't improve as the show went on. Too bad.

The Peeple's Choice
by Paula Nancarrow
Rating 5 stars
Emily Post would not know where to begin here; fortunately, she does not have to, as we have a Puckish men's room attendant to guide us. I no longer envy men their shorter lavatory lines, though I do kinda wish I could pee my name in the snow. (Now see? We DO still need cursive....) I think I would rather face the Anger Pony that Howard Lieberman in a lime green unitard, but at least the costume made me concentrate hard - very hard - on every witticism that came out of his mouth. For example, I have always had trouble with the words "prostate" and "prostrate;" in the hymn "All hail the power of Jesus’ Name!" I used to wonder why God let the angels' prostates fall. It seemed both medically and metaphysically unnecessary. Now I know why this was such a potent misunderstanding. Able performances on the part of all - though nothing can beat watching an aging hippie with a graying pony tail get his Robot on.

by Publius McGee
Rating 0 stars
The entire time I sat there, with every story, I thought, "why the hell are you telling me this?" Stories without points, scripts without editing, performance without rehearsal, pain without end. And keep your germy bathroom mints away from me, ick.

Oh Poop
by Cato Brutus
Rating 1 star
If you read my other reviews of Les's shows, you know I love Les. LOVE HIM. But let me quote myself for a sec:

"I love him despite (or because of) his sometimes awkward deliveries, his verbal tics, and his occasional line stumbles."

So please keep that in mind when I say that if Les is the smoothest, most eloquent part of your show there. are. problems.

The stories had no point and the narration was terrible.

You aim too, please
by Roy Close
Rating 3 stars
Howard Lieberman, in a hideous green unitard, and three cohorts in a loosely arranged set of monologues about what happens in public men's rooms. Not Larry Craig stuff, just ordinary evacuation rites. It's surprisingly inoffensive and often amusing, but it's not really all that insightful. Emily Robertson delivers a smart monologue about choosing the men's room when the line for the women's room is too long. Felix Hampton Brown, he of marvelously resonant voice, goes totally off-topic in one monologue. Loren Niemi confuses the Verrazano Narrows and the Hudson River in his account of the world's longest urinal (at the NYC Marathon). Not bad, mind you, but I was relieved when it was over.

Three guys & a lawyer walk into a loo...
by Fringivitis Vulgaris
Rating 4 stars
This was a jolly hour of toilet tales delivered by Puck, an aging hippie, a young gay man, and the butchest lawyer ever. No deep insights, just the fumbles and foibles of answering nature's call.

by Jim Loeffler
Rating 0 stars
Really bad script, acting, stupid costumes. I was embarrassed.
I wrongly assumed this would be based on the Men's Room Etiquette page easily found on the web. Hilarious!

Guys, there has to be a REASON for silly costumes, a REASON you veer away from the premise, a REASON to learn your lines. So wrong on so many levels!

A stream along with dribbles
by Will Weisert
Rating 3 stars
Not a bad but not really all that good. I enjoyed Felix Hampton Brown's stories but the rest were just so-so -- a few choice bits but not much else.

Needs polished
by Kenneth Hanf
Rating 3 stars
Humorous and surprisingly poignant at times but presentation needed work. Could have been smoother. Some of the poetry was very well written and delivered. A lot of potential that didn't get realized, however. This show was not well suited for theatre in the round. Didn't quite see the need or humor in the tights, either.

Not Just for Men
by Julie Lloyd
Rating 5 stars
I was expecting a raunchy comedy mainly for men. Surprisingly, it isn't just about men...it's about people. Women can appreciate it too. A nice balance of crude and intelligent humor. Well crafted, natural performers. Highly recommend!

Bathroom Humor: The Okay Kind
by David Rust
Rating 3 stars
This show is about men's rooms, urinating, and the social foibles that arise around these topics. That may not sound interesting but it actually worked out to be. It's a funny concept and worth exploring in an hour-long comedy but had a few execution issues. Yes, I enjoyed it, but one of the performers was a bit awkward and seemed to forget his lines.

Another walked over the lines by his predecessor, creating an awkward sense in the audience that we'd missed a punchline.

Overall, the show is fine but needs polish and practice.

I'd be interested in seeing this again, although not for money. I'd want to know how the show evolves as its participants improve their delivery and stories.

Unsteady flow
by Peter Erickson
Rating 3 stars
Some good laughs about the whole range of mens' room experience. The show suffers from rather slow pacing in parts and uneven storytelling skill. But it worked more often than not.

Worth the ticket!
by rachel martinez
Rating 5 stars
Don't let the subject matter scare you off -- this was a clever, funny show that really makes you think! Delightfully crass, the jokes go beyond potty humor, and the insights are well-crafted and poignant. I especially enjoyed E's part at the end, which gave an unexpectedly different perspective. This show is NOT just for men! :)

Super fun
by Joseph Guhlin
Rating 5 stars
A fun show that changes pace to keep you laughing. Something to keep everyone interested, something for men to relate to. Very LGBT friendly.

Keeps you thinking
by Lucy Lloyd
Rating 5 stars
The most important aspect of this show is that it keeps you thinking. Isn't that what art should do? This show had the on the spot storytelling feel to it, which completely worked. You don't start really thinking hard until they hit you hard with the final viewpoint.

Men's Room Etiquette
by Patricia Moore
Rating 5 stars
Saw opening night! Four great storytellers sharing moments both political and bathroom myths. Especially enjoyed the "surprise" addition. As usual Howard pulls it all together.

Weak Stream
by Timothy Old
Rating 5 stars
Great stories, well told. Very revealing of the fumbles and foibles associated with the Men's. After a couple of false starts, a very satisfying performance. And frankly at our advanced age, start and stop and in the end some satisfaction is a pretty good pee.

P's and Q's of Peeing and Cueing.
by Carlos Portillo
Rating 5 stars
This show was really great! It takes 4 differing perspectives on something all of us do: Go in a public Bathroom. Even if you don't use he Men's room, you'll still find the show delightful. Witty, insightful, rowdy, boisterous, prose are on display for you to enjoy. Secrets are revealed, myths exploded, tips and tricks abound though the performance. See it! You will thoroughly enjoy the experience!

by Hailey Colwell
Rating 4 stars
This show struck a good balance between crudeness and honesty. It features four excellent storytellers and their tales of woe and sexuality as it relates to the men's room got me laughing at every turn. It was completely enjoyable.

Tales from the Men's Room
by Bradley Johnson
Rating 3 stars
Some interesting, some not so much. Men can surely relate.

Well done!
by Jordan Oxborough
Rating 5 stars
At first I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to see this show...boy am I glad I did! The leading male who played the bathroom attendant, Howard Lieberman was excellent! However, I wasn't too crazy about his costume at the beginning of the show but as it progressed it grew on me. Each "pissant" was easy to listening to and was in perfect control while telling their stories. I'm curious to know if each story had improvisation added to them because at one point or another it seemed a little made up on the spot. Lighting was simplistic and spot on for this type of production. The content of this show in my opinion is 100% accurate AND funny!! I highly recommend this show especially if you're a male! You will not regret it!

entertaining storytelling
by Vicki Joan Keck
Rating 4 stars
I walked in thinking "I'm passing up Ashland to see this, it better be good"! I was thoroughly entertained by this quartet of storytellers, each offering a very different perspective on the use of the John. Howards costume was delightfully silly as the puckish Men's room attendant. All the stories, by straight, gay and trans tellers, were filled with humor and a bit of pathos. I especially liked newcomer "E"! Enjoyable!

A Full Bladder!
by Larry Ripp
Rating 5 stars
This is an absolutely ideal Fringe show. Howard and the his crew don't know how to do a bad show. There isn't one minute of this piece that isn't bursting with original ideas and ways of looking at the world, particularly the world of Men's Bathrooms! There's always a hint of danger in a Howard Lieberman show. Will He go too far? Will He put my undies in a bunch? Delightful!


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Saturday, 8/47:00 p.m.
Tuesday, 8/77:00 p.m.
Friday, 8/105:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8/117:00 p.m.


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