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Dead Wrong

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Dead Wrong

By Katherine Glover

Written by Katherine Glover

Years after a brutal assault, a young woman grapples with new evidence that suggests she may have sent the wrong man to prison. A solo drama inspired by actual events.


GLBT content Political content Solo show Storytelling/Spoken word

Just so you know, this show has
Violence, Adult language

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up

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Years after a brutal assault, a young woman grapples with new evidence that suggests she may have sent the wrong man to prison. A solo drama inspired by actual events, from the creator of A Cynic Tells Love Stories.

"This is excellent theatre... Everyone should see this."
-Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle, Ottawa

"The most intense hour of this year's Fringe."

-Kevin Reid, The Visitorium, Ottawa

"Simply riveting."

-Iris Winston, Capital Critics Circle

Why you want to see this show:

 Author's Note:

Megan Shepard and Jabari Woods are fictional characters, and all details about them, and about the crime, are my own invention, but this play was inspired by actual events. About ten years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing a woman in the same situation as Megan Shepard, and it was the only time in my work as a journalist that I came close to crying during an interview. I covered a similar story several years later in Chicago, and after that I began reading books and articles about other cases, of which there are far too many. The situation depicted in this show may seem hard to believe, but unfortunately, it is very real.

"Katherine Glover is phenomenal."
-Matthew Champ, Production Ottawa

"A winner in every way."

-Jamie Portman, Capital Critics Circle

"Glover does an absolutely spectacular job... In all, a must see."

-The Road to 1,000, Fresno, California

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Cast + crew

Katherine Glover
Role: writer/performer
Katherine Glover is a writer, journalist, performer and storyteller. She's the creator of four solo storytelling shows -- including 2009 Minnesota Fringe hit 'A Cynic Tells Love Stories' -- which she has performed at theater festivals throughout the U.S. and Canada. She's also appeared on Minnesota Public Radio's "In The Loop" and featured at numerous Minneapolis comedy shows and spoken word events, including Two Chairs Telling, Pillsbury Theatre's Late Nite Series, Hot Dish, Women Stand Up!, Cheap Theatre, and the Monday Night Comedy Show. She's president of the board of Northstar Storytelling and produced its 2011 Tellabration! festival, "A World of Stories."

Nancy Donoval
Role: director
Nancy Donoval is a storyteller, speaker and teaching artist. She is the 2010 National Story Slam Champ. Her work has been heard on Minnesota and Chicago Public Radio and she was featured at the 2004 National Storytelling Festival. Her one-woman shows (Dancing Rats & Vampire Moms; Monster Movies with My Undead Dad) played to sold-out houses at the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Besides her work as a performance storyteller, Nancy speaks at colleges and universities on sexual assault awareness and prevention. Go to her website to hear her National Story Slam winning excerpt from her campus rape program, “No Shame, No Silence: Stories to Stop Rape.”

Nancy is also a story coach and teaching artist. She works with storytellers, non-profit and business leaders, and other public speakers. She has a particular affinity for helping craft difficult or complicated material.

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User reviews

No easy answers
by Valerie Stachour
Rating 5 stars
Katherine does a fantastic job showing how for both victims of the crime and the accused, it's never really over. Difficult issues, presented with empathy.

When justice fails, what happens?
by Fringivitis Vulgaris
Rating 4 stars
A woman's life is shredded. A man is convicted, and the woman rebuilds her life. The man's life is shredded because he was poorly defended and wrongly convicted. This is a real, daily, true American event. Sometimes the machinations of law convict the expedient suspect rather than the true offender, and those decisions are based on race and class. There is no happy ending to Katherine Glover's solo show, but there is a call to action.

Brace yourself and go
by Caroline Toll
Rating 5 stars
Look, I too was put off by the number of reviews talking about emotional draining and tears... but this is worth it. Although the content is quite dark, the telling is skilled and never maudlin.

by Katonya Strickland
Rating 5 stars
Wow, this show was amazing. I can't believe afterwards that I felt so impacted by a one woman show. This is worth seeing and telling folks about. For me it was finally nice to see a show not be politically correct and portray the truth.

Dead Wrong is Right On!
by Vicki Joan Keck
Rating 4 stars
I found Katherine Glovers' performance to be totally believable and heart wrenchingly real. This is a difficult piece and serious subject, but she is able to inject lightness - I loved the giddiness of falling in love. She takes you on a journey that has unexpected twists but like being on a roller coaster I enjoyed each curve. Thank you!!

Well Crafted and Performed
by Joshua Humphrey
Rating 5 stars
This is the best solo piece I've seen in the fringe so far. Well crafted, acted, and staged, Dead Wrong is complex and offers nuance where others would be satisfied with shortcuts. It's a piece that I think was heavily researched, but is put together so flawlessly you cannot see the seams. Very highly recommended.

Out of the dark, more dark
by Jon Skaalen
Rating 4 stars
The journey of this story – assault, darkness, finding perpetrator, court case, resolution, darkness, complications, resolution, darkness – is clear, strong, surprising, and upsetting (in a powerfully dramatic way). The actor/storyteller let us see gradually, as she did, that certainty isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that our justice system isn’t either. Some audience members weren’t sure about the ending, which tells me that, despite making an unsavory point, it may still need work. This is one you'll remember.

by Toni Halverson
Rating 5 stars
Go see this show! Katherine Glover's performance will leave you riveted. You'll walk away questioning your own relationship to your memory and convictions. And although the subject matter is heavy, there are a few light moments that prove this performer can handle the full spectrum of human emotions.

by Beth Wegener
Rating 5 stars
Beautifully written and expertly performed. The presentation featured seamless transitions with easy costuming in support of the story without any distraction, adding to the powerful tale.

Don't question, just go.
by Cole Sarar
Rating 5 stars
If you don't have plans for Saturday night at 7pm, go see Katherine Glover's Dead Wrong at Patrick's Cabaret, part of the Fringe Festival. The writing is phenomenal- she's created a really riveting story about truth, memory, violence, and justice. It's phenomenal, chilling, thought-provoking. If you DO have plans for Saturday night at 7pm, CHANGE THEM.

by Eric Salo
Rating 5 stars
Kinda hard to find positive adjectives for a show about the aftermath of a brutal rape; you don't really want to say that it's "refreshing" or "enjoyable". Kudos to Katherine Glover for going after something more challenging than yet another mashup or Shakespeare parody. This show is very well written and her performance is respectable. The decision to make it a one-woman show works well to emphasize her isolation.

4.5 stars, rounded up instead of down for going beyond the scope of typical Fringe material and doing it so effectively. Make the effort to get out of Rarig for a while and head on over to Patrick's to catch this one.

An appalling & powerful tale
by Florence Brammer
Rating 4 stars
A thoughtful and memorable look at the lengths that we -- as individuals and via institutions -- will go to to reconcile wrongs and achieve closures, no matter how arbitrary, artificial or unjust those reconciliations and closures may be. This well-written, acted and directed tale provides a searing depiction of the vulnerabilities of the human psyche and the fatal flaws in our criminal justice system. While I am a big fan of solo storytelling, I would love to see this developed into a fully-cast play. I think it would be even more powerful with the other characters in our presence.

Very Polished
by Sarah Lawrence-Lupton
Rating 5 stars
This show was well written with some breath-taking lines and a heart wrenching story. The piece was simple but very polished. Ms Glover's use of the stage and simple costume changes moved the piece along gracefully. Almost left the theater in tears from the sadness of the story.

by Eve Adam
Rating 5 stars
Katherine Glover connects with her audience and takes them through her process of telling a story of a violent event which left years of grasping for normalcy to discover the uneveness and lack of integrity in the judicial system. In this story the victim and accused were betrayed by the system. This is a powerful story and one you should see. Intense. Thank you, Katherine.

by Ashley Reese
Rating 5 stars
This is an incredibly powerful story and it's ably told by Katherine Glover. This one is going to stick with me. Bravo.

Powerful Truth
by Liz Blank
Rating 5 stars
Truth, Twists, Turns, more truth and revelations, apologies, hard information and life evolves over time.

Raged Down
by Brian Watson-Jones
Rating 5 stars
A great, complex story, well-told. No happy endings here- just a horrible event, and a character doing her best to make sense of the consequences. Life goes on, but making anything "right" is close to impossible. Well done, and well played, but plan to see a dance show or comedy afterwards unless you want to live with this for a while.

INCREDIBLE, 5 stars are not enough
by Douglas Abbott
Rating 5 stars
This performance is moving as in tear-drop provoking. This is an acutely insightful and intelligent performance on human memory, wrongful identification and ongoing faults in the U.S. legal system/prison industry. This performance weaves all these difficult issues into one astoundingly touching and personally engaging performance. Katherine Glover delivers a STELLAR performance. The story and plot are totally gripping, but it is also brilliant and genius in how provocatively it confronts violence and retribution/incarceration. This performance should be on your MUST SEE list! This show will hit you in your gut and your heart.

Don't miss
by Rachel Nelson
Rating 5 stars
Katherine Glover's exploration of wrongful conviction looks at the effects on both accuser and accused. Excellent on all fronts. Her strong script grew out of journalistic experience and research. Her riveting performance holds the audience every moment.

Well Deserved 5 Stars
by Dean Hatton
Rating 5 stars
She doesn't have 5 stars because of her friends were kind enough to leave her 5 stars.

She has 5 stars for the masterful way she put this together.
Not only is it excellent story telling.
It's also excellent writing and acting.

One of the best of the Fringe for sure!

Warning: It's a bit heavy but well worth seeing.

Haunting story
by Carin Bratlie
Rating 4 stars
it's a haunting story, and gives a sober perspective on true events. A potent topic. Worth seeing!

by Windy Bowlsby
Rating 5 stars
Please go see this show.

This is why I love Fringe: between all the belly laughs and dance shows, you can sit down and really chew on a thoughtful, provoking piece of theater. Katherine's script is very well crafted, and excellently performed. The material is heavy and "important" but it's also just good theater.

BTW - Patrick's Cabaret it 5 minutes away from the Rarig (really - I timed it). And there's loads of parking on streets around it. It's worth actually getting in your car to see this show.

Really heavy content done really well
by Claire Alexander
Rating 5 stars
Without giving away any of the plot, Katherine does a superb (and very well-informed and thought out) one woman show about a serious contemporary issue. GO SEE THIS SHOW

by Katie Knutson
Rating 5 stars
This is not the show to see if you want pop-culture fluff or something that will simply reinforce your current world view. This show will make you think about tough topics like justice, memory, racism and guilt. Even though it is told through one character's point-of-view, Glover gives us glimpses of both sides of this story as the plot unfolds. This is a show with substance, quality acting and storytelling, great journalism, and simple, effective writing.

by gerry fuller
Rating 5 stars
This was intense and moving. I looked around the audience during it and all were completely focused on the show. The actress is very convincing in her performance. Excellent story and acting.

A story you will wish wasn't true
by Mariellen Jacobson
Rating 5 stars
Intense, important, moving, insightful, heartbreaking. Years after being raped, a woman learns that she has sent the wrong man to prison. This piece (based on an amalgam of true stories told to Katherine Glover, the author/performer, in her career as a journalist) explores the effects on the victim and the accused and their loved ones. Katherine tells the story with passion and compassion and even some humor. Take a break from the jollity of other Fringe shows and catch this beautiful production in this comfy location with the best restrooms!

Riveting theater
by Jeanne Burns
Rating 5 stars
Katherine Glover gives us a complex performance of a story that sheds light not only on human memory but on a system that needs desperately to change. Well worth making time in your busy Fringe schedule for this thoughtful piece of theater. I was riveted.

a risk beyond measure
by Ariel Leaf
Rating 5 stars
This was brave, risky beautiful work. Good job for doing a topic most people wouldn't touch with a ten for pole. I loved it. Go, my fellow audience!

Wrenchingly powerful
by Roy Close
Rating 5 stars
Katherine Glover's one-woman show is a riveting story well told. A highly recommended hour of theater.

Live Right!
by Mark Mikula
Rating 5 stars
I appreciated the complex struggle of the main character of the piece, wanting justice and then going through the ordeal of reliving the event as she dealt with what followed. Katherine Glover did an excellent job in crafting a story based on various related narratives regarding this situation. I will be surprised if any other show has the same commitment to the writing as this one. Also, even though the themes are very intense, there are moments of lightness and levity, so don't assume that just because you are going into the dark of the theater, you will stay there the whole time.

The kind of Fringe show I love.
by Lisa Beller
Rating 4 stars
I admit my favorite Fringe shows are usually the one-person storytellers and darker subjects.

A powerful show based on a compilation of true stories of women Katherine Glover interviewed as a journalist. Raises questions about how sure you can be about something you think you know, the accuracy of memory in traumatic events, our justice system and possibilities/limitations of forgiveness.

Good acting (and you can never go wrong when Nancy Donoval [director] is involved with a show).

DDamn you, Katherine Glover!
by Paula Nancarrow
Rating 5 stars
You made me think. What is truth? said jesting Pilate. And did not stay for an answer. So much for justice in court. This was a gripping show, and I’d recommend it to anyone, but particularly to storytellers and memoirists – because it calls into question the very material we work with. The story is about the wrongful conviction of a man for rape and violent assault, from the perspective of a woman who was certain she had identified the correct man. No one in this story – with the exception of the sociopath who commits the actual crimes described – is a villain.


Thursday, 8/210:00 p.m.
Saturday, 8/47:00 p.m.
Monday, 8/67:00 p.m.
Tuesday, 8/710:00 p.m.
Saturday, 8/117:00 p.m.


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